Saturday, May 19, 2007

Price Inconsistency

I recently came across some price inconsistency in Yesasia products. Most of ARIA fans should know that Kozue Amano has an earlier work called Roman Club. It is available at Yesasia. There are 6 volumes and each costs US$4.99. However, the whole collection (V1-V6) cost US$39.84. The price was originally US$47.79. Any high-school kid should be able to do multiplication of $4.99*6=$29.94. How come the pricing for the whole collection is so absurd??

I wrote an email to Yesasia regarding the matter. Yesasia has friendly customer service but I wasn't pleased with the reply. This is the reply.

"Further to your inquiry regarding the price of the "Roman club", please kindly be informed that the retail price of all items are adjusted at a level which is acceptable for most customers located in different regions. Your kind understanding would be greatly appreciated."

What do they meant by "ACCEPTABLE"??? Is there any idiot who's going to pay $39.84 instead of $29.94 for similar items?

Monday, May 14, 2007

Suzuka 150 Planning

凉风 #150 計画 けいかく

Suzuka and Yamato were walking home together. Yamato complained about the cold. Suzuka replied that it's December after all and it could start snowing at night. Yamato pondered on December and then remembered that the university training would start at the end of the year. Yamato remarked that they can't play like now. Suzuka agreed and said that it felt bit sad. Yamato then asked if Suzuka wanted to do something as an epilogue for memory. Suzuka asked him for example. Yamato replied that he's not sure either. Suzuka then told him to tell her if he thought of something and walked up the stairs. Yamato noticed Ayano san bidding farewell to Saotome and Megumi. Saotome said that she would bring back souvenirs. Ayano san told them not to bother and enjoyed themselves. Yamato then asked Ayano san where they were going. She replied that they were going on a trip to Hawaii with their friends. Yamato was surprised to hear Hawaii and Ayano san told him that she went there before for honey moon. She continued telling Yamato that she lost her passport and searched for it all night. She then asked Yamato to guess where she had left it. However, Yamato was thinking about holiday trip. Ayano san asked if he was listening.

Back in his room, Yamato thought that going on a trip would be the best memory but it required overnight stay. He was worried that Suzuka might not agree with the idea. He really want to go and went to approach Suzuka. In Suzuka's room, Yamato told her about the idea and Suzuka was delighted with it. She commented that winter holiday's comimng and asked where they're going. She added that it has to be a day trip so they wouldn't be able to travel far. Yamato then told her that he was thinking of an overnight trip. He continued that he hasn't decided venue but it would be just one overnight stay. Yamato asked for her opinion and Suzuka embarassingly replied she's fine with it. However, she commented that her dad won't allow her if it was an overnight stay. Suzuka apologized but Yamato told her he was just asking. He said that there's satill time and he'd think of something else.

The holiday has started. Yamato, Miho and Ayano san were having morning tea. Miho remarked that Yamato shouldnt sleep so much even though it's holiday. He asked if Suzuka's still there. Ayano san replied that she had long left. Yamato wondered where she had been. Miho jokingly asked if she went out with another guy since she looked quite eager. Yamato told her not to talk rubbish. Miho then envied Saotome and Megumi who went to Hawaii. Yamato remarked that he shoudl also go on a trip. Miho asked if they could go together. Yamato remarked that it have to be Suzuka not Miho. Ayano heard Yamato saying travelling and asked him. She told him that both their parents placed them in her custody and she wont allow it. Yamato told her not to be angry and mentioned that Suzuka didnt agree as well.

Yamato went outside the building and wondered where they should for their Christmas date. He realized that he had not celebrated Christmas with Suzuka before. Suzuka appeared and asked what's he doing. She greeted him and Yamato asked where she had been. She grabbed Yamato's hand and dragged him away. Back in her room, she showed Yamato several travel guide and brochures. She remarked that she got it from the bookshop. She then happily asked where they should go. Yamato was surprised and told her that he thought she felt inappropriate. She answered that it was too sudden back then but she really wanted to go travelling with Yamato. Yamato then asked if it was fine. Suzuka replied that it's end of the year and they need to reserve in advance. Yamato said that wasn't what he's asking. He asked if her dad would allow it. She replied that she didnt ask her. She added that she was afraid so she didnt ask. Yamato told her that Ayano san forbid it as well. Yamato then asked if they should go secretly. Suzuka agreed and commented that it felt like they are doing something bad. Yamato said it wasn't that bad and he really want to go. Suzuka agreed.

P/S: I wouldn't be surprised with a disapproval from Ayano-san since she is Yamato's aunt as well as his guardian. For Asian culture, it's not appropriate for a couple to travel together by themselves. They have to be at least engaged. the caption on the last page seem to hint that the parents would find out about the trip.