Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Suzuka 141 Ronin

凉风 #141 浪人 ろうにん

Yamato was chatting with Yasonobu. Yasonobu told Yamato that it is impossible for him to enter Seijou through normal admission. Yasonobu told him to wait for the results but Yamato believed that he wouldn't got in after the selection. Yasonobu further commented that the probability of Yamato entering Seijou with his results is less than 0.1%. Yamato suggested that he took a year to study and apply after that. Yasonobu answered with increasing percentage as Yamato increased the number of years. When they reached 4 years, Yasonobu replied that he might have the chance but Suzuka would have graduated by then. Yasonobu then asked Yamato if he really wanted to take a year off since a ronin student differed a lot from an undergraduate.

Back home, Suzuka asked Saotome about dating a ronin student as her boyfriend. She replied that she wouldn't know since she wouldn't even start dating such person. She commented that she heard most of those relationship didnt turn out well. Yamato argues that it's not a big deal. Saotome replied that most believed that in the first place. She added that university was fun and could make many friends. She asked Yamato what would one felt if she had a ronin boyfriend. She remarked that one would feel discouraging. She further remarked that undergraduate need time for studying and couldn't go out on date frequently. At the end, dating became an issue and most of the relationship failed. Yamato finally accepted. Saotome encouraged Yamato telling him that there might be relationship that maintained. She added that there were times that thing turned out better if he didnt think about them.

In his room, lying on his bed, Yamato looked at the charm that Suzuka gave him. He's worried that he would be a burden to Suzuka if he was a ronin student. Suzuka came in and asked him to dinner. Yamato replied that he's not hungry. She suggested watching a show on the television since Yamato has nothing to do. While Suzuka's enjoying the show, Yamato's worrying about them dating and breaking up if he was a ronin student. Yamato then asked Suzuka what if he was a ronin student. Suzuka asked why he said such thing suddenly. She commented that the results were not out yet and there's normal admission as well. Yamato replied that it would be impossible with his results, as agreed by Yasonobu. He then remarked if they could still date each other it that happened. Suzuka asked if that was what he was worrying about. Suzuka replied that she wouldn't mind at all. Yamato then thought if Suzuka would still like him if their surroundings or environments changed. Suzuka then asked Yamato whether he would still be with her if their surroundings changed. Yamato was stunned and Suzuka said she had little doubt about it. Yamato then realized that Suzuka was worrying about that and he got relieved. Both of them were thinking the same thing, whether they would still stay together even if their surroundings changed. Yamato then told Suzuka that they would always stay together, from his feeling. Suzuka commented that it would be nice if thing turned out that way.

The next morning, Yamato received a call from the teacher. Yamato was surprised and asked if the teacher was serious. Later Megumi asked Saotome if she had heard about Yamato's result. She replied that she had heard from Ayano-san. She then commented that that's why she said there were times when things turned out better.

P/S: Looks like Yamato got the news that he was accepted by Seijou. Also, we see that Yamato and Suzuka are on the same wavelenght in their thoughts on relationship. Now, I hope for story of other characters in the next chapters.