Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Suzuka 142 Celebration

凉风 #142 御祝い おいわい

The chapter starts with Suzuka and Yamato on the way to school. Suzuka remarked that Yamato made many people worried and at the end he got accepted by Seijou. Yamato replied that he made a lot of mistakes and there were several strong competitors, so he thought he would fail the selection. He added he was probably lucky and commented that the charm worked for him as well. Suzuka commented that it was probably Yamato's potential and record that impressed the judges since he didnt do well that day. Yamato replied that he didnt know but he decided to put in effort so that he wont disappoint their hope. Suzuka then told Yamato that she wanted to plan a celebration for Yamato acceptance into Seijou. She asked if Yamato have anything in mind. He replied that it's bit sudden. Suzuka then told him that she had something in mind and asked if it was fine with Yamato. She told him that she would return to Yokohama tomorrow and wanted him to go with her.

The next day, after attending her stuff, Suzuka brought Yamato to her designated place. It was evening and Yamato asked where they were going. Suzuka asked Yamato to follow her and assured him that he would like it. They reached Yokohama stadium and she showed him the tickets to the baseball match between Hiroshima carps and Yokohama bay. Yamato was shocked and told her that he's very excited. He asked her how she managed to get the ticket in such short time. She explained that it was just a filler game and the tickets were easy to obtain. Upon enetering the stadium, Suzuka awed and mentioned that it was her first time in a baseball stadium. She looked at Yamato and asked if he was bored. Yamato replied that he's not bored at all. They sat at the area where Hiroshima fans were, obviuosly Suzuka didnt know that. When a player with Hiroshima carp hit a ball but was received by the Yokohama, Suzuka was a disappointed. Yamato suddenyl stood up and shouting for the other Hiroshima player to run to the home base. The player was safe and Yamato remarked that was Hiroshima running strength. He then realized all the Yokohama fans stared at him.

After the game, Suzuka and Yamato walked home. Suzuka commented that it was good that Hiroshima carp won. Yamato agreed. She asked why many people stared at them back then. Yamato decided not to tell her and replied that it was just her imagination. Suzuka remarked that she's happy that Yamato enjoyed it and Yamato thanked her. She commented that the station was just nearby and she 'd walked him there. Yamato told her that he want to walk her home. Suzuka told him not to trouble but he insisted. He wanted to be with her even a little bit longer. On the way, Yamato commented that his university has been decided and he should be able to graduate, he should be able to spend time with her in near future. Suzuka told him that he need to train properly otherwise his skill would deteriorate. Yamato replied that he understood and Suzuka stressed on his study as well. She remarked that she need to keep an eye on him or he would awlays slack off. They reached near Suzuka's house and Yamato commented that it was pretty near. Suzuka asked Yamato if he want
to en-route.

They sat on a bench in a park. It was nice and quiet. Yamato asked if she was cold. She replied a bit. Yamato moved closer to her and held her hand. She then told Yamato that she was happy that they would be able to attend the university together. Yamato looked at her finding her very adorable. He thought to himself that he should start calling her Suzuka instead of Asahina since he's her boyfriend. He tried but stuttered. Suddenly, someone called Suzuka. Yamato was shocked to hear someone called his girlfriend's name. Suzuka looked at the guy and greeted "Dad". Yamato was surprised to find out that the guy was Suzuka's father.

P/S: Next week should be interesting Suzuka's father has appeared! Well, it's appropriate since Suzuka has met Yamato's family before.


Monday, March 12, 2007

Suzuka Volume 15

The cover for Suzuka volume 15, featuring Saki and Yamato, has been revealed on Kouji's website.

Aside: Thinking of placing an order (Cross Game CH V6, ARIA CH 9, Suzuka CH V14 and Pastel CH V15) with Yesasia, though I have to pay for the shipping under their new shipping policy :( . However, Yeasia hasn't place ARIA CH 9, Suzuka CH V14 and Pastel CH V15 as available on its website. Suzuka V14 and Pastel V15 have just been released on the 7th March but ARIA has been released at end of February. Though all these dates are from Tong Li (Taiwan). Wrote an email to Yesasia, they say they will inform me when it's available.
Update: Yesasia has sourced the three manga that I want and I'll place an order after they confirm my associate credit, ease my shipping a bit.