Saturday, August 05, 2006

Suzuka 117 Reunion

凉风 #117 再会 さいかい

Yamato took a train too Harajuku with his envelope in his hand. Yasonobu had been on a date and sent off his girl at the station. He saw Yamato and caught up with him. He asked if Yui went to see him but Yamato was reluctant and said nothing. Yasonobu asked about his envelope and Yamato replied that it contained his money for the pc. Yasonobu said that he should go to Akiba for pc. Yamato said he didnt want to buy anything. Yamato sa the torri gate and remembered that SUzuka and him came there during the new year. Yamato reminicised his conversation with Suzuka there [reference chapter 91]. At that time, Yamato had only offered 5 yen. He said that no wonder god was not willing to listen to his wish. Yamato pulled out his money notes and threw into the offering box. He told Yasonobu that he prayed for a good weather tomorrow. Yasonobu rebuked him for acting so.

Yamato left on his own and he said that he needed to stop hesistating in order to advance. He thought that he should forget Suzuka. He added that even Yui was hurt by him and he would resign his job at Amami cafe. A crew had just finished a photo shooting session and a girl passed by Yamato. Yamato found the scent familiar and suddenly he heard the girl called his name. He turned around and saw Honoka smiling at him.

Honoka makeover comparison!!!

P/S: Honoka reappearance... would Kouji would pair them together again??? Is Suzuka and Yui out of picture temporaily? Did Yamato really give up on Suzuka? Would Yamato pull out of the track activities?


Kingdom Heart II Sora Final Form

Kotobukiya Final Form Sora with Sleeping Lion & Hero Crest Keyblades

I have been waiting for a Sora Final form figure and now I have the chance. I pre-ordered it from HLJ yesterday but the processing will be done on Monday since it's weekend. Probably would cost be about AUD $53. I was hoping that Tomy would release a master form or final form but then I wasnt really impressed by its quality. But then those cost less than Kotobukiya's since they have less articulations and smaller in size.

Tomy wisdom and valour form Sora with Oblivion & Oathkeeper respectively

The kotobukiya KH II figures are actually almost the same as the Final Fantasy figure released. If you remember my Kotobukiya Cloud Trife. Below is the original Sora and the limited edition Final and Valour form Sora. Kotobukiya Link: Final Form Sora & Valour Form Sora. The valour form is not available for pre-order yet. Basically it's the same figure but different robe and extra keyblades. Not sure if there's more articulation points.

Kotobukiya Valour Form Sora with Fatal Crest & Fenrir Keyblades. Original Sora with Kingdom Key

The final form Sora yield the Sleeping Lion and Hero crest keyblades. Valour form Sora yields the Fatal Crest and Fenrir keybaldes. I wish Final form Sora yielded Oathkeeper and Oblivion (or Ultima Weapon ^^) as shown by the game art below. Not sure if I want to collect all four forms but I'll decide when I see their keyblades. I'm guessing Star Seeker or Wishing Lamp for wisdom. As for Master form, no idea... maybe Ultima weapon????

Kotobukiya Final Form Sora with Sleeping Lion & Hero Crest Keyblades. Final Form Sora Game art


Thursday, August 03, 2006

Aria Piano Stagione

ARIA Piano collection was released on 2nd August. The collection features 12 songs from Aria The Animation and Aria The Natural. There are 2 monologues, 4 introduction to Neo Venezia seasons, theme songs and background musics in piano version. My order from Yesasia should be shipped in these few days.

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

AMG Tsubasa and Aria Natural Episode 17

AMG Sorezore no Tsubasa それぞれの翼
Episode 17:

Urd has dual personality and the evil side is slowly losing her memory. Mara was unable to track down the source of the urn because it was mixed. Probably Hild's doing. Mara said that only people who's power above 1st class goddess can help, either god or demon lord. The evil side was losing her memory and decided to disappear but she wanted to seek opinion of someone. Belldandy, Skuld and Mara all didnt want the other side of Urd to disappear. Keiichi asked if they can ask god to help but if god meddle then he will make Urd 100% goddess.

Urd appeared and said that they have decided to contact daimakaicho Hild. The evil urd called Hild and she said she'd be right there. Hild was Urd mother. She appeared in a bolt of lighting and tornado. She went to hug Urd and then Belldandy and Skuld. Keiichi asked about Hild's power and Belldandy said that all those bands and rings on her are to seal her powers. In the house, they told Hild the details. Hild requested something in return for the favour. Skuld argued but was terrified by her stern look. Urd agreed as long as Hild wouldnt ask her to betray her as a goddess. Keiichi accidentally provoked Hild and she cast a spade shape spell. Belldandy countered it with her love shaped spell to protect him. Everyone was terrified.

They proceeded witht the merging speel. Hild easily casted the strong magic. She asked Urd to help with singing the 512 verses. Urd revealed her goddess robe, though only half side. Belldandy and Skuld changed into goddess robe and join in singing the goddess part. A nice blend of suspense and angelic song. Urd returned to her old self. Hild asked Urd to call her mum but she rejected. She said that she cannot love her mother otherwise her soul would be control by the evil side. Hild gave up and then hug her and said that she inherit her behaviour. She nearly said mum but changed. They fight with bolts of lightning. Hild left.

P/S:One of the most entertaining episode in this season. Funny reactions from Hild and Urd. Also quite a lot of the close-in-shots were done with excellence.Next week. Hild prepared old lamp and cause Belldandy to be too passionate.

ARIA The Natural
Episode 17:
「その 雨降る夜が明ければ・・・」

Akari, Alicia and Aria sachou had their farewell dinner on the gondola. Alicia told Akari about her memory with the gondola. She told Akari that her first row was with the gondola and how she made a scratch on the right hand side of the gondola during practice. The episode then showed Alicia and Akari mantaining the gondola when they were still double. See screenshots below. Later, the Atena & Alice and Aika & Akira came and joined them. They looked at the photos Akari had taken. Atena saw the photo the 3 young undines and said they had also taken a photo like that. Alicia took out the photo of the three water fairy when they were young. We also learnt that Alicia was first to be an official undine and changed to the white gondola among them.

Later everyone bid farewell to the gondola and went home. Akari decided to stay with the gondola for bit longer. Aria sachou brought an umbrella since it started to rain. Akari hug and reminisced her time with the gondola. She cried and thanked the gondola. She then fell asleep and the old man (spirit of gondola) appeared and shaded Akari with the umbrella. The next day the gondola was taken away. The new one arrived after a few days. Akari row the gondola with Alicia and Aria sachou in it. On the way home, Akari saw their old gondola, now used by an old man.

1&2: Alicia, Atena and Akira as single undines.
3,4&5: Alicia and Akari doing the similar tasks.

P/S:The animation during the night (6.00-8.30 mins)is very disappointing... Aika short hair next week!!!

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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Suzuka 116 Pulsation

凉风 #116 鼓動こどう

From previous chapter, Yui confessed to Yamato that she like him. She pushed Yamato down on the bed and lay on top of him, listening to the pulsation of his trobbing heart. Yamato got hold of her and pushed her to the bed. He asked if she know what she's doing. Yui replied that she wont regret if it was Yamato. Yamato got hold of himself and threw Yui's yukata on her. He said he couldnt do it and asked her to get dressed. Yui asked Yamato if he was angry with her. Yamato denied and explained that he likes her but not like that. He added that he dont deserve it. Yamato was going to apologize but was interrupt by Yui's apology. Yui said that she wanted to comfort him but ended bothering him. She continued that she was a bit happy when she heard about the break-up. She always thought that it was fine for her to act so otherwise Yamato wouldnt like her. She reprimanded herself as a terrible girl. Yamato said she wasnt. Yui then asked Yamato to forget what happen that day and asked if they can stay as friends, able to hang out or shop together. She also asked if Yamato would continue working at the cafe. Yamato stayed silent. Yui pressed for a reply from Yamato with tears accumulating in her eyes.

Later, Yamato reprimanded himself as Yui went home crying. Yamato took out an envelope with his wages in it.

P/S: I was right... Yui left crying... The picture of Yui crying is painful to sad. Things will get complicated, now to see how Yamato would respond with his wages, PC or something for Yui?. Also, I start to doubt he would work at Amami cafe again, but I could be wrong. :)