Friday, October 05, 2007

Random Thoughts

Returned from my Malaysia trip. I'm working on a summary of Suzuka manga before the Suzuka aftermath post. ARIA Arietta summary post on hold. At the moment I have not pick up any anime from the new season.

Mood: Happy

ARIA 57: Akira was worried that Aika would be depressed because of Alice's achievement. But Aika actually got motivated and Akira was relieved.
Hatsukoi Limited 2: A bit disappointed in Kawashita new work. This week's about Mamoru Zaizu and his neighbour Misaki Yamamoto.
Tsubasa 168: Encounter of Watanuki and Syaoran in dream. We learnt from Syaoran that Syaoran and Watanuki are very closely related. In addition, Princess Tomoyo actually paid a price in advance as well.
Cross Game 99: Did Koh manage to catch the ball?

Gundam 00 1: Yeah, new Gundam series. Gundam mecha look nice and characters look decent. Got a bit attracted by a female character, Wang Liu Mei. :P Anyway, Exia is cool when battling with the AEU MS.
Clannad 1: Not yet watch...
Kimikiss Pure Rouge 1: Like the first episode. The characters and the animation are good. Kouichi met his childhood onee-san, Mao who came back from France. His good friend, Kazuki got kissed by Eriko for giving back her paper plane? Recommended for those who enjoyed Tokimeki Memorial.

1. My Alicia 1/8 Goodsmile PVC is now on shipping list. Hope the ARIA solidworks collection will reach my doorstep soon.

2. My brother and I went to the new One Utama on Saturday and I came out with these.

I bought 4 DVD sets. These are original but produced/printed in Malaysia. The quality is good but there are no cover pages for the DVD case. In addition, they used minimal disc without negleting the quality. One thing I liked about asian versions is that they usually have both CH and EN subtitles. Total RM 629.90 or AUD $209.

A gift I bought for my girlfriend. It's a disney Mickey mouse nohohon figure or commonly known as Hidamari no Tami. HLJ had it in 2004. My brother and I each got one which cost RM45 each. A pity that there's no Minnie, otherwise both can be used to hold a deck of cards.

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