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Suzuka 165 Propose

Suzuka 165 求婚 きゅうこん

Suzuka moved back to Ayano-san residence. Yamato was helping Suzuka with the moving but Suzuka wasn't happy the placement of her belongings. Yamato remarked that she should lend him a hand instead of complaining so much. In addition, it was all her belongings. Suzuka replied that she was pregnant so it's not safe for her. She then ordered Yamato to rearrange her belongings. Yamato had to oblige.

After finishing with the moving, Yamato commented that his room has less space. Suzuka said that it couldn't be helped since they were going to live together. Yamato asked if they could put some of the stuffs in her room. Suzuka replied that she wanted her room to be used as their bedroom so she didn't want to have much stuff in there. She added that it would be dangerous to have a lot of things around when their child started walking and papa was away working during the day. Yamato was stunned with Suzuka calling him "papa". Yamato smiled and commented that they felt like newlywed couple. Suzuka remarked that they won't be newlywed until they submit the marriage registration form. Suzuka told Yamato that she had their parents and guardians filled in their details. Yamato and Suzuka only have to fill in their names to complete the form. Suzuka said that they could submit it anytime but suggested that they should complete the form at that moment. Yamato agreed but he stopped when he was about to write his name. Suzuka asked about it. Yamato asked her if it was fine for him to write her name on the bride space. Suzuka told him that they won't be able to complete the form if he didn't write it. Yamato was about to fill in the form but something came to his mind. Suzuka asked what's with him today. Yamato replied that the last few months have been exhausting and he realized that he has forgotten something. He told her that he has not yet proposed to her.

Yamato then proposed to her by saying "Please marry me". Suzuka was stunned. She then scolded Yamato that it's already late even though he had plenty of chances before. She asked why Yamato proposed there and treated it as an aside when he was filling the form. Suzuka scolded Yamato for being an idiot and unromantic. Yamato apologized and explained that he had only realized it. Suzuka then sighed and said why did she fall in love with someone like him. Yamato asked what she just said. He was trying to confirm something. Suzuka replied that she fell in love with him. Yamato told her that it was her first time saying she loved him face-to-face. Suzuka was surprised as well. Yamato explained that she had said something similar before but she has never said love directly to him so he was happy to hear it. Suzuka was embarassed and apologized out of courtesy.

Yamato then suggested of submitting the registration on the day. Suzuka was surprised. Yamato explained that it's the first day she said she loved him and he had also proposed. He added that it'd be a precious moment for them. Suzuka asked if he was serious and Yamato replied yes. Yamato and Suzuka went out. Suzuka noticed that it wasn't the direction to the city hall. She asked Yamato about it. Yamato replied that he wanted to visit a place and had a last look. They arrived at the gym. Suzuka asked Yamato why he wanted to have a last look at the gym. Yamato replied that Suzuka didn't know about it but 3 years ago, a week before school opened, he saw a girl practising hig jump by herself. He said that he fell in love with her instantly. He added that he found out the girl was her neighbour and thought that it must be fate. Reminiscence of Yamato and Suzuka's moments appeared. Yamato continued that they quarreled almost all the time but he loved her more and more. He confessed to the girl and was rejected. He didn't gave up and kept trying. He succeeded and thought that they could be together at last. However, they broke up and the girl left abroad. Yamato then faced Suzuka, with a big smile, told her that despite everything, he had the chance to marry the girl at the end. Yamato told Suzuka that the gym was the place where everything started so he wanted to have a last look at it.

Suzuka held Yamato's hand and said that it's not the end. She smiled and said that it's a new beginning with the three of them. Yamato, holding Suzuka's hand, commented that they had made wishes at a shrine three years ago. Yamato told Suzuka that the wish had came true. Suzuka asked what he had wished for. Yamato replied that he had wished for something good to happen.

Note: There will be a Suzuka guidebook scheduled for 17th October release. The guidebook will potray graduation scene as well as the night before Suzuka's marriage.

P/S: Not what I expected but that's Yamato lame style. I also realized that when Suzuka left Yamato and he went to the shrine, he gave his earnings as offering and wished for something good. While it can be argued, I personally feel that he had always stick to his wish, wishing for a chance with Suzuka, even though he wished for something good to happen. I'm convinced that it'll end with the birth of their child. By the way, I'll be getting the Suzuka guidebook.

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Random Thoughts

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Rather happy this week in personal life as well as in anime & manga, not mentioning work load of course. Haven't been writing random thoughts for several weeks.

Suzuka 164: I like chapter 164 very much. As I have mentioned in the post, I think the way to conclude Suzuka with current scenario is acceptable and pleasing to the fans. Since Yamato and Suzuka cannot afford a wedding so maybe we'll see a chapter of Yamato working and the birth of the baby as finale. 2 more chapters till finale!
Air Gear 176: Don't know what's going to happen to Kururu after meeting the cunning Hako. Kogarasumaru having a duel with the "kamen rider" gang, with Kogarasumaru losing 0-10. Kanon's helping the opposition team.
Cross Game 94: The opposition team got a home run and now tie with Seishu High School.
Prince of Tennis 357: I must really commend Takeshi for making such a twist on Kaidou. After being beaten 0-4, Kaidou returned with an invincible move. And he shot a ball straight onto Akaya's face. What a great feeling!
Tsubasa 165: Finally, Ashura's finished. Last 2 chapters were great as Yui and Kurogane fought Ashura. Fai disintegrated after giving the feather back to Sakura body. The second curse will not be activated if Yui killed Ashura but it was Kurogane who killed Ashura. Syaoran told everyone to leave Celes quickly. After so many chapters (11) we're still clueless on the second curse. Gee....
AMG 228: Previously, everyone (Keiichi, Belldandy, Skuld, Urd and Megumi) lost their memory due to the overload of Skuld device. Welsper was wondering what happended to the house and inactive banpei kun. He/it realized that the rest of the people had amnesia and decided to have fun. He/it tricked that Urd and Keiichi are lovers. Skuld is his/its maid and Belldandy is his fiance. Welsper then want Belldandy to addres him a beloved one. However, Belldandy replied that she can't.
ARIA 56:Akira talked with a puppetmaster who has two puppet. One was white with a cheerful smile while the other one's black with sorrow. I hope next week we'll see the story after Alice became a Prima and how does that affect Aika and Akari.

Romeo x Juliet 21: I haven't been watching RxJ since EP 18. Will catch up to it. RxJ has been switched to Tuesdays air slot. Cornelia and Benvolio married. Romeo was determined to act against his father. Juliet has the seed of Escalus has been planted inside her and she hasn't told Romeo about it.
Zero no Tsukaima II 9 : Colbert was the Flame Serpent as expected. I didn't expect him to die though. Menville was killed by Agnes and she tried to avenge on Colbert but he died before she could act. Saito received a letter from Colbert and he cried. Louise hugged him and cried as well. Finally, one episode that ended with Loiuse and Saito without an explosion.
ARIA OVA~Arietta: It's nice to see that ARIA OVA was aired before the DVD release. The background setting and the animation are both excellent and impressive. However, as I pointed out to Adun, they changed the eyes slightly and in some far-away shot, the character face was slightly of concern. Nevertheless, close-up shots are still near perfect. I like the story plot since it focuses a lot of Alicia (my favourite).

Placed an order for ARIA Desktop calendar at HLJ. But I do have another plan in mind. I'm thinking of an order at AJ with 2 CDs, ARIA desktop and Suzuka guidebook (coming soon). ARIA Solid Collection has been shipped. Received my brother's SD Stargazer this morning, very nice.

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Suzuka 164 Graduation

Suzuka 164 卒業 そつぎょう

Yamato and his classmates attended the graduation ceremony. At the school compound, Suzuka, Yamato, Yasonobu and Miki were strolling. Yasonobu remarked that Miki got emotional and he saw her in tears. He then boasted that his sleeve buttons were all taken by his junior female students. Yamato replied that he had all his button taken as well but Yasonobu teased by saying that they were all taken by male students. (In Japan, they have a tradition of taking someone's button to cherish a memory with a person) Miki commented to Suzuka that her stomach is growing. Suzuka replied that it already 6 months. Miki then asked her the feeling of being pregnant. Yasonobu told Miki that if she was interested he would be happy to get her pregnant. Miki then hit him with her school bag as Yasonobu told her it was just a joke. Kobayakawa confirmed with Yamato that he had been employed by Sasaoka company. Yamato replied yes. Kobayakawa told Yamato that Arima sent him a message challenging him to the Olympic selection. Yamato was stunned and asked what's Arima thinking. Kobayakawa replied that he was just the messenger. Kobayakawa also told Yamato that by then Yamato may not even beat him, let alone Arima.

Honoka caught up from behind and asked them to wait. Yasonobu commented that he thought she had left for work. Honoka replied that she was given a day leave to attend her graduation. Miki approached her and told Honoka that she saw her on TV the other day. Honoka thanked her for watching the show. Honoka looked at Suzuka with Suzuka feeling a bit awkward. She said that she heard about Yamato and Suzuka's matter. Honoka then smiled and congratulated them on their marriage. Suzuka thanked her but Yamato replied that they have not registered yet. Kobayakawa tried to greet Honoka (Obviously he still like her) but Yasonobu asked about Honoka and her boyfriend. Kobayakawa was stunned. Honoka replied that she had been busy and they could only exchange mail and talk on the phone.

Yasonobu then remarked that it's bit sad that they would probably not meet each other like then after graduating. Suzuka agreed and said that everyone would be doing different thing and have different schedules. Miki told everyone that she had a camera and suggested that they tool a picture of their batch of track team. Yamato agreed and said that Honoka was the manager for the team before. They then took the photo.

On the way back, Yasonobu asked Suzuka and Yamato if they had any plans. They replied no and Yasonobu told Yamato to follow him and Miki. Yasonobu also invited Honoka. Yamato and Suzuka were puzzled but they followed Yasonobu. They reached the destination and were surprised to see their friends inside the Karaoke room. There were Saotome, Megumi, Kinugasa, Miyamoto, Tsuyoshi and Miho. Yasonobu said that Yamato had told him that they couldn't affort a wedding so he thought that they should at least have a celebration for them. Megumi commented that it was not easy since Saotome was bad at keeping secret. Yui appeared from behind and congratulated Yamato and Suzuka. Yamato was stunned. Suzuka was delighted to see her and Yui invited Suzuka to sit down as she was pregnant. Yasonobu told Yamato that he invited her and she wanted to celebrate as well. Yasonobu told Yamato not to worry and said that Yui was not the kind of girl who dwell in the past. Everyone sat down and Tsuyoshi asked Suzuka about her scheduled delivery date. Suzuka told them it would be around middle of July. Megumi got drunk and remarked that she wanted to get married as well. Yasonobu winked at Miki and asked if it was the time. Miki replied yes and yasonobu took the mike calling for a marriage kiss from Yamato and Suzuka. Kinugasa who was drunk remarked that he wanted to see Yamato taking things seriously for once as well. Yasonobu told them to hurry up. Both Yamato and Suzuka were embarassed. Suzuka asked if they should. Saotome got her phone camera ready and Miki got her camera ready. Yamato turned to Suzuka but he was so embarassed. Honoka pushed him and told him to get to it. Out of balance, Yamato fell and kissed Suzuka on the mouth.

Yasonobu and Saotome were both stunned. They couldn't believe that Yamato and Suzuka kissed. Yamato replied that they were the one who kept pestering them. Miki told Suzuka that she would give one to her after she make copies of the photo. Miho said that she wanted one as well. Yasonobu asked why Yamato's feeling embarassed since he had done something more embarassing. Miki told Yasonobu that he's even worse to have said that. Suzuka looked at Yamato shyly while Yamato felt speechless. The gang then asked Yamato to sing a song.

P/S: 2 more chapters to go. After reading 164, I sort of feel that it's time to end the series. Unless he wants to take it to university which obviously he can't with Suzuka pregnancy plot. Thus, it actually make more sense to conclude the series given the current scenario. I predict that maybe next week, we'll see Yamato working followed by the birth of the child as the finale. (I retracted the prediction on wedding since Yamato can't afford a wedding currently) It may not be sastifying but after some thought I believe the way to conclude the series is acceptable.

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