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My Anime 2006 Review

My 2006 Anime Review

These are my personal opinion and only on those anime that I watched. :)

My Anime of the Year
ARIA The Natural, Code Geass, Fate Stay Night, Mai Otome

My Manga of the Year
Suzuka, Tsubasa Chronicles, ARIA

My Soundtrack of the Year
AMG sorezore no Tsubasa
Fate Stay Night
Gundam SEED Destiny Best The Bridge
Binboushimai Monogatari
Aria The Natural

My Theme of the Year
Colour ~ Code Geass [OP ]
We are not alone ~ Crescent Love [OP]
Hoshi no Tobira ~ Gundam SEED Stargazer [OP]

I decided to rate the anime with my expectation and enjoyment, rather than the quality or the anime as a whole, which is often disputable and differ with people's interest.

Enjoyable: Anime which is enjoyable to watch
Fair/Content: Anime which is average or content to watch
Disappointed: Anime which is disappointing to watch

Above Expectation: Anime which exceed expectation or impression
As Expected: Anime which match expectation or impression
Below Expectation: Anime which fall short expectation or impression

Exceptional: Anime worth watching and enjoyable.
Terrible: Anime which is terrible. Not recommended

Ah! My Goddess Sorezore no Tsubasa
I am an avid fan of AMG but the second season really performed below my expectation, especially how it was concluded. Animation quality, soundtracks and settings were great. The way the material was delivered was weak.

Air Gear
Air Gear, had high expectation due to the manga but the quality in the anime degrade over time. Weeks after weeks, I gradually lost interest in it.

ARIA The Natural
Better than the first season and comprised 26 episodes. The settings, background and the music certainly make the anime enjoyable to watch. Surprised that spice-of-life anime could be so enjoyable.

Didnt have much expectation but it is enjoyable to watch especially the information on the liquor and alchohol.

Binboushimai Monogatari
As expected.. wasn't much of interest and the quality degrade over time. Though the background music matched the anime veyr well.

Nice animation and simple story plot. Good for learning Japanese with the simple and short conversation. Kawaii is the cue of this anime.

Code Geass
Didnt expect Code geass to be this good. Although people mentioned several reference to GSD, I didnt really notice much similarity. Even so, it's distinct and interesting to watch. Not to mention that an antagonist is the main character.

Crescent Love
The one thing that sustain my interest in this anime is Feena, that's all. Animation quality degrade over time and a bit cheesy at the end. I rather have Tatsuya hurt critically but didnt die and was saved by magic, than having alien resurrect him.

Fate Stay Night
Already had high expectation but the duel choreography and the animation quality made it superb. Love Saber most. Excellent music background accompanying the emotion of each scenes.

Gun Parade Orchestra
Wonder why I bother watching it? Only the first part is acceptable, the 3rd part is crap. In general not an enjoyable anime to watch.

Gundam Stargazer
Expected a lot from Gundam but it's just 3 short OVAs. Gundam Noir is average but certainly Gundam Stargazer concept is new. Though simple but I like the quality and the gundam as always. Hope they would continue Stargazer as a series.

I"s Pure
Expected a lot from I"s pure since it's 6 DVDs release and the promo looked promising. There were too many silent scenes and much of the story/characters ommitted. But it's enjoyable to watch the manga animated, especially the previous OVA failed severely.

Kanon, better than expected but not that exciting to watch for me. Superb quality, background music and character development. But something's missing that I didnt longeth for it every week. Strange...

Lemon Angel Project
A fairly good animation with musical idols as theme. Enjoyable to watch though not to eager. Background setting was good but the bacground music and themes were lame, considering it's an anime with music as the core.

Mai Otome
Mai Otome Zwei
Included Mai Otome since a large part of it was broadcasted in 2006. Really enjoy Mai Otome, especially the otome robe design. Though storywise not a good as Mai Hime but it interesting and enjoyable to watch. Superb quality and also excellent background music. Really eager to watch more of Mai Otome Zwei.

Muteki Kanban Musume
An average anime but really love the humour, although it always repetitive. Wish there were more food elements in the anime than constant unaccomplished duels.

Primo Passo
Finally, an anime with heroine as the lead character of anime and classical music as the theme. Excellent quality and really enjoy the anime. Love the concluding Seed of Knowledge by the fairy Lili.

Super Robot Wars
I picked it up half-way after I saw the robots. The robots are nice, the characters are bad, the story is worse. Too many characters, bad animation quality, too many failed reference to GSD and poor story plot.

Soul Link
Fall below my expectation and didnt understand what's going on until the end of the series. Animation degrade severely over time.

Suzumiya Haruhi
Main deficit is the order of the anime. Would you like to watch a drama series that is not in order? Yes, humour's there, superb animation quality from Kyoto animation, what else? Didnt find the story too interesting. I must be the minority since it's a hit in Japan!

Tokimeki Memorial Only Love
Repetition of chasing event, chick fight and of course, Tokimeki Memorial is famous for its harem theme. Animation quality is quite good. The story plot's not that interesting but I just eager to watch it every week. Other people also felt this way. Why?

Tsubasa Chronicles II
Season II's a big disappointment. Not only quality dropped near the end, they added several new arcs that's not in the manga. Two or three would be acceptable but ending the series with an arc that's not in manga is disputable, not to mention that it was poorly concluded. Hope they'd follow the manga more closely in season III.

The animation quality is excellent especially the Zega. In fact, it has one of the best animated quality this year. The story got more exciting and interesting towards the middle of the anime, just in time before people start to lose interest in it.

Zero no Tsukaima
Excellent humour and really enjoyable to watch, although too much of the pants joke for me. Animation quality is fairly good. It's not an anime that copy Harry potter, it does have distinct storyline and I really like the concept on how the noble people treat earthly stuff as treasure.



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I like the rating scales, nice.
Geass vibes more like sCRYed in my world.
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