Thursday, March 02, 2006

Suzuka 97 "Studying Abroad"

凉风 #97 留学 りゅうがく

This is the chapter that makes the Suzuka series running for 3rd year. There were colour pages and bonus pictures. Even the Suzuka logo was in different colour, one orange-yellow and one pink instead of the usual blue.

Chapter 97 focused on Yamato and Suzuka after last week incident. The preview showed Miki having a bath, saying "Why troubles always occur between those two?"

The chapter started with Yamato sulking and talking to Miki about Suzuka intention of studying abroad. Yamato kept thinking about himself being the last to know. Miki then answered that it was because of him that Suzuka couldnt put her heart to tell him. She also advised him to understand more about Suzuka's feeling.

During the dinner, Yamato was not there as he was lying on his bed, thinking about what Suzuka and Miki had said. Then, someone was at his door and he went to open the door. Suzuka was there and asked him to go and have the dinner. She then turned around but Yamato held her hand and asked why she want to kept the matter from him. They started to have a small tiff until Suzuka asked why he used such tone.

She then said that she really like to go, but it's US and there would be a lot of potential atheletes and the training would be strict too. She would have to practise hard everyday and would become more focus on the track training, and this would cause Yamato to be lonely. She then started to weep. Yamato then realized how she had felt and then said with a big smile, "I'll definitely be very lonely... but I'll be patient." He also said that he understood her love and her goal in high jump since he noticed it all the time. He asked her not to worry and he would be able to be patient. She then knod in acknowledgement.

He then said with smiles, "Ok..ok..from today on, let's study English together. How's that? I'll do my very best." She remarked (sarcastically though no harm) that it'll be lot quicker learning alone. Yamato replied "What? That's not cute at all."

My thoughts:
Now it's really hard to predict how the series would continue. Kouji can either put in events around Yamato with Suzuka away (possibly bringing back Honoka or Yui) or Suzuka could decide to stay with Yamato (though pretty unlikely). The last thing I hope is any fast-track to after Suzuka finish her training, came back and then the finale (That's what happen in Ichigo 100%).