Thursday, March 12, 2009

ARIA Winter Version

The gashapon arrived on Tuesday and I was glad to have purchase this. The mini-figures are well crafted and done. It's a lot better than Toyswork which I glad I didnt get.

I was lucky to get another set of the popular young undines; Akari, Aika and Alice as spare since each box comprises 10 figures of 7 types.

It's now backordered at HLJ.

The box, the bookmarks???? and the mini-boxes.

Akari, Aika and Alice. Prima Akira, Athena and Alicia.

Akari, Ai, Alicia and Aria Sachou from ARIA Company

Akira, Aika and Himeya sachou from Himeya

Alice, Athena and Maa Sachou from Orange Planet

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