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Suzuka 160 Parents

Suzuka 160 両親 りょうしん

Suzuka was on her way to Ayano-san residence. Yamato had told her that he would talk to his parents and Ayano-san first. He asked her to wait back home. Suzuka then commented they had both promised to work hard and she had to make the trip (That means Yamato wasn’t expecting Suzuka). Suzuka reached Ayano-san residence and saw Miho outside. She greeted Miho with Happy New Year. Miho greeted her back. Suzuka asked why she standing there and if Yamato was at home. Miho replied that he was but his parents came and they looked very angry. She advised Suzuka not to go in. Suzuka smiled.

Inside the residence, Yamato face was swollen after being slapped by his father. Mr. Akitsuki scolded Yamato for not being ashamed. Ayano san pleaded Mr. Akitsuki not to hit Yamato anymore. Mr. Akitsuki told her shut up while slapping Yamato. Ayano-san turned to her sister and asked her to say something. Mrs. Akitsuki replied that it’s a headache. Miho called her mum and Ayano-san asked Miho to stay outside for a while. Miho then replied that Suzuka had something to say. Yamato was surprised that Suzuka appeared. Mr. Akitsuki was also shocked. Suzuka came in and greeted everyone. Mr. Akitsuki knelt down and apologized to her. Mrs. Akitsuki forced Yamato to kneel down and apologize as well. Suzuka was shocked and told them that Yamato didn't do anything against her. Ayano-san invited Suzuka to sit down and asked Miho to leave.

Having his tea, Mr. Akitsuki commented that he was wondering why Yamato had called early morning of the New Year. He got agitated and hit Yamato on his head. Yamato complained that it hurt. Suzuka remarked that Yamto had already been injured. Mr. Akatsuki continued that Yamato called them and insisted that they go to Tokyo immediately. He added that he didn't know what Yamato was thinking but later found out that Yamato acted on someone’s daughter. Mrs. Akitsuki refrained him from embarrassing Suzuka. Suzuka apologized and both Mr. & Mrs. Akitsuki were surprised. Suzuka apologized that they have this trouble because of her. Mrs. Akitsuki disagreed and said that they should be the one who apologize t her. Mr. Akitsuki then asked what did they want to do with the baby. Yamato interrupted and said that Suzuka and him would raise the baby. Mr. Akitsuki remarked that Yamato’s talking stupidly and raising a baby is different from raising a pet.

Mr. Akitsuki told Yamato that it’s not easy to raise a child and asked if he understand it. Yamato asked his father, “Then, what should I do?” Mr. Akitsuki was speechless. Mr. Akitsuki then told him that the Suzuka had a say as well. Suzuka told them that both of them had decided. Suzuka commented that they might not know how hard it would be to raise a child at the moment. She added that if both of them worked hard together, they should be able to solve most of the problem. Suzuka them told them that she wanted to give birth to the baby. Mr. Akitsuki told her not to rush her decision. Mrs. Akitsuki remarked to her husband that Yamato and Suzuka had both decided.

Mrs. Akitsuki commented Yamato was like that when he wanted to study in Tokyo, stubborn like his father. Mr. Akitsuki replied that he’s fine but asked how about Suzuka parents. Yamato interrupted and said that they would tell them. Mr. Akitsuki scolded and hit him again. Ayano-san asked Suzuka if she had told her parents. Suzuka replied she hasn’t. Mrs. Akitsuki remarked that they would visit the other day and asked Yamato to visit Suzuka's parent immediately. Mr. Akitsuki asked why the haste. She replied that it better to be quick and it’s decided.

Yamato asked Suzuka if her father would be at home. Suzuka replied yes since the company would be on holiday in January. Yamato then initiated of going and Suzuka agreed. Mrs. Akitsuki told them that they must get the permission otherwise they would have to elope like Ayano-san. Ayano-san was shocked to hear her sister exposing her. Yamato was stunned as well. Ayano-san embarrassedly told them that they must get the permission. She told Yamato to change his clothes and asked him to call Miho in since she had something to tell her.

Later, Yamato was about to leave and met Miho outside the residence with garo-chan. Miho saw him and greeted him. Suzuka apologized and Yamato told Miho that she could go in. Miho was silent and Yamato asked her about it. Miho smiled and told them that she would support them. She then ran away but turned back. She teased that their promised marriage (Miho promised to marry Yamato if no one wants Yamato) has to be cancelled afterall and what a pity. Yamato laughed embarrassedly. Suzuka commented that Miho seem to like Yamato very much. Yamato joked that it’s quite tiring to be popular. Suzuka remarked that he had just been dumped so there’s nothing much to brag of. She then smiled and said they should be going.

Yamato and Suzuka reached Asahina residence and Suzuka noticed that Yamato’s panicking. She asked if Yamato was fine. Yamato replied he’s fine. Yamato asked if her father was really at home and Suzuka replied he was. Yamato recalled what Mr. Asahina had said about them going out as classmates and putting their studies as priority. Yamato then commented that Mr. Asahina would definitely be angry. Suzuka agreed and remarked that it wasn’t easy to get her father’s approval last time. She added that Yamato might even get a trashing this time. Yamato was speechless. But he took courage and determined to talk to Mr. Asahina.

P/S: A bit long since it's all dialogue. No doubt next week will be the commotion in Suzuka's family. Wonder if Yamato can handle another trashing. ha ha. Next week: Tears! That would probably mean Yamato trashed by Mr. Asahina and Suzuka cried. Would Kouji solve the issue in one chapter???

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Random Thoughts

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Suzuka 159: I like the chapter which is full of dialoues. Both Suzuka and Yamato had the same wavelength regarding the pregnancy matter.
Tsubasa 161: Another darn chapter on Yui history after being freed by Ashura. The covers feature watanuki and syoran so I'm convince that watanuki played an important role in Tsubasa Chronicle. But why not feature it in the past, apart from cover, there's no Watanuki anymore in the chapter. Oh, Ashura is the bad guy after all. To CLAMP again, just reveal the 2nd curse already. By the way, heard that Tsubasa's having 3 weeks break after chapter 162.
Cross Game 90: Baseball competition, Azuma Yuhei as baseman and Ko Kitamura as pitcher. Nothing interesting except Aoba cheering for Ko.

Romeo x Juliet 17 : Animation's better this week. A lot more interesting development. Tybalt’s father was Montague and his mother was a Capulet, making him Romeo’s half brother. Titus wanted Mercutio to be Montague son and ended up killed by Montague. Wow... messy! But who's this Ophelia??? And what's the Escalus about?? Anyway, the mess sparks my interest again.
Moetan 3: Have not watch yet.
Zero no Tsukaima II 3 : Episode 3 was quite amusing but I'm anticipating EP4 because Louise's sisters would appear in EP4. And Louise eldest sister turned out to be a worse maniac. EP 3 itself is fine, instead of disappearing all the male, they introduce a male, Julio to keep Saito away from harem.

Order at Yesasia took a lot longer than I expected. ARIA 10 and the ARIA Navigation file is not ready yet. So slow....

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Promising CH Store: Bookcafe

Came across a new online site offering CH version of JP manga. It's called Bookcafe. I think I'll patron the HK based shop from now on since Yesasia is no longer attractive for manga purchase.

I did a simple spreadsheet calculation. It showed that I need to buy at least 3 books to be cost-effective at Bookcafe. That's fine with me since I usually purchase at least 4 in an order: ARIA, Suzuka, Cross Game and Pastel.

Did a simple calculation even if I send to HK and then to Australia, Bookcafe will still be more attractive since Yesasia also charges local book shipping nowadays.

For 4 manga, each 150gram: Yesasia AUD $39.40 & Bookcafe AUD $38.52, given Yesasia unit cost is US $4.99, Bookcafe unit cost is HK28 and shipped to Australia.

For 10 manga, each 200gram: Yesasia AUD $75.72 & Bookcafe AUD $55.54, given Yesasia unit cost is US $5.99, Bookcafe unit cost is HK33 and shipped to Hongkong.

I had previously emailed a feedback to Yesasia regarding the change to Free-shipping eligibility once and they replied it's more cost-effective which is definitely a lie. I had to pay a lot more for each manga compared to the past. So, to Yesasia, sorry that I'll move my manga patronage to Bookcafe in near future.

P/S: This might be a good option for me and R8 who's collecting CH manga (providing he's still collecting :P)