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Random Thoughts

Hatsukoi Limited 8: Misao Zaitu has been following Ayumi. He ended up beating Yuuji thiking she was in danger.
Tsubasa 173: Tsubasa's getting more exciting. The duel between Syaoran and Seishirou was interrupted by a black mass attempting to snatch the feather. Syaoran managed to hold onto it and was sent to the dream world. A hand appeared behind Sakura.... who's hand is that???? If you read xxxholics 146, you'll know. ^^
Tennis 366: Stick as racket and stone as tennis ball. Did Mr. Echizen caused Ryoma amnesia???
Cross Game 104: Akaishi and Aoba thought they saw the grown-up spirit of Wakaba. Later, the Tsukishima family was stunned to see Akane who looks like Wakaba.
Air Gear 185:


Received my order from Bookcafe. I didn't realize it was EMS and it's faster and cheaper than Yesasia's economy shipping. Real efficient! This is the largest manga order that I have placed, 27 mangas. The purchase comprises Suzuka V16 & V17, Pastel V17, Cross Game V9, Conan Digest 10+ & 20+ and Tsubasa Chronicle V1-20. I wanted to get Ichigo 100% V11 (since the one I have is TW version) but it has been out-of-stock since 2004 (Need to wait for reprints). I replaced it with Prince of Tennis 38 as I'm thinking of collecting it in near future.

Three HLJ orders on the way to my doorsteps; Final Fantasy Mini Trading Figures,, Suzuka guidebook and 3 clear Bandai action bases. Hope Suzuka guidenbook will arrive tomorrow....22 days


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Suzuka Manga Overview

Suzuka, a shounen series with theme of romance and high-school track team. The hero of the story is Yamato Akatsuki and the horine is Suzuka Asahina. The anime covers the story up to chapter 72.

Volume 1

Suzuka 00 涼風 The arrival of Yamato in Tokyo and encounter with Suzuka
Suzuka 01 大和 Yamato went shopping with Suzuka and ate croquet at the shrine
Suzuka 02 服部 Yasonobu visited Yamato and Yamato praised Suzuka
Suzuka 03 萌果 First day of school and Honoka approached Yamato
Suzuka 04 見舞 Honoka visited Yamato who was sick. [1st collapse (egg)]

Volume 2

Suzuka 05 片鱗 Yamato impressed everyone with his track speed
Suzuka 06 春嵐 Yamato walked Suzuka home in the rain. She held onto Yamato accidentally [1st hug]
Suzuka 07 秘密 Suzuka told Yamato not to tell people about the hug. [2nd collapse (egg)]
Suzuka 08 空轉 Honoka, Yasonobu & Yamato went to karaoke. Miyamoto tried recruiting Yamato.
Suzuka 09 自覚 Suzuka approached Yamato due to a blackout. [2nd hug]
Suzuka 10 恋患い Yamato realized that he has fallen in love with Suzuka and wanted to tell her
Suzuka 11 約束 Suzuka invited Yamato to the amusement park after he lost his coupons
Suzuka 12 告白 Yamato and Suzuka had fun at the amusement park and Yamato confessed to her
Suzuka 13 失恋 Suzuka rejected Yamato and Yamato cried back in his room

Volume 3

Suzuka 14 出発 Saotome encouraged Yamato and he proclaimed that he would not give up.
Suzuka 15 決意 Yamato approached Miyamoto and wanted to join the track team
Suzuka 16 距離 Yamato first day at the track practice and met Miki.
Suzuka 17 片想い Honoka told Yamato that she wanted to join the track team
Suzuka 18 焦心 Honoka became the manager of the team. Suzuka acted cold towards Yamato
Suzuka 19 拒絕 Yamato achieved 10:98s in 100m dash. Yamato confronted Suzuka on her attitude
Suzuka 20 相似 Yamato practiced hard. Miyamoto commented that Yamato was like Kazuki
Suzuka 21 写真 Yamato accidentally saw Kazuki and Suzuka photograph. He went to Yokohama
Suzuka 22 恋敵 Suzune brought Yamato to Kazuki grave where Suzuka was paying respect to

Volume 4

Suzuka 23 和輝 Suzuka and Kazuki’s past
Suzuka 24 馬鹿 Suzuka confronted Yamato who had been absent from practice and argued. [1st slap]
Suzuka 25 挑撥 Arima made Suzuka cried with his sarcastism and Yamato confronted Arima
Suzuka 26 矛頭 Yamato realized his opponent’s time record while Yasonobu talked to Suzuka
Suzuka 27 勝負 Yamato overtook Arima after hearing a shout from Suzuka
Suzuka 28 決着 Yamato slipped and lost. Suzuka attended to his injury and told him to go to practice
Suzuka 29 好轉 Honoka tried to find moments with Yamato. Suzuka helped Yamato with strecthing
Suzuka 30 視線 Honoka invited Yamato to swimming. Miki wanted to join and asked Suzuka as well
Suzuka 31 花火 A day at the swimming lagoon. Yamato and Suzuka stunned by fireworks at night

Volume 5

Suzuka 32 宣戦 Honoka told Suzuka that she has fallen in love with Yamato
Suzuka 33 口唇 The track team went to Hiroshima for competition. Honoka kissed Yamato [1st kiss]
Suzuka 34 揺動 Honoka apologized the next day while Yamato felt saddened by Suzuka’s rejection
Suzuka 35 目撃 Yamato kissed Honoka and Miki saw the scene [2nd kiss]
Suzuka 36 発覚 Yamato asked Honoka to go out with him. Miki told Suzuka about Honoka and Yamato
Suzuka 37 祝福 Honoka told Yamato that she loved him. Suzuka asked Yamato if he was dating Honoka
Suzuka 38 霹靂 Yamato and Suzuka failed to board the bullet train
Suzuka 39 二人 Yamato’s father came to fetch them and he told Suzuka to stay over at their residence
Suzuka 40 実家 Yamato argued with Suzuka and later she agreed to stay for one more night

Volume 6

Suzuka 41 蛍袋 Yamato brought Suzuka to the fireflies location and showed his first confession
Suzuka 42 彼女 Honoka went to fetch Yamato at the station [3rd kiss]
Suzuka 43 衝動 Honoka cooked for Yamato and he tried to advance the relationship further
Suzuka 44 後悔 Yamato apologized and they reconciled. Yamato promised not to hurt her anymore
Suzuka 45 秋雨 Suzuka waited and gave her umbrella to Yamato.
Suzuka 46 白川 Honoka introduced Yamato to Nana at a karaoke centre
Suzuka 47 彼氏 Nana had a talk with Yamato regarding Honoka
Suzuka 48 相談 Yamato asked around for a birthday present suggestion.
Suzuka 49 新宿 Suzuka and Yamato went to pick Honoka’s present. Honoka saw them while shopping

Volume 7

Suzuka 50 贈物 Yamato gave the present to Honoka but she rejected it after he talked too much
Suzuka 51 無視 Honoka ignored Yamato
Suzuka 52 別離 Yamato confronted Honoka and ended breaking up but she accepted the gift [4th kiss]
Suzuka 53 最低 Yamato lied to Suzuka about the break-up reason and Suzuka despised him
Suzuka 54 決心 Honoka regained her composure and decided to confess to Yamato again in future
Suzuka 55 応援 Miki confronted Yamato and Yamato told her the real reason
Suzuka 56 本心 Miki helped Yamato with his relay practice and suggested that he told Suzuka the truth
Suzuka 57 仲直 Yamato told Suzuka the truth and later Suzuka told him to work hard on the relay race
Suzuka 58 洗濯 Yamato encountered Suzuka at launderette and realized he still liked her
Suzuka 59 覚悟 Miyamoto told Yamato about Kazuki and Yamato proclaimed his ambition

Volume 8

Suzuka 60 成果 Yamato achieved 10:81s in his race
Suzuka 61 本気 Suzuka congratulated Yamato but he replied that he only got the second place.
Suzuka 62 彷徨 Nana asked Honoka to spend a day with her
Suzuka 63 加速 Suzuka got agitated and emotional with Yamato’s effort and ambition
Suzuka 64 激励 Yamato got pissed with Suzuka’s attitude but she apologized afterwards
Suzuka 65 落穴 Yamato failed to qualify in the preliminary round with his 11:70s
Suzuka 66 誤算 Suzuka went to console Yamato. Yamato got emotional and confessed to her again
Suzuka 67 失踪 Yamato reminded Suzuka of what Kazuki had said. Honoka found her at the shrine steps
Suzuka 68 喪失 Suzuka reminisced Kazuki’s death and his confession
Suzuka 69 本心 Honoka approached Suzuka and told her that Yamato had been waiting for her all the time

Volume 9

Suzuka 70 相思 Yamato found Suzuka and kissed her by force. Suzuka slapped him [5th kiss + 5 slaps]
Suzuka 71 墓参 Yamato confronted Suzuka and she asked him to follow her
Suzuka 72 相愛 Suzuka remarked that she liked Yamato in front of Kazuki’s grave. They started dating
Suzuka 73 岐路 Yamato didn’t check his phone and Suzuka ended up waiting 2 hours for him
Suzuka 74 光輝 Honoka & Yasonobu learnt of the dating. Nana told Honoka of the modeling opportunity
Suzuka 75 重圧 Suzuka was tense before her competition and Yamato got her the wrong char
Suzuka 76 船出 Yamato was worried and went to visit Honoka. She told him about the modeling chance
Suzuka 77 名前 Yamato wanted to call Suzuka by her name rather than Asahina but failed
Suzuka 78 横浜 Suzuka needed to return to Yokohama and Yamato tagged along

Volume 10

Suzuka 79 夜景 They decided to go sightseeing but in vain. They ended enjoying night scene together
Suzuka 80 看病 Miho was sick and wanted Yamato to attend her. He cooked okonomiyaki for her
Suzuka 81 信頼 Megumi asked Yamato to accompany her. Suzuka was selected for intensive training
Suzuka 82 肩幅 Suzuka hugged Yamato to get his shirt size
Suzuka 83 大切 Yamato and Suzuka agreed to celebrate Christmas on the 21st due to her training
Suzuka 84 計画 Yamato thought of the Christmas plan. He tried to get a kiss but was rejected [7th slap]
Suzuka 85 結衣 Suzuka was late due to a meeting. Yasonobu dragged him to a gathering and met Yui
Suzuka 86 喧嘩 Suzuka saw Yui hugging Yamato. Suzuka and Yamato had an argument
Suzuka 87 返信 Yamato kept sending sms to Suzuka and waiting for her reply

Volume 11

Suzuka 88 接近 Yasonobu, Yamato, Yui and a friend went to the Fantasy Land
Suzuka 89 回想 Yamato and Yui watched the night procession. Both mentioned their past experiences
Suzuka 90 本音 Yamato went to see Suzuka. Yamato made her a promise [6th & 7th kiss + 8th slap ]
Suzuka 91 初詣 Yamato and Suzuka went for New Year shrine visit
Suzuka 92 先輩 Saotome dragged Yamato to meet Sasaoka
Suzuka 93 子供 Saotome told Yamato of her past with Sasaoka
Suzuka 94 特注 Sasaoka went to visit Suzuka at school
Suzuka 95 再戦 Miho gave her chocolate to Tsuyoshi
Suzuka 96 秘密 Yamato found out that Suzuka wanted to go overseas

Volume 12

Suzuka 97 留学 Yamato decided to let Suzuka and said that he will support her
Suzuka 98 面接 Yamato went to find a casual job and met Yui again
Suzuka 99 和解 Yui visited Suzuka and Suzuka agreed to let Yamato work at Amami café
Suzuka 100 初日 Yamato first day at Amami café
Suzuka 101 腕前 Yamato working at Amami café and showed his okonomiyaki
Suzuka 102 安心 Miyamoto took over the captainship and Suzuka comforted in Yamato
Suzuka 103 将来 Suzuka and Miki visited Yamato at Amami café
Suzuka 104 洗濯 Yui returned Yamato’s clothes and realized Yamato has a girlfriend
Suzuka 105 擦違 Suzuka had a date with exhausted Yamato and ended in displease
Suzuka 106 不满 Suzuka not happy with Yamato pushing himself to limits and had an quarrel

Volume 13

Suzuka 107 追打 Yamato promised to reduce his working commitment but Yui was hospitalized
Suzuka 108 病院 Yamato went to visit Yui at the hospital
Suzuka 109 隙間 Yamato tried to make up with Suzuka but she shunned him off
Suzuka 110 明日 Yamato found out that Suzuka would move out the next day
Suzuka 111 最後 Suzuka remembered Yamato’s birthday and took him out for a date
Suzuka 112 沈黙 Suzuka initiated a break up
Suzuka 113 公园 Yamato told Miki about their break up and cried
Suzuka 114 空港 Yamato went to airport and told Suzuka that he didn’t want a break up
Suzuka 115 浴衣 Yui went to visit depressed Yamato in her yukata. She tried to comfort him
Suzuka 116 鼓動 Yui threw herself at Yamato but was rejected

Volume 14

Suzuka 117 再会 Yamato gave away his salary as offering and met Honoka
Suzuka 118 洗練 Honoka visited Yamato after school and had a talk
Suzuka 119 主将 Yamato encouraging Honoka for her interview
Suzuka 120 決断 Yamato was informed as the next captain and Sasaoka visited Yamato
Suzuka 121 归国 Suzuka return from US
Suzuka 122 友達 Honoka asked how Yamato felt towards her at the beach
Suzuka 123 質問 Yamato found out Suzuka had returned to her room
Suzuka 124 夕飯 Both Honoka and Suzuka asked Yamato out
Suzuka 125 悔恨 Honoka told Yamato that she has a boyfriend and Suzuka burnt a fish
Suzuka 126 咲希 Yamato childhood friend, Saki came to Tokyo

Volume 15

Suzuka 127 爆弾 Saki exposed Yamato’s confession to her
Suzuka 128 推薦 Yamato received two university recommendations
Suzuka 129 一緒 Yamato and Saki visited Taidou university
Suzuka 130 理由 Suzuka told Yamato why she went abroad and Saki told him to choose Seijou
Suzuka 131 兄妹 Saotome had another failure confessing to Sasaoka
Suzuka 132 返答 Yamato brought Saotome to airport and Sasaoka said that he has engaged
Suzuka 133 咄嗟 Yamato confessed to Suzuka again (2nd confession)
Suzuka 134 暗雲 Suzuka was happy to hear the confession but rejected Yamato
Suzuka 135 不意 Suzuka told Yamato the reason but he couldn’t accept it. He hugged her [3rd hug]
Suzuka 136 我慢 Suzuka and Yamato reconciled and kissed [8th kiss + 9th slap]

Volume 16

Suzuka 137 三人 Suzuka knew of the beach outing and wanted to go with Yamato next time
Suzuka 138 不安 Arima approached Suzuka to convey a message to Yamato
Suzuka 139 先生 Suzuka gave tution to Yamato and ended sleeping side by side
Suzuka 140 選抜 Yamato went for Seijou selection competition
Suzuka 141 浪人 Yamato asked around for opinions on ronin. He was accepted by Seijou later.
Suzuka 142 御祝 Suzuka brought Yamato to a baseball match. They met Mr. Asahina at a park
Suzuka 143 父親 Yamato visted Asahina residence & told Mr. Asahina that he would take care of Suzuka.
Suzuka 144 一歩 Yamato tried to advance further on Suzuka but was rejected [10th slap]
Suzuka 145 決裂 Yamato confronted Suzuka
Suzuka 146 序章 Yamato apologized to Suzuka. Suzuka gave her consent at that moment.

Volume 17

Suzuka 147 体温 Yamato and Suzuka had an intimate night
Suzuka 148 再始 Suzuka remarked she wanted to witness Yamato’s achievement
Suzuka 149 手製 Suzuka cooked a decent meal for Yamato except for the salad. [3rd collapse (salad)]
Suzuka 150 計画 Yamato and Suzuka thought of a holiday
Suzuka 151 口裏 Yamato and Suzuka asked Miki and Yasonobu to keep their secrets
Suzuka 152 決行 Yamato and Suzuka went to Hakone. Mr Asahina came to fetch Suzuka later.
Suzuka 153 断絶 Yamato scolded by Ayano. Suzuka was forced to move back to her house.
Suzuka 154 谢罪 Yamato went to visit Suzuka. Mr Asahina was impressed with his action [4th hug]
Suzuka 155 結実 Yamato was late but Mr Asahina forgave him. Suzuka found out she was pregnant
Suzuka 156 無理 Both Yamato and Suzuka were troubled. Kinugasa invited Yamato to dinner

Volume 18

Suzuka 157 期待 Yamato confided in Arima and they ended up beating each other
Suzuka 158 願事 Yamato and Suzuka went for New Year shrine visit and he prayed for safe delivery
Suzuka 159 吃驚 Suzuka told him of the difficulties ahead but also agreed with his decision
Suzuka 160 両親 Yamato and Suzuka conveyed the news to Akitsuki family
Suzuka 161 家族 Yamato and Suzuka conveyed the news to Asahina family
Suzuka 162 仲間 Yamato and Suzuka conveyed the news to the school and the track team
Suzuka 163 就活 Yamato had no luck in job finding. Suzuka asked Sasaoka to help Yamato
Suzuka 164 卒業 Yamato and friends graduated and they held a wedding party [9th kiss]
Suzuka 165 求婚 Yamato and Suzuka moved in Ayano residence. Yamato proposed to Suzuka
Suzuka 166 凉風 Finale. Yamato and Suzuka’s wedding & appearance of daughter Fuuka [10th kiss]


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OST 1 available at Playasia or Yesasia
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Comments: Some people argued that there're songs which are not heard in the anime. They have forgotten that there're usually character collection for anime. For Suzuka anime, instead of releasing in singles, character songs were compiled in the OST, making it more economical and convenient for Suzuka fans.


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