Thursday, December 11, 2008


Yea... if it wasnt for a cold and flu, guess, I'll be MIA till Christmas.

Couple of updates

1. Bookcafe no longer offer online purchasing, so I have to revert back to the expensive Yesasia. Kinda wish that I bought Prince of Tennis 1-8 in the last order so that I wont have to settle for Yesasia now. The saddest is that I cant find ARIA CH V12 unless I get the TW version.

2. My brother got MG Impulse cheap from HLJ, sale + before the economy hurricane. We had to pay 0.016 instead of 0.011 conversion for MG Justice last month. By the way, my brother finished both his MG while my MG Destiny and MG Justice still......
But I have spray painted the skeleton to silver leaf which looks whiter than the gloss aluminium that my brother had on his Justice.

Madman Australia had a massive discount last week and yea... spend couple of hundreds to get 3 boxsets.

There're still some orders with HLJ and Hobby Search.
1. FF Mini Collection 3 and ARIA with HLJ
2. Tsubasa Piano Book and ARIA Aveniere with Play-Asia
3. FSN Saber figure with Hobby Search

Wanna buy a couple of DVD from Amazon but exchange rate is so not appealing at all.


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