Tuesday, September 16, 2008

ARIA Origination PS2 II

Aria the Origination Aoi Wakusei no el Cielo Material Collection

Left: Agnes Dumas in 3 different undine uniforms
Right: Example of character profiles

Some scenes from the game.

Two of the most beautiful scene. Instead of having Akari or Alice for the hill scene and the promotion, you'd be able to experience the promotion from the choice of Alicia, Akira or Athena of your choice. Of course, must be the company you have chosen!

So you got promoted to single undine and the other undines congratulate you with a present

Received my ARIA Origination PSII Cielo gamebook. Basically the game offers role-playing as Agnes with a choice to join either of the 3 undine company. As you can see from the photos that I have taken, it's a good quality as the previous PS2 installment.

A wonderful collection for an ARIA fan!!!!

Available at Play-Asia.

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