Tuesday, February 19, 2008

ARIA Origination 7

Episode 7: 第7話「その ゆるやかな時の中に…」

Special Navigation "Blue Gem" in Volume 9 featuring the legendary undine Grandma Akino and ARIA sachou

Akari, Alicia and Aria went to visit Alicia's sempai, Anna at Neo Burano. They saw buildings and things that were different from their vicinity. They came across beautiful lace-knitting and a wedding dress. Alicia commented that her sempai had worn a wedding dress like that in the past. Akari asked Alicia about her sempai and Alicia replied that Anna sempai was even more popular than her. Akari praised and felt excited to meet her.

They reached Anna's house but the gate was locked and no one answered. They then saw a little boy opposite an isle. The boy ran away and Akari gave a chase. The boy then hid behind his mum. The mum saw Akari and recognized the undine uniform. Alicia approached and greeted her sempai, Anna. Akari introduced herself and Anna introduced her son, Ahito.

They sat down and have some donut and tea. Alicia reminded Anna of her departure from Aria company. Anna had to leave Aria company to pursue her marriage and she was having a baby back then. She had hard time settling in Neo Burano at first but she later learnt knitting. This helped her to make acquitance with the residents there. Anna showed Alicia and Akari her craftworks. The door bell rang and Anna went to open the door. She was surprised to find Grandma outside. Alicia had asked Grandma Akino to join them. Anna's husband, Albert had also reached home with a fresh seafoods. Everyone had a wonderful dinner together.

After dinner, Albert, Ahito and Aria sachou had a sleep as they had bit of sports before dinner and were tired. Grandma Akino, Anna, Akari and Alicia were having tea and cakes. They were chatting and reminisced Aria company during their times. Grandma then shared her story on the establishment of Aria company.

Back in her days, Akino was the star of Himeya. All undines envied and admired her. However, she was always busy and had reserveations all day long. One day, she found Aria sachou staring out to the sea. She was at first curious but day after day she found Aria sachou there. One day, while having her break, she stopped by the place and talked to Aria sachou. Aria sachou didnt respond and kept staring at the sea. She then went by its side and confided in Aria sachou. She started to realize that she didnt have much time for herself due to her busy schedule. She then asked Aria sachou the reason it kept sitting there. Aria sachou looked at her and turned back staring at the sea. At night, it was raining heavily and Akino saw Aria sachou sitting still in the rain. She took her umbrella and went to Aria sachou. She tried to move Aria sachou but it remained there. Emotions stirred up in Akino. She then spent the night with Aria sachou in the rain with their raincoats and umbrella. The sun rose and the rain stopped. Akino felt refreshed and decided to make a change in her life. Soon, she established Aria company at the spot where Aria sachou had been at.

Grandma Akino, Alicia and Anna turned towards Akari. Akari was told that one day Akari would be handling Aria company and she would experience different things. Alicia told Akari to do her best. Anna gave her a wink and Grandma Akino gave her a smile. With that Akari promised them that she would do her best for Aria company.

Next week is on Alice and Athena's fake amnesia, Navigation 37 of V8.

P/S: Ooo.. we get to see Anna, Alicia's sempai who wasn't in the manga. The young Akino is different from the one drawn in the manga but she sure is captivating. Next week will be on Athena and Alice, not exactly a favourite chapter for me.

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At 12:47 PM, Blogger Daniel said...

I was actually disappointed by this week's episode...although that may have been because my expectations were so high for that chapter.

It was nice seeing two unintroduced characters in the manga, but somehow I didn't think the seiyuu for grandma portrayed her younger days very well. I always pictured her more... glamorous?

Although I also seem to find Alice's voice a little annoying these days, too. I don't know...I checked back to older episodes and it just seems the seiyuu is forcing a nasal whine in Origination that I hadn't noticed before... Hmm.. Have you gotten that impression?

At 1:04 PM, Blogger Fisherman Horizon said...

Hi Daniel, it was nice that we get to see Alicia's sempai which is not in the manga (though anonymously mentioned).

Yea, Grandma Akino has this "glamorous" tagged to her but if you read the manga, even she was fragile and emotional. I guess the drawing in the manga shown her to be more "glamourous" looking.

As for Alice, not annoying. I just find that Alice's vocal is bit different from Aria the Natural....something is missing.

P/S: I would prefer they went to visit grandma at her home, more nature scenery, and Anna came by as well, than the other way round.


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