Saturday, February 16, 2008

Random Thoughts

Hatsukoi Limited 19: Koyoi and Ayumi planned to have Yamamoto and Arihara together so that she wont touch Bessho and Zaitsu. Ayumi and Koyoi later confronted Yamamoto and Yamamoto told them that she wont be giving any chocolate. She added that she couldn't find the reason for liking. Ayumi rebuked that it's love when she felt the pulpitation of her heart. On Valentine's day, the man with the motorbike helmet told Ayumi that he has Yamamoto's chocolate.
Prince of Tennis 377: The last door has been opened. Ryoma chased the game and it's now 4-4.

Last week, I was informed there's no fine tip marker in stock so I have to wait. Amazon has shipped my AMG Novel by Yumi Tohma, scheduled for arrival yesterday but it didnt arrive.
Update: Received my AMG Novel this morning, 18th Feb. It comprises A362 pages and about 26.5mm thick.



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