Saturday, January 13, 2007

Suzuka 134 Rejection

凉风 #134 拒絶 きょぜつ

After track practice, Yamato looked at Suzuka. They have not been talking since the time he confessed. She walked towards Yamato and he tried to talk to her but she walked pass him. Yasonobu came and asked Yamato out. Yamato told Yasonobu that Saotome called Suzuka last night and he confessed to her. Yasonobu told him not to bother Suzuka anymore and Yamato was surprised. Yasonobu explained that they have broken up and she didnt want to be in awkward circumstance. She was trying hard to treat Yamato as normal friend. Yasonobu continued that Yamato confessed to him again and this have made her uneasy. Yamato then thought about Suzuka's attitude since she came back. He thought that he had no position in her heart anymore and she was trying hard to treat him as normal friend. He then realized why Suzuka would said "Why did you have to say that?" He had broken her effort and he only considered himself. Yamato then decided to leave.

That night Yamato approached Suzuka' room and rang her bell. Yamato greeted her with Suzuka being a bit awkward.Yamato then apologized to Suzuka. He said that she had been trying hard to treat as a normal friend but he only thought of his own feeling and confessed. He apologized again and said that she must be bothered with his confession. Yamato added that he wouldn't bother her again and therefore.. Suzuka interrupted and asked him to talk inside her room. She gave him a cup of coffee. Suzuka wondered if she had shown any effort. Yamato remarked that it was normal for broken up couple to talk to each other. Suzuka told Yamato not misundertood her. She told him that didnt hate him. If she had hate him, she wouldn't told him that she's going to the same university. She continued that she was really happy when Yamato said that he still like her yesterday. Suzuka added that being in the same university, same track team, they would have many happy memories. Yamato asked if she was telling the truth and she replied yes. Yamato was relieved and said that he thought he would be hated terribly. Suzuka put down her cup and said that she actually didnt want to hear that Yamato still like her. She said because they couldn't date each other.

This is the last phrase by Suzuka:
JP: 私大和くんとは つき合えないから
RO: (watashi yamato-kun to wa tsukiaenai kara)
EN" Because we (Yamata and I) cannot have a relationship.
Tsukiaeru means "to have a relationship with" or "date" in this context.

P/S: Speechless with what Suzuka said last. At least we know that she didnt hate Yamato, she was happy Yamato still like her. But she couldn't date Yamato. What I hope for chapter 135 to have the reason revealed. I dont want Kouji to waste a chapter showing Yamato shattered, consoled by friends, dragging Suzuka's reason to future chapters.


Note on Yesasia.

I didnt realize this even with my last order last year because I had the FFXII PS2 game in the order. Yesasia lowered their free shipping threshold but removed Chinese comic from its free shipping eligibility. Darn! Now I'll have trouble with ordering manga from Yesasia disregard if I have US$25 eligible of free shipping item in the order.

Now I have to pay for shipment charge $4.99 and unit charge $2.49 for my manga. Bloody!!!

P/S: Wonder if R8 is affected as well since he collect CH manga as well???


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Love Letter B

The finale of Love Letter. It's a story of 穴澤利夫 (Anasawa Toshio) and 智恵子 持田 (Chieko Mochida) in World war II time, when Japan was viewed as the enemy of the world. Read Part A.

Chieko received a letter from Anasawa saying that he was assigned a no-return mission and he wanted to see her. Chieko panic and decided to go to Mie prefecture. Her mum asked her where she was going. She replied that she's going to see Anasawa and would be back in about 2-3 days time. Her mum asked her to wait and Chieko rebuked why she disallowed their relationship. Chieko's mum answered that her father wasn't well and she didnt have time to bother their matters. She told her that if she went out with such attire, she would be embarassed. Her mum gave her a pants with pretty pattern and also perfume. Chieko then understand her mum's kindness eventhough she had never shown any agreement in Chieko's relationship.

Showa year 20 February, Chieko met up with Anasawa. On the way to Chieko's accomodation, he mentioned about their marriage. Anasawa parents disapproved but he said that he would continue in trying. That night, the exhausted Anasawa took a rest while Chieko sang a song next to him.

A month later, Anasawa went to Chieko's residence and told her that his parents have agreed to let him marry. Thus, Anasawa came to propose. Chieko's brother handled the matter since their father's sick and not around. The brother accepted the proposal on behalf of the fanily. The wedding ceremony was scheduled 2 weeks later.

That night, Tokyo was bombed by 334 B-29 airplanes. Ten thousand lives were lost that night. Showa year 20 March 10th, Chieko went to see if Anasawa was fine even his place was far away from the bombing. She met Anasawa and asked what he's going to do. He said that he's worried about the airplane and decided to have a look. Chieko walked him to the train station. The train's full so Chieko wont be able to board. He told Chieko that Tokyo was dangerous and asked her to depart for Mie as soon as possible. On the night of the ceremony, Anasawa smoked two cigarette. Chieko treasured them since they are the only stuff that touch Anasawa's mouth.

Chieko packed and took the train to Kyushu. She wanted to send Anasawa off as his wife. She reached the accomodation there and asked the owner how to reach the hangar. The old lady promised to bring her the next day. The next day she went to the hangar and was told that the 20th squadron has left. Actually, Anasawa was at a place not far from her. They were waiting there for good weather. That fateful day, Anasawa put on Chieko's scarf and requested for take off. He took off with a smile on his face because he's not going for suicide but to protect something precious to him, a girl that he wouldnt want to lose. He carried out the mission to protect her. Showa year 20 April 12th, the special unit approached America's navy fleet. According to record, Anasawa and his squadron succeeded in destroying two navy fleet. Anasawa last letter reached Chieko 4 days latter.

"To Chieko,
Although we have persevere up to this point, we still didnt produce any fruit before I left. Although I have waited for hope, in a corner of my heart, there's still fear. I fear that losing the remaining time I have would be a reality. Even though I left you that day with happiness in my heart but the situation has changed. I have received the letter to carry out my mission.

There's a lot that I want to write. Although I know that just a thank is not enough but from the bottom of my heart, I still want to say, really thank you.

I dont want you to linger on the days we spent together. As someone who has marriage with you, as someone who has departed the world, I want to tell you that I only wish for your happiness.

Do not linger on the past, you are not to live for the past. Put the past behind and find a new life. From now on, you are to live in reality. From now on, Anasawa does not exist in the reality anymore.

Up to now, I'm still thinking of what to write but I do still want to tell you my little wish. Chieko, I want to see you... want to talk to you...

From now on, you have to lead a life with happiness. "

P/S: Kinda regret in writing the summary since it's so long....

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Suzuka 133 Sudden

凉风 #133 咄嗟 とっさ

After his practice, Yamato watched Suzuka's high jump and pondered on her previous comment on the reason why she went abroad to study because of his praise. He had always thought that he didnt have a place in her heart when it came to her high jump matters. Because of what she said that night, he felt happy and he decided to try to go to the same university as her. Suzuka finished her training, saw Yamato and asked him to go back together. Seeing her smile, Yamato know that he really still like Suzuka.

Back in Yamato's room, he found Saotome inside his room. Yamato replied I'm home (a courteous phrase of Japanese upon reaching home). Saotome was irritated and asked him if he didnt notice any diffference (She reverted back to her wild appearance). Yamato told her not to eat his food. She asked why he's moody. Yamato replied nothing but he still have things to consider too. Saotome then mentioned that it's about time he submit Touto's acceptance. He told her that the application can be thrown away since he had opt for Seijou. Saotome then asked him if he knew that there's possibility that he couldn't get into Seijou. Yamato commented that Seijou have good catering and also Arima was in Touto. Saotome commented if those are the only reason. Yamato replied that it didnt matter because he wanted to enter Seijou. Saotome looked at him and then remarked that it was because Suzuka would attend Seijou. Yamato told her that he has decided. He told her that he wanted to be like Saotome, not to do something that would regret later. He added that he had thought so after seeing Saotome at the airport. Yamato continued that if he didnt do what he really wanted, he would regret in future and that's why he applied Seijou. Yamato told her that he really still like Suzuka. He said that he couldnt say that to her as it might trouble her and she might be angry. He wanted to confess when Suzuka felt that he didnt just confess simply without any consideration. Saotome told him that it would be expsed the day he enter Seijou. Saotome promised that she would kept it a secret until Yamato's ready. Saotome looked at the hole linking Suzuka and Yamato's room (She had few cans of beers already ). She passed through the hole and shouted, "Suzuka, Yamato has something important to tell you!" Suzuka was shocked as she had just finished her bath and was only wrapped in towel. Back in Yamato room, Yamato scolded Saotome but she replied that she was just following his usual attitude. She asked Yamato to work hard.

Later in the room, Yamato and Suzuka sat around the table. She asked Yamato about the important thing. Stuttering, he replied that Saotome reverted to her style. Suzuka was puzzled but she saw the Touto application on the table. She then commented that Yamato decided t go for Touto. Yamato denied and said that he's going for Seijou. He replied that he felt it would be nice if they could participate in track together again. Suzuka told him that there's selection stage and there's no gurantee even if there's recommendation. He replied that he knew and if he didnt make it he would try anything to enter Seijou. Inside his heart, he knew he shouldn't, it's bad timing. Suzuka asked why he wanted to put himself in that circumstance. Yamato then told her, "Because I still like you". (Great, he burst out again even he knew it's bad timing, but that's the Yamato we knew). Suzuka was stunned. She answered, "Why.... why did you say that?" Yamato was puzzled with the word why. Suzuka then ran away.

P/S: Like this episode. Yamato had plan how to convey his feeling but Saotome mischieviously cause Yamato to confess again. Certainly Saotome is the catalyst here. My view on Suzuka ran away is because she didnt expect that Yamato still like her and even confess to her again. Eager to next chapter!!!