Thursday, February 07, 2008

Random Thoughts

Hatsukoi Limited 18: Yamamoto bought the valentine's chocolate. On Valentine's eve morning she met Mamoru and tied a ribbon on him with his scarf. Ayumi saw it. A man with motorbike helmet bumped Yamamoto deliberately and swapped her chocolate. Koyoi and Ayumi talked about Yamamoto at school. After school, Yamamoto went to her class and saw the depressed Bessho sitting there. However, she was scared off by the school staff. Yamamoto ran away whispering sorry to Bessho in her heart. So who's the one that Yamamoto had in mind. Arihara or was it Bessho???
Tsubasa 182: .
Cross Game 113: As usual, Azuma received a lot of chocolates. Koh asked if there wasn't any that he's interested. Azuma replied the only possible target would be Aoba. On the school rooftop, Aoba asked how much chocolate did Ko received. She wanted to see how many but the snatch caused the bag to drop onto a lorry. Aoba asked how many and Ko replied 4. He told her that he would be in trouble if people found out about it. Aoba went to the shop and bought 4 chocolates. Akane passed by and met Ko who was waiting outside. Aoba gave Ko the chocolates but Ko explained to Akane. Ko found 5 boxes inside the bag but Aoba said that's for Azuma (Actually Aoba intended for Ko, stupid for Ko to ask). Akane asked if it was fine to give chocolate to boys from other school and Ko said yes. She said she would give one to him but in return she wanted to see Wakaba's photo.
Prince of Tennis 376: Ryoma vs Yukino 0-4. Ryoma lost his 5 senses. All hope is lost. Ryoma remembered the happiness of tennis. The awaken of the final door.
Air Gear 193:

My brother finished his MG Destiny Extreme Burst but he accidentally snap a fragile part of the wing. It was painful but lucky that a superglue can fix it. I have order 3 fine tip panel marker and 1 soft tip marker from HLJ but there'a a backordered on the fine tip marker. I wrote to HLJ asking for the status, if there's only 2, I'll settle for 2 or even 1, just make it quick. Hope they will ship them next week. Amazon has shipped my AMG Novel by Yumi Tohma. Hope to received it this week.



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