Saturday, August 11, 2007

Stupid HLJ

I have always liked HLJ but this time it's bit ridiculous. I have pre-ordered SD Stargazer and SD Zaku Heine for my brother in one pre-order. Both are scheduled to be released in August. Stargazer has just been released and they shipped it. If it was separate order, I'd be fine but I have both in the pre-order. They should wait for the other to arrive before shipping it. It's not like the item is going to be release next month. Anyway, not too happy and am going to complain to HLJ. What's the point of having 2 items in an order then?

According to HLJ policy;
"HobbyLink Japan ships orders to customers when any one of three things occur:
1. Everything on an individual order is in stock.
2. Two months pass from the time an order was placed, and at least one item is in stock.
3. You request shipping of available items. "

Mine should fall on the 2nd category but it's not even a week and they shipped the order.

P/S: Luckily it was the SD Stargazer that was shipped, otherwise I'm going to make a racket at HLJ. The SD Stargazer looks very attractive, click the picture and check out the promo pictures at Gundambase.

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Random Thoughts

Mood: Happy, see update

Suzuka 161: I like the chapter eventhough I found Mr. Asahina's reaction lack of realism. Nevertheless, he made a good point on parenting and Yamato learnt a lot from him. At the end of the chapter, he smiled and told Yamato that he wont back them financially, meaning he wanted Yamato to be a responsible father. Last week mentioned tears but there wasn't even a signle tears.
Air Gear 174: Nothing special except Hako trying to attack Kururu with an electroshock.
Cross Game 92: Needless to ask. Baseball and Seishū High School cornered the opposition.

Romeo x Juliet 19 : The red whirlwind is back.
Moetan 5: The story plot's a bit crazy....
Zero no Tsukaima II 5 : Louise's sisters again, Yeah!. Enjoyed the episode. It's funny to see how similar were Eleanor and Loiuse when whipping. This week Cattleya has more attitude. I used to like Siesta but kinda find her annoying recently.

The Bookcafe service was very slow. My order has been on "confirm" status for a week. Sent them an email but no reply. Gee...
Updates: I have wronged Bookcafe. I was told by my friend that his mum sent the comic from HK on Thursday. That would mean that the book arrived before Thursday. I placed the item on 3rd August, so it took less than a week. That's efficient! The only thing I'm not happy is that they didnt even email me that the item has been shipped. Also the system wrote "confirm" status instead of delivered. Well, I think I'll move my manga purchase to Bookcafe in near future instead of Yesasia. Lucky I understand Chinese and am able to order from Bookcafe.


Thursday, August 09, 2007

ARIA Updates


Beagle will release a 60cm Akari figure scheduled in December 2007. The figure will cost 84,000 Yen or US$ 702. Who the heck is going to buy it??? The figure can have many pose since there are joints. The pink hair strand looks silky. The figure would have accessories such as bracelet, hat, shoes, glove, clothes, additional accesories and a metal base. It looks like an overpriced barbie doll. Available at HLJ at a price of US $635 (Early bird).


It's under the book section but no details on the book (folded print). Nevertheless, the commodity set will be available at Comiket 72 on the 17th August. Each set will comprise a selection of umbrella (3 choices) and a B2 poster (2 choices). The posters are said to be the most Sexy and Cool illustration in ARIA history. Indeed, I WANT the posters!!! A set cost 3500 yen with the book, an umbrella and a poster. The full set will cost 9500 Yen with the book, 2 umbrellas and a poster

Last, there will be an ARIA The Concert on the 30th November. Reserve tickets priced at 5,800 Yen. The ticket sale day will be 1st September.