Thursday, January 25, 2007

ARIA Akira E. Ferrari Figure

The sculptor didnt have it on website but it seems that BEAT has decided to go for all the 6 undines. Akira figure will be 1/6 smilar to other undines. It will be released in May 2007 (Possibly end of May). My first impression is this figure show the casual side rather than the elegant side of Akira. Now only Atena's left, yet revealed. Also they should have design some with winter uniform.

I'm thinking of collecting all the prima undines, but haven't decided. Why? Because it's big, expensive and shipping's painful. Alicia figure cost 6631 yen with 1480 yen SAL shipping. Nevertheless, I'd probably would pre-order the early bird first.
More pictures at Hobbystock.

Update: Available for PRE-ORDER at HLJ now. Early bird 6631 yen, 5% of 6980 yen.

Release Date:
Akari: October 2006
Aika: November 2006
Alicia: December 2006
Alice: February 2007
Akira: May 2007
Atena: Unknown

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Anime Impression

Further impression on the anime I'm following since last season.

Kanon: Because of Kyoto animation quality and the ambient backgrounds.
16 weeks impression: Makoto arc has ended which I'm glad. I love Mai's arc and starts to enjoy Shiro's arc. They done well to produce Kanon as 26 episodes and unfolded each arc with details. Music and animation still as superb.

Tokimeki memorial: Had good impression of the game and the animation looks decent. Not to mention the girls.
15 weeks impression: Really enjoying Tokimeki Memorial animation. There's no clear theme except "harem" theme which is the core of the game anyway. Love to watch Riku, Sayuri and chick.

La Corda D’Oro ~primo passo~: At last an anime dedicated to musical instruments. Decent animation. Funny fairy. Appealing heroine. Plus there's seed of knowledge like Yakitate Japan. The drawback? The boys....
15 weeks impression: Still amazed with how consistent and decent the animation is. Primo Passo is both enjoying and interesting to watch.

CODE GEASS:Not because of CLAMP but the animation looks quite impressive. Hope the story turns out good.
13 weeks impression: What can I say. Lelouch is the top anime character according to Animage survey in Japan. Excellent animation and getting interesting week by week. One of my most anticipated series each week. Though I would like to see the direction of the anime which isn't clear now.

Previous impression was last year week 4.


Monday, January 22, 2007

ARIA Alicia and Perfect Guide

Received my Alicia Florence figure and ARIA The Natural perfect guide this morning, 18 days of delivery. The box was so big due to Alcia Florence BEAT Figure. The 1/6 figure is very large compared to my 1/8 figures. Alicia figure looks fabulous especially when looked from sideways. The yellow colour hair does have a bit of dark yellowish tone but I still think the toning is not enough. It's worth the pre-order price just a bit painful with the shipping. I dont have the problem with the oar as mentioned by Adun.

As you can see from the photos below, Alicia's uniform does have blueish tone. The toning should be smoothed further since it looked more like patches when viewed near. I think it also stand on one leg, havent look at it clearly this morning. If so, I need to consider on displaying it. Overall, pleased with the purchase except the 1/6 size which create a burden in the shipping.

Item 1: BEAT Alicia Florence 1/6 PVC Figure
Price: ¥6,631
Item 2: MAG ARIA The Natural Perfect Guide (CD inclusive)
Price: ¥1886
Freight: ¥1,780
Delivery: 18 days [04/01/07-22/01/07]

Also in the order is the ARIA The Natural Perfect Guide. I wont take detail photos of it since Adun has done that and because it's hard to scan due to the manga size.

P/S: I'm worried about my HLJ ARIA PS2 Book as I'm going back for Chinese New Year in February, and they havent shipped it eventhough it was processed for shipping last Wednesday!!!

Some photoshots:

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