Tuesday, February 12, 2008

ARIA Origination 6

Episode 6:第6話「その 課外授業に…」

Athena and Alice went to the market for some groceries. They met Akari, Alicia and ARIA sachou on the way. ARIA sachou was terrified of Maa sachou. Athena and Alice went to have icre-cream. Athena saw someone eating pizza and didnt realize her scoops of ice-cream dropped onto the ground. Athena was in tears but Alice bought a pizza slice for her. Athena ate it and was rejoiced but it ended on the ground again later.

The episode is based on Navigation 50. The young undines were having their usual practices and it was Akari's turn. ARIA sachou helped Akari with her training, helping her in muscle training and balancing. Aika scolded Akari for playing and squeezed her face. Alice asked of the way which Alicia would reprimand her. Akari replied that she had never been scolded by Alicia. Aika praised Alicia for her perfectness while Alice wondered if Alicia had never got frustrated with Akari's mistakes.

Alice went to ARIA company to spy on Alicia and Akari. First time, she was discovered by ARIA sachou and acted she was cleaning the floor. Second time, during breakfast time, Akari accidently dropped egg shells into the pan. Aika saw Alice and wondered what's Alice was doing there. In the evening, ARIA sachou showed its strength and agility but ended up falling into the sea. It later got bitten by Maa sachou that was accompanying Alice and Alice was discovered by them. At night, Akari broke Alicia's favourite's mug and she got panic. However, Alicia didnt scold Akari, instead she asked if everyone was not hurt. Suddenly Aria sachou screamed and pointed at the gondola that was drifting away. Alicia went to collect the gondola and later found out that it was due to the rope being cut by something sharp. Again, Alicia didnt scold Akari. Aika remarked if it was Akira, she would say that Aika didnt tight the rope accordingly. Alice on the other hand, was getting more curious with Alicia

One day after school, Alice went for ice-cream and she realized Alicia was sitting opposite of her. Alice got nervous and wondered if Alicia had realized her noticing Alicia for the past few days. Alicia then told her that it was the first time that both of them were alone. Alice agreed but was still nervous. Alicia then asked if Alice had something to ask her. Alice was shocked. However, she then asked why didnt Alice get angry or scold Akari when Akari made a mistake. Alicia was surprised but she smiled back, taking out a sweet. She asked Aria sachou to give the sweet to the little girl opposite of them at a distance. Aria sachou took several short routes to reach the girl. It gave the sweet to the girl eventually and the girl was very happy. Aria sachou went back to Alicia and Alicia praised it. She then asked Aria sachou to pass another sweet to a boy. Aria sachou did a better job and took less time. Alice was puzzled. Alicia and Alice went to the bridge and Alice asked about Aria sachou's action. Alicia told her that if she scolded or reprimanded Aria sachou then it would grow afraid and less willing to try again. Alicia continued that she wouldn't tell Aria sachou "not there, not there" rather "here, here". This was her preferred method. Alice then asked how she would respond if her student kept making mistakes. Alicia replied that she would continue to learn and reflected on it. Alice was puzzled but Alicia told Alice that she was also imperfect. She added there were times where she, as a senior, couldn't do a good job in guiding the juniors. She reflected and realized that teaching and learning were the same. Thus, Alicia would rather choose to be one with Akari and go through thick and thin with her. Akari and Aika then appeared and called out to Alicia and Alice. Aria sachou ran to Akari leaving Alice and Alicia behind. Alicia told Alice to keep their conversation a secret. Alice asked about it and Alicia replied that it was embarassing. Alice remarked that she didnt have to feel that way since Akari would have similar thoughts as Alicia. Alicia's responded and it made Alice felt embarassed as well.

P/S: I prefer the bridge scene in the manga compared to the one in anime. Next week will be on Special Navigation "Blue Gem" in Volume 9 featuring the legendary undine Grandma Akino and ARIA sachou.

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At 10:49 AM, Blogger Daniel said...

Yeah, I agree. They didn't animate the one scene that captured your heart in the manga version: Alicia holding hands with President Aria on the bridge. I was a little disappointed...but still, I was glad to see one of my favorite chapters animated.


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