Thursday, March 01, 2007

Alicia Florence Figure at WF

I have a BEAT Alicia figure already but who can resist this one. Saw this from Dannychoo post on Wonder Festival 2007 Winter. The card said that it would be released in July this year for 5500 yen and it's an 1/8 figure!!!

I like the details of the figure, hope to see the facial expression in near future. I'll keep a close eye on this figure and order it as soon as it's available. Hee hee hee...^^

P/S: Kinda make me feel I shouldn't purchase the BEAT Alicia figure. =P

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Suzuka 140 Selection

凉风 #140 選抜 せんばつ

Early morning, Yamato was walking down the stairs with confidence, preparing for the Seijou selection race. Suzuka called him from behind and asked him to wait. She had something for him. She gave Yamato a charm she got yesterday from the temple, though she said that she was there for other business anyway. Yamato looked at the charm and asked why it was the charm for safe baby delivery. She embarassedl told him that he got one for her last time and it worked pretty well for her. Yamato was so happy and thanked her. Suzuka asked her not to make any careless mistakes. Yamato replied that he would be fine as he had the charm and he would run fast like he had always ran.

At the track selection field, the selection would start in 30 minutes time. Yamato was awed with the number of people participating. Suddenly he was grabbed by an elbow. It was his sempai, Kinugasa, asking him if he had trained properly. Yamato replied that he's in top form but Kinugasa told him not to let his guard down. All the participants are strong athletes. Yamato replied that he understood. He told himself that he had to pass the selection for Suzuka's sake. The personnel called for the 100m selection participants to get prepare. There were 5 people including Yamato and all of them were finalist in the inter-high competition. He thought to himself that he barely got the third place last time and there's no gurantee that he could beat them. One of the participant told another that there' only one qualificant for each event and Yamato was panic. All the participants got to their spots and ready for the race. Yamato kept thinking about the one qualification for each event. He told himself that if he didnt succeed in the selection, he wouldnt have any chance getting in Seijou with regular admission given his academic results. Yamato was still thinking of Asahina dream of attending the same university as him and wanting so much to pass the selection as the umpire called for get set. The race started but Yamato had a poor starting due to the tension, he tried his best to catch up but he didnt make it.

In the evening, Yamato reached home and Suzuka was waiting for him. She ran to him and asked him about the selection with a smile. Yamato held the charm firmly but kept silent. Suzuka asked if he didnt make it. He replied that the results were not out yet but he probably couldnt qualify. Yamato apologized to Suzuka since she had helped him. She remarked that the results were not out yet. Yamato apologized again and Suzuka felt sad for him. At Seijou field, one of the personnel asked the person-in-charge about the selection. The person-in-charge replied that they had chosen Yamato unanimously. The personnel asked if they were sure since Yamato's time wasn't the best. The person-in-charge commented that Yamato had a bad start and made several mistakes but he had the best improvement in the second half, showing his potential. He continued that Yamato would probably be the one who would the most surprised to hear that he had been selected.

P/S: Looks like Yamato and Suzuka are going to the same university, that's if he managed to graduate from high school! Oh, by the way, next time I'll go for the safe baby delivery charm as well if I need good luck.^o^


Monday, February 26, 2007

ARIA The Natural PS2 Book

Aria The Natural PS2 Game Material Collection.
Price: ¥1600
Released: January 2007
Publiser: Shinkigesha

Finally have the chance to look at the Aria The Natural PS2 Game Material Collection book that I ordered from HLJ prior to my holiday. I like this book much more than ARIA Perfect Guide. There's more illustration and the size A4 does make a difference!

The book has two 4 column comic strips which involve the male game character. Like the Perfect Guide, it features each characters profile and illustration followed by game illustrations pages of the characters. After introducing the three single undines, there's game illustration of the three young single undines. The prima undines are featured next with similar pattern- introduction, illustration, group illustration. Last page of the section features a relationship chart.

The next 2 sections show chapters of the gameplay with screenshots. Follwing the chapters, the subsequent chapter feature illustration of the scenery and places of AQUA, illustrations of the postcards in Limited Edition and last the illustrations of the PS Game and OST.

The last section features the sketches of ARIA characters. There's quite a number of sketches printed on each page which is great for ARIA fans. The concluding section is the glossary of the terminology used in ARIA. Overall, this is one book that ARIA fans shouldn't miss but it's already on backordered by now. =P

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Back in Perth

Back in Perth. Flight was delayed and had to change my gf flat tire this morning as well, so very tired.

Finally saw my ARIA PS2 Collection Book. Nice. Will show photos and probably scans of it.

I'm impressed with Angloz service. The order was sent 15th Feb and arrived on 19th Feb. I used Air mail with signature, it's not express but certainly fast! Checked my bro's present and all in intact.