Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Random Thoughts

MangaTsubasa 185: Repeat of the whole event in Chapter 184. And now 186 in coming week. I felt cheated!!!
Hatsukoi Limited 24: Kei fighting over Kappa face Kusuda with the drama club president. It was a nice chapter to see Kei's emotion but the fanservice by the girl with heavy masscara put me off. By the way, Zaitsu and Sogabe were still depressed over the bomb and Nao incident.
Hatsukoi Limited 23:End for Nao and her sempai arc.
Cross Game 117: Ko went to visit Wakaba at the hospital. Wakaba was sleeping when he visited her. Later, when she woke up, Ko was dozing off.


Received my Bookcafe manga order. Prince of Tennis 28 was replaced with Prince of Tennis 24. The order with Yesasia for ARIA The Origination OST is on the way. Pre-ordered the ARIA Piano Collection which will be released this month. A special surprise is on the way as well. I have ordered ARIA Illustration Books Alpha, Stella and Cielo.

So, orders flying to me: ARIA OST (Yesasia), ARIA Illustration Books (AJ) and Special Surprise (HLJ).

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