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Suzuka 161 Family

Suzuka 161 家族 かぞく

Do not copy and paste or rephrase somewhere else. It's meant for spoiler as well.

Mr and Mrs. Asahina sat down with Suzuka and Yamato. Mrs. Asahina asked Yamato what was the important thing that he wanted to tell them. Yamato answered that he had just promise to go out with Suzuka like classmates but he was really sorry. Yamato then asked them to let him marry Suzuka. Mr. Asahina was calm but Mrs. Asahina asked why the sudden. Mr. Asahina looked at Suzuka and asked her why. Suzuka told her parents that she was pregnant and it has been 3 months. Mrs. Asahina was shocked and asked if it was real. Mr. Asahina appeared calm and told her not to be panic. Mr. Asahina said that he had thought of what could happen when Yamato and Suzuka had something to talk to them. Mr. Asahina asked how did Yamato's parents react and guessed that they would let Yamato going to university as a priority. Yamato answered although his parents disagreed but he wanted to skip university and work to earn money. He added that he has the realization. Mr. Asahina asked Suzuka if it was fine. Suzuka asnwered that she knew it's stubborn but she wanted to give birth to the baby. Mr. Asahina replied that he udernstood and he would object since she had determined. However, he told her that she had to break up with Yamato. Mr. Asahina said that they will raise the baby themselves. Suzuka protested but Mr. Asahina took leave. Yamato remarked that he would work hard and he wont give them any burden. Mr. Asahina told him to stop talking and left the room.

Yamato looked at Suzuka and decided to go and talk to Mr. Asahina again. He told himself that if they broke up, there's no meaning at all. Yamato bumped into Suzune who was eavesdropping. Yamato knocked on the door and Mr. Asahina asked who was it. Yamato made himself known and Mr. Asahina asked him to enter the study room.
Yamato told Mr. Asahina that he would really work hard and pleaded that he would let them marry. Mr. Asahina put down his company finance report and took an album from the shelves. He asked Yamato to sit down and look at it. Inside the album, Yamato saw the picture of Mrs. Asahina and the just born Suzuka. Mr. Asahina commented that he had something that he really wanted to do. Even though the people around him had opposed, he still started his own company. At that time, Suzuka had just been born.
Yamato continued seeing the photo of Suzuka entering primary school and her childhood photos. He noticed that Suzuka was happy in the photos.
Mr Asahina continued that the company turnover wasn't as he had expected and had experience debts and deficits frequently. Yamato was surprised and remarked that the photo gave the feeling of happiness. Mr. Asahina replied that was why he had persevered until now. Suzune and Suzuka were the reason that he had work so hard. He was willing to go through anything for their sake. He added that that's what parents meant. He aslo remarked that Yamato parents would have the same feeling. Yamato reminisced his childhood and his parents. Mr. Asahina asked "Isn't it?" Yamato replied "It must be." Mr. Asahina remarked that Yamato has easily decided on not attending university . He said that it wasn't easy for Yamato parents to raise him and they had high expectation of his future. He asked Yamato whether he had thought of that. Mr. Asahina commented that children had no obligation to repay their parents but for someone who didnt understand these had no right to be a parent.
32. He said that Yamato was only 18 and what he had just said might be more than what he could understand. Yamato apologized and admitted that he had said a lot of irresponsible things. He told Mr. Asahina that he would apologize to his parents when he went back. Mr. Asahina asked if he can do it. Mr. Asahina smiled and told Yamato that he won't support them financially. Yamato agreed and replied that he would do his best.

P/S: Either next week's the chapter that Yamato apologized to his family (I doubt) or we could be reading Yamato's looking for a job. Actually, I was thinking it could be a chapter letting Miki or Yasonobu know about the matter. At least there's no problem with either the Akitsuki and Asahina family. Time for the family to meet each other??? Possible scenario from "Meet the Fockers"????

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Random Thoughts

Mood: Angry & Frustrated

Suzuka 160: A good chapter on Suzuka meeting Yamato's parents as potential daugther-in-law. We also learnt that Ayano-san eloped with her husband when she was young. Next chapter should be very interesting with Yamato meeting Suzuka's family and the caption said "Tears".
Tsubasa 162: No idea why the cover featured Kyle Rondart and Xing Huo. Another darn reminiscing chapter with bit more action.
Air Gear 173: Nothing special part from a possible AT fight coming up in next chapter between Kogarasumaru and the "kamen rider" gang.
Cross Game 91: Baseball, what else???

Romeo x Juliet 18 : Romeo establishing a town, Willie (William) casting a play and Aw... the reunion scene.. Isn't it wonderful? Start to like the white Iris more and more.
Moetan 4: I like the new character Alice Shiratori. She's my favourite character now because she got the attitude. I like to watch Sumi Kuroi only for her strand of hair that changes according to emotion.
Zero no Tsukaima II 4 : Hurray Louise's sisters. An enjoyable and funny episode. But to have Eleanor fantasizing on a guy like Count of Burgundy degrade my impression on her. I like Cattleya but find her average, anyway she's sick, you'll have to forgive her.

Bloody Yesasia. They haven't even sold any ARIA CH 10 and now they tell me it's temporarily not available. I even recommend a supplier to them and they ignore it. Last year's service was a lot better, the agent contacted the supplier and acquired the item for me. I was about to cancel the whole order but since I have a CD in it, I'll forget about it this time. I'm going to try the bookcafe and test its service. If I found availability at bookcafe, Yesasia's team and CEO gonna receive a trashing email from me.

Update: Yesasia just shipped my order of 4 mangas, ARIA Navigation Guide and 1 CD. Weekend spoilt because of Yesasia failure to acquire ARIA V10.

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