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ARIA Origination 9

Episode 9: 第09話 「その オレンジの風につつまれて…」

Adapted from Orange Princess Navigation 55

Alice graduated from her high school. Her juniors approached her and congratulated her. They wanted to have her uniform's second button as remembrance. The rest of the students saw it and also requested since they were her fans as well. She ended up without even one button. Aika and Akari were waiting for her outside school and congratulated her.

While walking home, Alice walked backwards saying that this is her high school's last challenge. Aika and Akari were on the gondola streaming down the aisle. They met Atena and Alice turned to see her. Aika commented that Alice failed her challenge but Alice said it's absolutely fine since time stopped when Atena was around.

Later, they went for the usual practice together. Alice appeared very energetic. Aika and Akari were surprised. Alice told them that she would practise hard to make up for her time in school. Alice said that practice a very happy thing. In the evening, back at Orange company, Atena remarked that Alice's full of motivation after graduating from high school. Alice agreed and felt that everything's smooth for her since then. Alice was playing with Maa sachou with a banana. Atena had a thought and asked Alice to got for a picnic the next day. Atena promised that this time for sure.

The next day, Alice prepared to set off while Atena made a call. Atena then told Alice that she would role-play as her guest today and Alice will be the undine. Alice consented and treated Atena as her guest. Alice then offered her hand to Atena, helping her to the gondola. Atena was surprised with Alice's smile and action. Atena complimented Alice's smile but Alice responded that this was their first time meeting since Atena's her guest now. Alice then told her guest that she practised everyday with her seniors who have best smiles. During the tour, Alice also gave a detailed tour of renowned places of interest. Atena complimented her knowledge and Alice attributed it to the strict practice which she had with her seniors. Alice then asked if Atena has somewhere to go and Atena complied.

Alice and Atena arrived at the special route. A large boat passed by the narrow route and created a strong wave. Alice manoeuvred her gondola and prevent collision to the side wall. Alice responded with a smile when the guest on the boat waved. They later stopped and have picnic on the gondola. They resumed their tour later and reached the water elevator near sunset. The himeya undine that came down encouraged Alice with Ganbade. Alice was bit surprised. Atena then told Alice to have a rest while waiting for the water elevator to bring them to the top. Atena complimented Alice for her superb skills. Alice thanked her and responded that her skills and knowledge were attributed to her practice with Akari and Aika. However, Alice added that she had soft voice and singing was not her highlight. Often, the more she thought on singing, her mind became blank. Atena remarked that if one felt painful of her vocal, then that feeling would be transfered to the listener as well. She added that while vocal skill was important, it was the sincerity that matter most. Atena told Alice that if Alice didnt like her own singing, then who else would like it. They then reached the top route and Atena asked her to continue the tour.

It was sunset and Alice was awed with the scenery. Atena then told Alice that before Aqua has gotten her name, the planet was orange in colour. Because of this, when it was sunset, the residents on Aqua would feel the happiness and nostalgia. Later, they continue the tour and reached the place with wind turbines. Alice saw Aika and Akari as well as the elevator operator, Orange Company directors and personnel from Gondola association standing there. They stopped by the spot and Atena thanked Alice for her tour. Atena then requested Alice to end wih a song. Alice put down her oar and asked her guest, Atena if she had heard of the three water fairies. Alice smiled and told her that she was the disciple of the famous undine known as Seilane. Alice then began her singing with smiles and emotions. Akari clapped in tears and everyone else joined clapping. Alice then told Atena that though vocal was not her strength but she liked singing most since she was small. She added that she remembered it after hearing Atena's words. Alice then bowed and thanked Atena.

Atena then went in front of Alice and reached for Alice's left saying that the company has been waiting for the day when Alice graduated from school. Atena removed Alice's left glove as she praised Alice's skill, hospitality and vocal. Before Alice could finish her realization as a single undine, Atena reached for Alice's right hand. Atena said that the gondola association has anticipated high regard and expectation on Alice. In respond to Alice's excellence, the association has made a decision that they havent done before. Atena then remove Alice's right glove and congratulated Alice. Alice was then given her Prima undine appellation as the Orange Princess. Alice, Akari and Aika were shocked. Alice was moved to tears and went to hug Atena. Akari and Aika then went to hug and congratulate Alice while Maa sachou went to bite Aria sachou. Alice repeated thanking them while crying.

Next week: Akari and Aika went to peek on Alice who is now a prima. Next week will be on Navigation 45 of volume 9 which shows Aika and Al in the well.

P/S: I like how they changed last week's Atena failure to keep the picnic promise and link it to the picnic this week. So Atena's appellation is officially Seilane. The scene where Alice sings is very well animated with recaps of her past. I was nearly touched to tears on the 2nd glove removal scene. Wow, navigation 55 jumped back to Navigation 45. I predict that Navigation 45 will be used as prelude to Aika's promotion. In addition, Aria The Origination will be a 13 episode season.

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At 10:29 AM, Blogger Daniel said...

I'm really satisfied with the episode...The animation quality was amazing, and just the overall feel captured, I think, the essence of what I had felt in the chapter (of course, Alice's Canzone could have been better, but i expected that). Alice received the most character development out of all the other characters, and the episode was true to that.

Next episode's not my favorite chapter, but this episode makes up for it and the one before.

Now that the last chapter's out, I'm really curious to see if and how this season will wrap things up.

At 5:46 PM, Anonymous KrebMarkt said...

Emotions overflow.

Too much for me.
Tears are rolling on my cheeks.

At 11:43 PM, Blogger Eve said...

I was really happy to hear the news, I watched the episode right away, even though it's there are no subtitles (I can't understand it without subtitle). But I don't know why I can understand it in this episode. I was really happy and I screamed "Alice went to Prima!". I didn't expect to happen so fast, i thought that Aria the Origination will be a long season, but well, i'm wrong.

At 12:33 AM, Blogger Fisherman Horizon said...

daniel: Season III dedicated to much to Alice. "I'm really curious to see if and how this season will wrap things up." Me too......

krebmarkt: hi, nice to see u here. The scene where Alice's right hand glove was removed + the music... very touching.. holding back my tears. Watch the 2nd time... ooo.. so hard to hold my tears.

eve: Did u read the manga before? It's essentially the same but it quite clear what the episode's about as well. I like how they link last week episode to this week slightly. Yea.. when the preview came out last week, I'm convinced that it should be around 13 episodes.

At 6:54 AM, Anonymous KrebMarkt said...

@Fisherman Horizon

Reading your summary made me understand why Alice got the title of Orange Princess.
(See my in depth reflexion in Animesuki forum)

S3 will be full of character centered episodes.
3 For Alice
Probably 3 for Aika
Probably 3-4 for Akari
That makes already 3/4 of the S3, i just hope that Ep 13 will show more stuff than the Nav 60 for an ending to one of the most positive
anime serie EVER.

At 12:02 PM, Anonymous totali said...

This episode was spectacular. I loved the tie in with the last episode too, and it was awesome when it seemed like Athena wanted to make up for the previous event. I'm really excited about the rest of the stories now....after this, I don't know how Aria can get any better...but I know it will.


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