Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Suzuka 124 Dinner

凉风 #124 夕飯 ゆうはん

Yamato, Suzuka, Ayano-san and Miho were having breakfast together. Ayano-san remarked that it has been a long time since the four of them had breakfast together. Suzuka apologized that Miho had to move out from the room. Yamato thought to himself that he was surprised that Suzuka moved back. He didnt know how to react. Yamato wanted the soy sauce and noticed that it was on Suzuka's side. Suzuka noticed Yamato looking at the soy sauce and passed it to him. She said that Yamato could have just told her that he wanted the soy sauce. Yamato answered that he thought Suzuka's still using it. Yamato was awkward. Yamato kept thinking of Suzuka's calmness compared to his anxiety. He didnt realized Ayano-san calling him. She told Yamato that she would be home late and asked them to solve their dinner themselves.

Back in Yamato's room, he felt very uneasy. He remembered the scene at the airport and wished they could talk like friends. He was going to invite Suzuka for a dinner but hesistated. He thought that girl would hate to invited by the guy that she dumped. He thought about Suzuka wanting to dine alone or calling him stupid. Yamato added that these were all his imagination and Suzuka's actions were always unexpected. He thought of even worse scenario and decided to give up. It was 5.42pm and Yamato decided to approach Suzuka. Suddenly, his phone ran. Honoka asked if Yamato had his dinner and Yamato replied no. Honoka said that she had something to talk to him and invited him to dinner. Yamato agreed and went to change his attire. Someone knocked and Yamato opened the door. Suzuka came and asked Yamato about his dinner. She asked Yamato if it was convenient to have dinner with her. Yamato was stunned that Suzuka approached him for dinner. Yamato thought if she invited him because her friends weren't free. Suzuka said that it was fine if Yamato wasn't free. Yamato replied that it wasnt inconvenient. He kept wondering why Suzuka would want to invite her. He came to his sense and told her that he had an appointment with his friend. With smile, Suzuka said it was fine and asked him to enjoy. Suzuka went off and Yamato felt bit embarassed. He looked at Suzuka's room and said that he didnt have to be anxious because it looked like Suzuka didnt hate him.

P/S: His mind is full of Suzuka.... And there's no chapter next week. :(