Tuesday, February 26, 2008

ARIA Origination 8

Episode 8: 第08話 「その 大切な人の記憶に…」

Alice and Athena's fake amnesia, Navigation 37 of V8.

Alice was anticipating for her day out with Atena and she went to buy foods for her sandwiches. She also worked out a route for the trip. She then went for a bath while Atena came back. By the time Alice went back to her room, Atena has slept. Maa sachou also had a bunch of banana for the next day. Alice placed a note beside Atena's bed to remind her of the trip. The next morning, Alice was awaken by Atena's leaving for her work. She was surprised that Atena has left for work. Alice waited for Atena in her room while Maa sachou was having the bananas. Alice was sad that Atena had forgotten about their dayout. Suddenly, Atena rushed back with the note in her hand. She apologized and said that she had a busy day. She tried to make up with Alice but Alice told her that it's not necessary. Alice accidentally bursted and grabbed the note, causing it to tore and drop on the floor. Alice then left for the door and Atena tried to catch her. However, Atena stepped on the banana skin that Maa sachou threw on the ground and fell down flat. Soon, Akari received a call from Alice telling her something very very very serious SOS had happened.

Alicia and Akari went to Orange Planet and realized that Atena had lost her memory.Alice told them of the incident and that Atena had amnesia. Aria sachou was lying on the floor with its stomach upwards. Atena played with Aria sachou's stomach and mentioned its name. Akari then asked whether Atena remembered Aria sachou and she replied yes. Alice then asked if Atena remembered her but Atena replied she couldnt recognize Alice. Alicia then looked at Atena, smiled and said that she would come back later.

Akari, Alice and Atena went to a cafe and Alice ordered several ice-cream desert. Atena managed to picked up her favourite desert and this made Akari and Alice happy. Atena then called Maa sachou and fed it with the biscuit. Akari and Alice realized that Atena now remembered Maa sachou. However, she still couldn't remember Alice. Alice decided to bring Atena back to orange planet and asked her to pick out her oar. She picked the correct one and mentioned Akari's name. However, she still couldn't remember Alice and this made Alice very sad.

Akari mentioned that Alicia should be back soon and they all went to Aria company. Alice was getting sadder as Atena couldnt remember Alice. Atena approached Alice and asked her how she felt towards Atena. Alice replied that Atena was clumsy and can be a bother sometimes. Atena then asked if Alice hate her. Alice replied no and Atena asked if Alice liked her.Alice replied that it should be the later and told Atena how she really felt. Alice couldnt hold herself and cried. Alicia came back and told Atena that it's time to end her acting. Atena apologized to Alice and told her that she didnt have amnesia. Atena explained that what she had done before might have bothered Alice so she wanted to know Alice's true feeling on her. Alice told Atena that Atena should have just asked her directly if she wanted to know. She added that what she just did made her hate Atena very very very much (Literally, if you know what it meant). Atena and Alice then went back. Akari then asked Alicia if she had know from the beginning. Alicia replied yes and asked if Akari was surprised with Atena. Akari agreed and commented that even the three fairies had insecurity at times. Alicia replied that they were also normal people and they also anxious to know how their loved ones felt towards them. Alicia added that it was even so if it concerned the juniors that they loved. Akari then asked if Alicia would feel insecure as well because of her. Alicia blushed and answered that she wont tell her.

Note: This season is now 90% Finale because of the sneak preview next week. Next week episode is about Navigation 55. The chapter which we'll see the Orange Princess.

P/S: I liked how they animate this episode. The manga had Atena accidentally torn Maa sachou's cap instead of forgetting an appointment with Alice. I find breaking a promise has a lot more drama compared to clumsiness. The scene where Alice bursted and cried is very well animated. For these, I applaud the episode. It was abit disappointing that they didnt show the scene where Atena hold her oar numbered 36 with its meaning. I liked the last scene most where Alicia blushed when Akari asked her the question. And of course, what we'll lose if there wasnt any chibi moments. Kawaii!

My 3 favourite screenshots

Chibi moments are excluded from consideration.

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At 8:43 PM, Anonymous whatever said...

the hell....it is still up to episode 9 and they wanna do time jump to navigation 55...:D

At 10:59 AM, Anonymous totali said...

Wah~ all this talk of the series ending this season has me excited and sad at the same time. All of the episodes of this season have been excellent though, so I'm definitely enjoying the ride all the way through.

I have yet to pick up the manga, but you make the differences sound really interesting to check out....maybe when I need more Aria after Origination is over xS


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