Saturday, May 24, 2008

Long Intro Short Series

For those who read Hatsukoi Limited by Mizuki Kawashita, yes, chapter 32 is the finale!

It takes about 10 chapters to get things started and then you mess the series with a bomberman during the Valentine's Day. Then the guys went on a trip and confess and then next chapter is Ending?

So 32 chapter and 3 volume.... that's all after the comeback from Ichigo 100%????

So all those love chains and dozens of characters ... and last only 32 chapters????
(Why bother introducing new character every 2-3 weeks???)

Thankfully I wasn't anticipating or expecting anything great from this series.... else I'll end up with frustration.

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At 3:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well it wasn't the authors fault as it was the crappy magazine it's publish i really fount hard to get into ichigo none of the characters appeal to me, but this one had it potential with all the parings, and defferents takes in relationships, insted of the standard harem that was her previos work. but the problem is the manga was just staring to develope it huge cast when it was canned, any series in shonen jump that is not popular or doesn't make money is cancel even if it stars to get good it has happen to any one in that magazine the author of bleach,kenchin,shaman king and others have had some series with potencial story wise you know something that is a little fresh but they go canned, sorry if i ended up ranting,maybe because i am girl and the whole harem thing don't click very well for me but suzuka, pastel, and true tears are among my all time favorites XD.

At 10:47 PM, Blogger Fisherman Horizon said...

"Well it wasn't the authors fault as it was the crappy magazine it's publish"

I kinda agree and disagree. If the mangaka cant keep up with the reader interest then he/she should try and make it short and end the series. For Ichigo 100%, it started nice but got too long-winded, finally the publisher told her that it's time to wrap up.

As for Hatsukoi Limited, I do believe it has potential but the sotry plot has been rather pointless and dull in certain manner. I was a keen Ichigo fan and after reading HL, I admit there's potential but the direction it's going is just not interesting.

I understand your perspective as a female, and I also dont really find harem a necessity for a series. It's the story plot that's important. They could have harem as many as they like or as little as they like, but the story has to be interesting.

For example, I find Zero no Tsukaima to be too much of a harem as well but the comedy plus gimmick does keep my interest, though the repetitive bomb magic is annoying.


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