Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Random Thoughts

MangaTsubasa 185: Repeat of the whole event in Chapter 184. And now 186 in coming week. I felt cheated!!!
Hatsukoi Limited 24: Kei fighting over Kappa face Kusuda with the drama club president. It was a nice chapter to see Kei's emotion but the fanservice by the girl with heavy masscara put me off. By the way, Zaitsu and Sogabe were still depressed over the bomb and Nao incident.
Hatsukoi Limited 23:End for Nao and her sempai arc.
Cross Game 117: Ko went to visit Wakaba at the hospital. Wakaba was sleeping when he visited her. Later, when she woke up, Ko was dozing off.


Received my Bookcafe manga order. Prince of Tennis 28 was replaced with Prince of Tennis 24. The order with Yesasia for ARIA The Origination OST is on the way. Pre-ordered the ARIA Piano Collection which will be released this month. A special surprise is on the way as well. I have ordered ARIA Illustration Books Alpha, Stella and Cielo.

So, orders flying to me: ARIA OST (Yesasia), ARIA Illustration Books (AJ) and Special Surprise (HLJ).

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ARIA Origination 11

第11話 「その 変わりゆく日々に…」

Adapted from Navigation 57 + Special Navigation of Volume 12.

Back at Himeya quarter, Akira was having a brainstorm over Aika's future appellation as a Prima undine. Akira remarked that Aika wont be sastified with just being a Prima. All over at Himeya, everyone's talking about Alice's special promotion 2 weeks ago. Some of the girls were talking about Aika, wondering if Aika was pretending to be happy. Akira got frustrated, squashed the paper and walked away. Later, Akira was in the gondola with Aika giving tour to her guest. Aika saw Akari but didnt stop to call out because of professionalism. Akira noted that and also saw Alice from afar. She looked at Aika who was energetic.

After the tour, Aika thanked the guests and the guests encouraged her to be a Prima soon. Aika was shocked to find Akira with a troubled expression. Aika asked but Akira couldnt really replied. This made Aika worried. Akira then called out Aika and murmured. Akira remarked that she recently found a shop called Jelade and asked Aika to accompanied her then.

Aika ordered a lemon flavoured gelato. Aika asked what Aika want but Akira didnt want any. Aika was surprised since it was Akira who asked her to tag along. The trouble Akira asked if Aika was full of energy and Aika happily replied her. Aika then told Akira about Alice recent promotion. She added that Akari and her were fortunate to have witnessed the moment. Akira was surprised that Aika was there back then. Aika then vowed not to lose to Alice and exclaimed her ambition energetically. Akira went forward and placed her hand onto Aika's shoulders. She told Aika that it's enough. Aika turned around and said it's not enough since she was burning with aspiration. She remarked that she wanted to thank Alice for giving her such aspiration. She then asked Akira to train her with strictness and she could take it. The childhood reflection of Aika appeared on Akira's mind. Akira then asked if Aika has any appointment for her holiday in the coming month. Aika was beaming with happiness and replied that she would go shopping with Al. Akira then told her to cancel the appointment and accompany her instead. Akira passed the paper she squashed to Aika. Aika had a read and found different appellations. She then realized Akira's concern. Akira offered her hand and called Aika as the future queen. Aika ran towards Akira and took her hands, beaming with smiles. Akira and Aika walked home with Akira deciding on Aika's appellation as Rozen Queen.

At Orange planet quarter, the maiden called out Orange Princess but no one replied. She found Alice and called her Alice Caroll which took her attention. Alice was asked to be familiar with her appellation. Alice apologized. Everyday Alice has busy schedule. During her tour, she saw Akari and Aika practising hard. She then counted how many days have passed since she last see them during the moon gazing. After finishing her work, she went home and was about to call her. But the she stopped as she worried that it was late and she had no reason to call them. She then hunged up. Alice last guest were a family with a kid. She brought them to the windmill hill, eating the potato snacks and took pictures. The day finished and the guest left. But the boy ran back, gave Alice a sweet and hugged her. Alice blushed and then went back. Alice wanted to tell Aika and Akari about the happy things she encountered each day. She went back to her room and upon opening the door, she found Athena, Akari, Aika munching on the bananas. She was shocked and asked why were they there as it was late. Akari and Aika showed Alice the new pizza by their frequent patroned pizzarie. They started feasting on the pizza joyfully. Alice was deep in her thought. Akari and Aika looked at Alice and Aika exposed what she was thinking. Alice commented that she was very busy and she couldnt think of such thing as pizza to see each other. Tears accumulated in her eyes. Akari then said there was, and it's Alice. Akari remarked that there's no need for any other reason, Alice was all that matter. Alice was relieved and cheered up. They later went to balcaony. Aika placed her hand on Alice saying that she wont lose to Alice. Akari also placed on top of their hands and agreed with Aika. Three of them the laughed together.

P/S: Next week should be Akari's promotion since preview shows Alice sitting on gondola while Akari rows. And then the finale the following week, all fit well.

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