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ARIA Manga Finale

Goodbye ARIA, I gonna miss you!!!

Thank you Kozue Amano sensei for this beautiful work!

ARIA Navigation 60 「水の妖精」

In the morning, Mr. Postman arrived at Aria Company and Akari asked if he was Mr. Anno Namihira (庵野波平) who made a reservation. Mr. Postman replied yes and Akari learnt to know his real name. During the tour, Akari asked if Anno didnt have to distribute the letters. Anno replied that his leg wasn't what it used to be so he stayed at the post office and worked on the administration. Anno then asked how's Akari and whether she has regained her composure. Akari asked if Anno was worried for her and made the reseravtion. Akari thanked Anno and he was speechless. Akari admitted that things have been different with the time when Alicia was around but the number of reservation has gradually increased. She aadded that she went to the town to search for customer when she was free and she consider herself quite lucky at that. However, Akari admitted that she was lying if she said she wasn't feeling lonely. Anno remarked that summer would end soon. He complimented Akari and said that Akari was still an ace in creating wonderful things in daily normal lifesyle. Anno told Akari that she would be fine and remarked that Akari was an expert in creating happiness. There wont be any unhappy customer if they were with someone like Akari. Anno added that he had said so when he first met her that Akari would be an outstanding undine. Akari blushed and thanked Anno.

The next morning, Akari prepared for the day and she sensed someone. She went to the living room and saw Alicia sitting there. Aika and Alice ran down the stairs. Akira and Atena greeted Alicia. Akari then realized that it was the shadow or the nostalgia of the happy moments at Aria company. It was her job to open the shutter first thing in the morning. She knew that once she opened the door, the nostagic shadows will disappear with the air. She hesistated but then remembered that it's not "It was happy at that time" but "It was also happy at that time". She rememebred what Atena and Alicia had said that the happiness at the present is felt at that moment. Thus, it was important to cherish the present. Akari saw Aria sachou and happily greeted it. Then she prepared for the day. Akari emailed her penpal and told her friend that it was getting busier and she had less time for emails. She then updated her penpal with an update of her friends.

Woody sent eggs to Akari every morning before he left for work. He has started rearing chicken at his home. Everday he soared the air with happiness.

Aika started her committment at the new branch and was busy everyday. She started to have more poise but she was still a cry-baby when they met together. Al has been promoted and seemed to grow taller. His relationship with Aika still good as before.

Akatsuki was also promoted. Sometime, he appeared at Aria company for no reason. Unawared, Akari was scared by his out-of-the-blue appearance. She felt that that's how Akatsuki showed his concern on Akari.

Alice became the legend who has promotion to Prima from Pair. She received a lot of attention in the undine industry. Alice has set "Let's have a holiday together" as her rule. However, due to the busy schedule of all three undines, it was pretty impossible.

Atena had her firt debut in the opera. It affected her undine job slightly and Alice was angry. However, on the day of the debut, Alice was touched to tears when she watched Atena's performacance.

Akira became the No.1 undine in Aqua. Aika remarked her as a threat but everyone knew Aika was very happy deep down in her heart.

Alicia worked for the gondola association and was active in all variety of events. Recently, she saw Grandma and Alicia as special lectures in a gathering. Akari felt proud to be the junior of two great people. Sometimes, Alicia and Grandma went to Aria company and visited Akari. Alicia still bestowed Akari with her unchanged beautiful smile.

Akari told her penpal that she lived a happy life even though many things were different from before. She then sent the email and said that she believed she would meet the penpal one day. Akari's penpal was revealed to be Cait Sith.

Aqua 0076, 16th month, the 20th, Akari resumed emailing Cait Sith and said something happy has happened. Aria sachou ran down the stairs followed by a girl in Aria Company uniform. Ai, in the uniform, greeted Akari. Starting then, Aria company has two employees. Ai asked of her uniform and Akari complimented it fit her nicely. Akari and Ai enjoyed the breakfast together. Akari then looked at Ai just like the time Alicia looked at her on the 2nd day morning. Ai asked Akari and Akari replied that it just that she felt slightly happy. The series ended with a pair of oars numbered 2 and 4, and two pairs of boots.

P/S: After 6-7 years of Aqua and Aria, it finally ended. I'm going to miss it very much. I was right that Ai joined Aria company ^^.

ARIA Popularity Rankings:
1. Akari
2. Alice
3. Atena
4. Alicia
5. Aria Sachou
6. Akira
7. Aika
8. Maa Sachou
9. Akitsuki
10. Al
P/S: There are 32 characters involved but I only disclose the top 10. Kozue Amano at no.22

Interview with Kozue Amano sensei:
Q: The last navigation has ended. How do you feel now?
A: Thanks. I feels smooth sense of achievement.

Q: The finale has left people with deep impression, when did you first thought of the finale?
A: I have thought of the scene ever since Aqua and then to Aria. It is the chapter which I wanted to draw most.

Q: Since featuring in Blade 6 years ago, this is Amano sensei's longest serialization. Is there any hardship throughout the years?
A: It was surprising that there wasn't any complication in the content. There are contents for each week and never lack of resources. The drawing is hard and it tortured me each month (smile). And since the animation of Aria, beside the normal serialization routine, additional drawing has also increased. The last 3 years, the slow speed in drawing was hell-like.

Q: With a popular animation with 3 seasons and one OVA, are there any changes with your surrounding and lfesytple before and after the animation?
A: There's no changes to the feelings, peacefully draw the series as before. However, thanks to the animation, I gained more optimistic perspective in creating Aria. I learnt a lot and felt that the scope expanded as well.

Q: After the production of the animation, a diversity of merchandises was produced as well. Which gives you the most impession?
A: Of course it's the Aria sachou merchadises.

Q: Which chapter in Aria and Aqua gives the most impression?
A: It should be the last 2 chapters which I dedicated all my effort into.

Q: Which of the episode in the animation gives you the most impression?
A: I have only watch half od season III when I have this interview. Considering just the first two seasons, Season I Episode 11 (On Those Orange Days) leaves me with the most impression.

Q: Fans have given tremendous support for a sequel. Is that a possibility?
A: Er, how to say, I'm not sure at the moment.

Q: From now on, it's your 6 years long awaiting holiday. What's your plan?
A: I'm considering a holiday. Recharge myself with a relaxed lifestyle. However, half of the resting period will be taken by the preparation of a new series.

Q: Have you thought of the scope for the next series?
A: Sort of...A little bit.

Q: Lastly, any message for the readers?
A: Since the serialization of Aqua and continuation of 7 years, It has been an long experience that I haven't had before, It was because of the reader's support that I can finish the series successfully. I would like to express my gratitude to them.



At 12:41 AM, Anonymous Fict said...

Well, I guess you can brag about how you "called it".

At 6:25 AM, Anonymous Ruki said...

It has ended, i am so upset but happy at the same time T____T. Got spoiled by my friend xD, some nice surprises too. I'll miss Aria... alot

At 8:09 AM, Blogger maglor said...

so, no gloves. Right?

At 11:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

no,no,no!!!!!!!! you devil!!! teasing us like that T.T, so sad is finish, now i can buy all the volumes that come out in english with out regrets lol.

At 2:35 PM, Anonymous Adun said...

Wow, Akari and Ai-chan look so much mature. I really can't wait till the final volume comes out.

At 3:41 PM, Anonymous Whatever said...

woot.....akari looks different, and I saw ai. finally:D

At 2:12 AM, Blogger Luna said...

so sad ... it's time to say goodbye, ARIA. so long, Alicia-sama ...

At 3:41 AM, Blogger Daniel said...

Goodbye, Aria. It was such a nice run, as well. I look forward to more works by Amano if they can keep up with this masterpiece.


At 4:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look at the last picture of Aria Company and look at the building behind it! It looks like the company is alot bigger than you would think.

At 9:45 AM, OpenID sushioverdose said...

i also thought ai would be the one becoming her junior, it would suck if she doesnt ;P

At 7:02 AM, Blogger darketernal said...

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At 7:03 AM, Blogger darketernal said...

Aria is the most beautifull form of love one can experience in this universe, This series should last forever, and will continue forever in my heart ^_^

At 7:05 AM, Blogger darketernal said...

Look at the last picture of Aria Company and look at the building behind it! It looks like the company is alot bigger than you would think. [/quote]

Yeah i bought Aria company and expanded it over the entire universe to a bigger multinational then MCDonals =D

At 6:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, when watching the last espisol i feel very sad, i juast want to see more and more about the movie but i still happy becase Akiri have a very happy ending.
thank you who have been thought and produced this anime.

At 7:01 PM, Blogger LadyS said...

I already miss Aria so much ç__ç
I think that is one of the best Anime that I've ever seen in my life!
When I saw the last episode this morning I felt very sad too, and I also started to cry like a baby when I saw Akari and Ai together ç__ç
In Italy they have stalled the publication of Aria (actually we are at n° 8) ç__ç
And I think I'll buy the volumes in english on the net ç__ç

*** Thank you, Kozue Amano for this little angle of Paradise called Neo-Venezia! ***
And Gomen nasai for my awful english ç__ç

Grazie Kozue Amano!
Aria sarà nella mia anima, per sempre!

Ciao ^-^


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