Sunday, December 31, 2006

2006 Purchases

For fun, a brief info on my 2006 purchases, nothing much compare to Ollin, R8, Eric (Elitist Wannabe), Zanza or even Adun's purchases.

My purchases in 2006
Around 10 OST & singles, 26 manga, 2 Gundams, 4 DVD boxsets and several DVDs, 3 PS2 games and 5 figures. I often think twice or hold back before I purchase otherwise my epenses would at least double if not triple. There's so many that I want to obtain but restrained. 2006 purchases amounted to about $AUD 1200 excluding some miscellaneous stuffs.

Most Expensive: Lacus Cylne Figure with EMS shipping
Most Economical: ARIA Desktop Calendar
Most Pleased: ARIA manga collection
Most Worthy: FFVII AC DVD with Tin Box
Most Unworthy: Ichigo 100% DVD OST
Largest: MG Gundam Freedom
Smallest: Gundam SEED Destiny Markers
Most Anticipated: Belldandy Figure



At 7:03 AM, Anonymous Adun said...

Funny you should make a post about your expenses as I'm compiling a list right now, lol. I can say I've looked at my HLJ one and I am rather surprised.


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