Saturday, December 30, 2006

Love Letter A

Kouji Seo and his assistant's new work Love letter part one. It's a story of a couple in World war II, when Japan was viewed as the enemy of the world. The male character (穴澤利夫 Anasawa Toshio) looks a bit like Sasaoka and the female (智恵子 持田 Chieko Mochida) looks a lot like Honoka.

Showa era year 16 seventh month. Chieko, 17 years old, grew up in Tokyo and graduated from girl's school. She was a trainee student, practising in an university library to earn her qualificaion as a librarian. Anasawa called her suddenly and asked her to tidy the 200 new books. She was shocked but agreed to the task. Anasawa was a 19 years old university undergraduate who liked literature. He was appointed as the guide in Chieko's trainig. Chieko then remembered the day she was called out by him, the winter, half year after they known each other. Anasawa asked if she could go out with him. In the old days, dating was almost like marriage. Chieko was embarassed and ran away.

Back home, She didnt have much appetite and had some tiff with her brothers. After dinner, in her room, she thought of what Anasawa had said. Her mother came in and asked if she was hungry since she didnt eat much. Chieko rejected and asked her mother about schoolmates dating each other. Her mum answered it's shameful. Her mum then asked her why but Chieko told her she's just curious. Chieko decided to reject Anasawa. politely. The next day, she received a letter from Anasawa. Anasawa expressed his feeling and thoughts to her. After that, She wrote a letter back, deciding to go out with Anasawa. Since then, they started dating by mails.

Showa era year 17 fourth month. Chieko passed her national exam and found a job. Japan was at war with America. After work, she went to see Anasawa and wait for him. She always pretend that they met by coincidence. Anasawa would always show his happiness when he saw Chieko. Eventhough they didnt go out openly, Chieko was happy that she was always in his thought. One night, Chieko mum asked her about her constant letters from Anasawa. Chieko told her he was her senior before and he's an undergraduate. Her mum then told her not to get married. He mum wanted her to find someone who has entered society and also counsel her not to initiate anything.

One afternoon, Chieko need to bring some flowers to the library. She opened the door and saw Anasawa without his shirt on. She apologized and asked if he's angry. Anasawa said no and asked her out for coffee. Anasawa told her that he has enlisted the air force in the military. Chieko asked why he wanted to join the air force which is more risky. Anasawa told her that Japan needed pilots most at the moment and he would do his part to protect important things.
Two months later, Anasawa passed his military training and successfully accepted into the air force.

Showa era year 18 First October. Japan was at war and most family only get to have rice. Chieko still corresponded with Anasawa but she anticipated to see him.

Showa era year 19 twelveth month, Chieko went to the 246 squadron to meet Anasawa. She was worried that he would be angry but she really longeth to see him. She later met Anasawa but was worried that she would be scolded. Anasawa said that he wanted to borrow her scarf. He took off his, put on hers and the his on top of hers. Apparently, Chieko has mentioned, if Anasawa was willing to let her be his scarf and accompany him all the time, in her letter. Thus, having the scarf on him meant they could get married and be together always. However, Japan has started its offensive movements. The special attack force would also proceed with their military tasks. Anasawa wrote that he would be carrying out the "no-return" mission and he hope to see her. Chieko read the letter and was shocked, with her hands shaking. She then thought of the meaning of "special attack unit".

P/S: What a long summary, considering its 48 pages work. I searched the dictionary and 特攻隊員, special attack unit is also known as "Kamikaze unit" in the past. So it meant that Anasawa will be proceed with a mission that would most probably cost his life.


At 4:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well thats gonna be a short manga lol

At 5:10 PM, Blogger Fisherman Horizon said...

Only 2 chapters.

At 10:09 PM, Anonymous Dan said...

I found out that this is actually by Kouji Seo. It's by one of his assistants. I think it's why they took a short break.

At 10:10 PM, Anonymous dan said...

Sorry, I meant "not by Kouji Seo"

At 2:13 AM, Blogger Fisherman Horizon said...

Yes, it's a one-shot manga by Kouji's assistant but I think Kouji also contribute to it since the cover page has Kouji Seo name on it.

Yes, that's why they took two weeks off. Cause it's a "two"-shot manga.

At 5:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol..wo0ow..co0oll..i guess.some new for the new year..even thought that it just 2 chap happy new year..20o0o07..yeahh...hope it be a great year this

At 12:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OOHH..SAd final...buuu...but good..
unhappy finals are good
PD::bad english..sorry men..and womans ..maybe..

At 4:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

this must what kouji meant in the suzuka manga there wa a joke page where honokah says kouji is working on a story about her.
well the leading looks like Honokah damn this mangaka is good in creating stories like a real life drama. Hope one of his manga like Suzuka or Love letter turns into a movie especially this.

At 5:22 AM, Blogger Pao said...

Does anyone know where I can find this one shot manga for English's translation ? Thank you. I really like Kouji's manga. His artwork is really awesome.


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