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ARIA Origination 5

Episode 5:第5話「その おもいでのクローバーは…」

It's summer and the young undines were having their usual practices. Aika asked Akari about her recent traghetto experience and Akari told them the motivation she has gained. Alice's skill has improved and she was able to "park" the gondola sideway to the side.

The girls went to the market place. Aika wanted to ask something and she approached a girl at a fruit stall. The girl greeted Aika and told her that the fruits were nice. Before Aika could continue, they heard Atena's singing voice. Atena was taking some tourist on her gondola tour. All the people at the market place and vicinity listened and enjoyed the heavenly voice. Aika and the fruit stall girl praised her simultanesouly. Alice was a bit embarassed and admitted that Atena's voice was indeed superb.

Suddenly, a girl called out for her hat which was blown away by the wind. They looked at the direction of the hat and saw Alicia who were with tourist on her gondola. The hat passed by above Alicia but she began to manoeuvre elegantly and reverse her rowing. She then caught the hat and all those around applauded for her skill. Alicia handed back the hat to the young girl and the young girl thanked her. Aika and the fruit stall girl compliment Alicia simultaneously again.

Akari, Aika and Alice went to have lunch. Aika wondered when they could become a Prima undine. Alice then complimented Alicia and Atena's skills and commented that they were blessed with born-talents. Aika got a bit depressed. Later, they continued with their practice. Alice manoeuvred around narrow isle skillfully. Akari was greeted by a lot of people during her practice and Alice made a remark on her interpersonal relationship. Akari made a heartful comment and Aika was about to attack with her usual remark but she refrained soon after. She then got depressed and Akari and Alice wondered what had happened.

Aika went back to Himeya and she found a pile of belongings of Akira. Akira was cleaning her room. Aika had a temperament but Akira asked her to help her. Akira grabbed onto Aika and made fun of her. Aika then had no choice and helped.

Aika found a photo album of Akari and had a look at the photos. She saw Alicia, Akira and Atena when they were young. She was surprised to notice that Akira was a single undine while Alicia and Atena had become Prima undines. Akira approached Aika and saw the photo. She commented that she was the last to become Prima undine among the three. She cheerfully remarked that she didn't have Atena's voice nor Alicia's talent so it's natural that she would be the last. Aika bursted out asking why she could reacted so cheerfully as she thought it would be emotionally painful for Akira.

Akira confirms that she was the last one to become a prima. Aika emotionally wondered how Akira can laugh about this, as she believes that it would have been painful and hard to deal with. Akira states that she did not have any talents like Alice or Athena, so it was a given that something like that would happen. Aika wonders if it wasn’t painful, but Akira confirms to her that it was. Aika wonders how Akira can be so strong, so Akira decides to tell Aika a story. Aika was very depressed and Akira noticed that.

Akira told Aika about the day that Atena was promoted to Prima undine. Akira commented that she didnt expect Atena to obtain Prima status before her. She congratulated Atena and Atena was very happy. Alicia remarked that Akira would also be Prima undine soon. Akira optimistically agreed. However, she felt a bit depressed when she got home. On one bright day, she went for a walk and she started to feel lonely as Alicia and Atena had their own Prima duties. She wandered around and got more depressed. She then have a rest by a rectangle brick pit with a bed of clovers inside. Behind her were roses surrounding the fence. She looked at the clovers and tried to find the lucky 4-leaves clover but she couldnt find one. She continued to search and this made her more depressed and she wondered if Prima is not her destiny. She nearly broke down and suddenly, Aika appeared in front of her.

The young Aika saw what Akira was doing and she had a look at the patch of clovers. She told Akira to give up since there wasn't any to it. Akira got a hit as though it was telling her to give up if she didnt have what it takes to be a Prima undine. She grabbed into her shorts and was emotionally unstable. The young Aika went to the rose beds and plucked a rose petal. Aika commented that if there was any, all she needed to do was to create it. Aika put a clover on the surface and placed a rose petal beside it. Aika added that the rose petal represented Akira's heart. This striked Akira and she received the utmost consolation and motivation. She then strived hard and achieved the Prima status.

After hearing that, Aika replied that it was so touching. Akira then realized Aika had no recollection of the incident. Akira gave the "pressed rose & clover petal bookmark" to Aika. Aika asked if it was fne to give her something so precious. Akira replied that Aika must attain Prima status. Aika stood up and promised that she would achieve it. Aika had a thought and asked if Akira derived her appellation Crimson Roses from the rose petal. Akira turned around and smiled to Aika. Aika was motivated and the next day she returned to her usual self. She later made several touching remarks and ended scolding herself for saying embarassing stuffs.

P/S: This episode is excellent, it captured all the flows and emotions very well. Next week will be on Navigation 50, focusing on Alice and Alicia, how Alicia could maintain her temperament even when Akari made a mistake. This season is tremendous!!!

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