Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Suzuka 132 Reply

凉风 #132 返答 へんとう

Yamato and Saotome reached the airport. Saotome insisted that she wanted to go home but Yamato grabbed her and wont let go of her. Saotome told him that Sasaoka wont believe what Yamato was about to say. Yamato insisted that he would make Sasaoka believe him. They had a quarrel and Sasaoka appeared. He was shocked to see both Yamato and Sasaoka there. Saotome told him that they were there to send him off because Yamato insisted on it. Yamato interrupted and told Sasaoka that that was not correct. Yamato told Sasaoka that Saotome loved Sasaoka very much and why he wouldn't believe her. Saotome ordered Yamato to stop. Sasaoka thanked Yamato for his concern. He continued that it was as he had told him that morning, there's nothing between Saotome and him. He added that they only live clos together and their parents were good friends. Sasaoka further remarked that they were only normal childhood friends, like siblings and it wouldn't change. He concluded that's all and he liked Yuuka-chan very much too. Saotome approached Sasaoka and gave him a slap (Ouch! heavy one). Yamato was shocked. With tears, Saotome shouted, "It was only you who think it that way". She then turned around and left. Sasaoka called her Yuuka-chan but she ignored him . He then called out Saotome and told her that he would be getting married the next year. He apologized and told her he couldn't return her feeling. Saotome ran away.

Following Saotome, Yamato apologized to Saotome and told her that he didnt expect to turn out so. Saotome stopped walking and thanked Yamato, telling him that she couldnt finally give up. Saotome told him that she thought it would be painful to be rejected but she didnt have any tears at all. With a smile, She commented that she wanted to be more beautiful and find something a lot better than Sasaoka. Saotome grabbed Yamato and asked him to accompany her to the pub, though Yamato didnt want to go.

P/S: Guess that settles Saotome matter. After 2 weeks break, this is all we got.



At 12:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for the summary! also will there be any double chapters after 132?

At 7:29 PM, Anonymous Dan said...

Ugh.I guess i was expecting something...I don't know...more plot-provoking.

Although i'm glad that's out of the way. One loose end that we have yet to see finish.

I just hope to god the next part isn't about saotome's big-chested friend (forget her name)and her marriage/breakup whatever.

Although you have to admit, this is much better than cross-over. And probably will have a better ending, too.

At 11:47 PM, Blogger Fisherman Horizon said...

you mean Megumi. She's not married yet, just in a relationship

At 1:01 AM, Anonymous dan said...

Yeah, her. Her whole "all guys deserve pain in hell" thing hasn't finished, either, so maybe Kouji Seo's going to do that first?

Fans would riot.

At 9:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ya this is getting far off track now. They really need to push out 2 chapters next week to make up for all this wasted time. I'm starting to get a bad tast in my mouth after that last chapter.


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