Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Suzuka 139 Teacher

凉风 #139 先生 せんせい

After school Miki and Yasonobu bid Yamato farewell. Miki asked Yasonobu to having cake but his treat. Yamato told himself that he shouldn’t keep thinking of Arima, he need to qualify for the university selection. Yamato’s teacher called him from behind, asking him to his office. He told Yamato that he couldn’t graduate high school with his current results, especially the mathematics. Yamato had to go for tution because he failed his first semester and second semester. His teacher asked if he wanted to fail the next semester. Yamato commented that he had a recommendation already. His teacher told him that it would be cancelled if he failed his academics. Yamato asked what he should do and his teacher told him to put in effort in his study.

Back at home, Yamato couldn’t figure out the sine and cosine mathematics. He remarked that why he had to pass his mathematics and English. He was worried that he might fail. Suzuka came in and asked if Yamato’s hungry. Ayano san told her that Yamato missed his dinner. Suzuka commented that she couldn’t believe that Yamato’s recommendation would be cancelled if he couldn’t graduate from high school. Yamato replied that he’s working on his study but he couldn’t understand the lesson and his next exam would be crucial. Suzuka offered to help him. Yamato asked if she’s willing to. Suzuka replied that she couldn’t answered all the difficult question but she’s willing to work together so that they could go to the same university. Yamato was happy to hear that.

After a while, Suzuka got frustrated with Yamato’s answers and asked if he had listened to her explanation. Yamato apologized and Suzuka continued with the tutioning. Yamato commented that he just couldn’t twist his brain to understand the concept. Suzuka asked if it was because he was hungry and asked him to have some onigiri. Yamato declined but Suzuka commanded him to eat them while Yamato complained it’s like hell. Suzuka told him to read the question carefully and answered them slowly. She gave him 5 homework questions and sat on Yamato’s bed reading a magazine. Yamato asked if she wanted to go back to her room. She asked him if he wanted to slack off and told him to hurry up. 10.15pm, Suzuka had dozed off. She awoke and wanted to ask Yamato to go to sleep. Suzuka saw him dozed while sitting with his back leaned against the bed. She looked the homework that Yamato had finished and then at Yamato. She commented that Yamato should have told her when he finished. Suzuka poked Yamato on his ear and then squeezed his nose. Out of breath, Yamato gasped but he was still deep asleep. Suzuka giggled. Suzuka then leaned herself beside him and said that Yamato must be tired. The next morning, 7.20am, Miho called Yamato for breakfast. Suzuka and Yamato were both asleep, leaning against each other.

P/S: Like this chapter a lot on how Suzuka teased Yamato while he's asleep


Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy Lunar New Year

To those who celebrate the Chinese New Year, 新年快乐.

Most people greet 恭喜发财 but I prefer to greet people with "Have a blessed New Year " or "新年蒙恩".

Current back in my hometown, Malaysia. Enjoying the fireworks!!!