Wednesday, February 03, 2010


The figure was available for pre-order yesterday but by 10pm last night, HLJ has it 'order stop' and Hobby Search has it 'Reservation Closed'. I was like WT!

However, after being Hobby Search customer for quite sometime and observed in my last order on Tsumugi, I have a feeling that it's not lost yet.

You see, the reservation closed since yesterday but sometimes the reservation has been delayed. That's what happened with Tsumugi.

However, I think it was also because GSC release 2 lots of the Azuyan nendoroids, one lot yesterday and another today.

I checked the site every couple of hours and by 4.50pm, I saw it was available for pre-order. Excellent! By the time I reached home at 6.30pm, the figure status was 'reservation closed' again.

Anyway, cant wait to get all 5 of the nendoroid and display them like below!

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