Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bookcafe awesome

Beat that Amazon, Yesasia, Play-Asia. Ordered my stuff on Thursday and sent on Friday, arrived on Saturday.

Ordered 16 volumes of Prince of Tennis, HL2, Cross Game 11-12 and Tsubasa 24.

I couldnt get Aria 12, HL 1 and Prince of Tennis 41 as they are out of stock. Darn...

Still got 4 more books, Tsubasa 22 & 23, Pastel 19 and Aria 12. I try my luck with Yesasia on Aria 12. Not looking good as the other 3 are in stock now and Aria 12 still searching for suppliers.

I could have order them a lot earlier but Bookcafe upgraded to Verified by Visa card only, my cards cant complete the purchase process. Absolutely no problem with other site like HLJ, Amazon, Yesasia and Play-asia. Stupid. So I got myself a new card but by that time Aria 12 is out of stock.

Anyway, hope Yesasia can find one for me...

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