Saturday, February 23, 2008

Random Thoughts

Hatsukoi Limited 20: The chocolate that the bomberman has swapped contained a bomb. Ayumi asked Misao to ride the bicycle and took her to the bank where Yamato would be. Koyoi dragged Bessho to the water bank. Yamamoto was about to give chocolate to Arihara but Ayumi made it in time and threw the chocolate in mid-air. The bomb in chocolate box exploded. Yamamoto then asked Arihara to be friend first.
Prince of Tennis 378: Nanjirou arrived at the court and told everyone that there was no Teni Muhō No Kiwami. He explained that it was simply the feeling of enjoyment when one first play tennis. He added that people lost the feeling when the became absorbed in the winning the game. Ryoma invoked Samurai Drive and the ball split into two halves. Desperately, Yukion returned both halves.

Pastel V18
Pastel 93: Appearance of 春野萌, younger sister of Haruno Rei 春野麗. Yuu got jealous and thought Mugi was having an affair. Turned out 萌 was seeking advice from Mugi as she used Yuu as model for her novel.
Pastel 94: Mugi and Yuu went to Tokyo for Sayuri and Takumi's wedding. Takumi lost their wedding ring and Sayuri wanted to break off the wedding. Takumi showed his sincerity and committment and wedding proceeded.
Pastel 95: Yuu wanted to go to same university as Mugi but Mugi disapproved. She went to see Aoi and Tetsu. Yuu later realized Mugi's real intention and concern.
Pastel 96: Yuji wanted to court Yuu and have been interrupting Yuu and Mugi. Out of desperation, Mugi leaked their secrets that they were dating. Mugi and Yuu kissed at playground and someone saw it. The following day, they were called to staff room and the counsellor asked they lived together and if they were dating.

Come on, I have seen low stock, backordered, low stock for several times. Get my markers done, HLJ!!!. Got my AMG novel, just read 1st chapter, I still prefer visual than words.. I have placed another large manga order with bookcafe on Friday and they shipped it today. Talk about efficiency! Order included Aria V11, Suzuka V18, Pastel V18, Cross Game V10, Tsubasa V21, Prince of Tennis 25-37, 39.



At 4:04 AM, Anonymous Van-Halo-Tupac said...

How can you afford all that stuff every week! YOU READ SO MUCH!

At 4:42 PM, Blogger Fisherman Horizon said...

Actually it's not that much. Occasionally I place large order of manga since it's cheaper with the shipping that way.

As for figures, I always get the pre-ordered, cheaper.

You'll have more money for expenditure when u work. ^^


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