Saturday, May 24, 2008

Long Intro Short Series

For those who read Hatsukoi Limited by Mizuki Kawashita, yes, chapter 32 is the finale!

It takes about 10 chapters to get things started and then you mess the series with a bomberman during the Valentine's Day. Then the guys went on a trip and confess and then next chapter is Ending?

So 32 chapter and 3 volume.... that's all after the comeback from Ichigo 100%????

So all those love chains and dozens of characters ... and last only 32 chapters????
(Why bother introducing new character every 2-3 weeks???)

Thankfully I wasn't anticipating or expecting anything great from this series.... else I'll end up with frustration.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Reminiscent Songs (Non Anime)

Not anime-related, only that I recently purchased 2 compilations from Yesasia. One's a compilation/collection of chinese love songs I used to listen when I was a decade younger.

Released last year, Forever Love~finest collection of timeless love songs collection features 2 CDs with 32 tracks in total.

Also released last year was a compilation of Jacky Wu's song, The essential. He has recorded several unforgetable song and yes, the songs fit my era, which is a decade ago.

So, gonna listen to them in car tomorrow on the way to work. Can't wait for it!!!!!!

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