Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Suzuka 103 Future

凉风 #103 将来 しょうらい

The chapter started with Yui and Yamato cleaning the cafe. Yui commented that the detergent from US gave great result in the cleaning. Yui noticed that Yamato wasnt himself and asked him. She asked if it was because he had to work on weekend and didnt have time to go out with Suzuka. He denied and said that Suzuka was busy with her English lesson as well.

Then, Suzuka and Miki came and visit the cafe. Miki introduced herself to Yui. Yamato asked about Suzuka's English class but she replied that they have a break that day and Miki would like to look at Yamato's working place. Miki whispered "Is.. that.. so...".

Suzuka compliment the cafe's atmosphere and said that it was a pleasant place. Yui said that it would be noisy in the evening and added that Yamato was a great help. Suzuka asked in doubt. Yamato then said that his signature Japanese style okonomiyaki was a favourite. Yui then asked Yamato to make one for them.

Then the first customers arrive. It's Suzuka and Miki. They say what a nice atmosphere the place has. Yui says how much help Yamato is. Suzuka asks if he doesn't just get in the way. Yamato objects and goes into the kitchen to make them his signature okonomiyaki omelet. Miki went with Yamato into the kitchen.

Yui and Suzuka had a talk. Yui said that Yamato was very happy that Suzuka came. She then complimented Suzuka in her pursuit to study in US. Yui said she wouldnt do it if it was her. Suzuka later asked Yui about her goal in her life. Yui asnwered that she would go for a culinary certificate and inherit the cafe one day. Mr Amami heard that and said that it would be good for Yui to be exposed to the outside world. Yui rejected and said she wanted to stay.

Yui then asked Suzuka why she wanted to train abroad. Suzuka replied that the standard were different and she would be able to experience a lot more there. Yui then added, " Wouldnt it be better to go after graduation?" She then guessed that there should be other reason.

Later, Yamato presented his okonomiyaki to Suzuka and Miki. Suzuka was impressed and both complimented Yamato. Suzuka also made a sarcastic remark, if he can be as serious in his training. After somewhile, Suzuka and Miki took leave. Suzuka saw Yamato's reaction and said that they would meet back home. She added that she would visit him ocassionaly and hope to taste more of his secret dishes.

Outside the cafe, Miki said it was already 4pm and asked Suzuka whether she can make it on time. Suzuka said she would run to it. Miki commented with a sigh, " What a troubling couple"

Back in the cafe, Yui said she would work as hard as Suzuka. Yamato said Suzuka was too hardworking. Yui then said that there could be other reason for Suzuka to take the study abroad offer. Yamato said, " What else except to improver herself?" Yui replied that she just have a feeling there could be other reason.

Yui then changed the subject and said she had a new recipe. She asked yamato to try it. Yamato asked what it was. She replied that it was mixed nori juice (I gonna faint). It didnt taste nice according to Yamato.

My thoughts:
This chapter has a good balance on Yui and Suzuka. In case you didnt notice, Suzuka "sacrificed" her time to visit Yamato before going to her English class. She lied to Yamato that there was no class that day. We start to see the importance of Yamato in her heart. It is obvious that there's another reason why Suzuka took Adirex offer. At the moment it's too vague to be guessed.

And Yui..... she must be the nori girl we all scared of. Seaweed soup, seaweed ice-cream and seawed juice.. what's next. Seaweed cake????

P/S: Thanks to Nite for pointing this out. It's 将来 (shourai) not 未来 (mirai)