Friday, December 12, 2008

AMH Forgotten Third Anniversary

Gee... How could I... forgetting AMH 3rd anniversary..... November 28th...2 weeks ago.

Three (3) is rather good number for anime, apart from 4, as most anime tends to have 3 main heroines. Of course, my favourite anime with 3 main heroines are Ah! My Goddess and ARIA series.

ARIA, what an awesome finale to the series. Wish it lasted longer but it was sweet. Three young Prima undines succedding the Three fairies. Applaud to Kozue Amano for this wonderful series.

Ah! My Goddess... I wonder if I'll be seeing your 30th anniversary. As I mentioned before, the story is getting nowhere and latest story arc is about Hild being overthrown by Hagall.

Oh ya, just another picture of the 3 heroines that rock Japan animation in 2006.

As Christmas is coming and my compulsory leave starting soon, I shall spend sometime on the blog wrapping some end of year post just like the last 2 years.



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