Monday, May 12, 2008

Final Fantasy Trading Arts Mini 2

Hurray, got my FFmini2 and Gundam fine markers today.

The collection comprises 9 mini figures of 5 characters; Squall, Auron, Tifa, Ashe and Basch. I got doubles except for Basch which is good and I gave them to my brother, lucky him. I would have to say Auron is my favourite in this collection given the sunglasses and his attire up to his neck.

Squall Leonhart, not bad but I would expect better gunblade quality and also more metalic to his accessories. .

Auron, my favourite in this series. The hand is detachable. It dropped and I thought it was broken but It wasn't. Phew! The brilliant red colour sure make it more outstanding.

How I wish the FFVII characters are in their FFVII Advent Children fashion. Tifa looks so much better in her AC attire. .

Ashe looks very nice in certain angle but in another angle her lip's a bit weird in a way.

Basch, my least favourite character in FFXII and also in this collection. Face just doesnt seem quite right????

Pleased with this series and looking forward to more FF Trading Arts Mini in near future.

For Final Fantasy Mini Collection 1, Visit here.

By the way, the Gundam fine markers arrived at the same time, time to crack open my Extreme Blast Gundam Destiny and get it rolling!!!!!!!!!! (My brother nags at me constantly for not starting the assembly!)

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