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Suzuka 148 Restart

凉风 #148 再始 リスタート

Early morning, Miho rushed Yamato to hurry up, telling him that Suzuka was already waiting downstairs. Yamato complained that why they had to leave that early and it wasn't even his competition. Miho explained that he was the captain and he should cheered for their team. Yamato walked down the stairs and Suzuka noticed him, feeling embarassed. Suddenly Tsuyoshi appeared and greeted them. He thanked them and told them that he would try his best. Yamato and Suzuka was a bit stunned from the sudden appearance. Miho told them to hurry. On the way, Miho walked in front with Tsuyoshi while Yamato and Suzuka were trailing. Yamato was thinking that things got a bit awkward once they return to normal routine. Suzuka then asked if he was fine. Yamato didnt understand. Suzuka asked if he was fine after failing from the bed. Yamato anxiously replied he was fine. Yamato later apologized and said that he didnt know what to say as he felt a bit awkward. She replied it's all right as she was feeling that too. Miho interrupted them and complained that they were walking too slow.

They reached the 18 years old novice track meet venue. Yamato commented about the atmosphere, saying he started to get nervous as well. Suzuka commented that it could be because Yamato hasn't had any competition for some time. Tsuyoshi told Miho that he would get the first place but Miho, saw him panicking, asked him if he was fine. Yamto heard it and remembered that he used to be nervous in the past. He reminisced the time he made a resolution to be Japan's champion athlete. He also remembered that he failed miserably in that meet even after he made the resolution. Yamato then approached Tsuyoshi, hitting his head, telling him to go to the mark. Yamato told Tsuyoshi not to worry because there wasn't anyone in the district that could beat him. Tsuyoshi doubted but Yamato reassured him. Suzuka was pleased to hear that from Yamato. Suzuka later commented that Yamato acted well as a captain. Yamato replied that he only tried to make Tsuyoshi feel confident.

The track event was about to start. Yamato and Miho shouted and cheered for Tsuyoshi. Tsuyoshi assured himself that he would be fine and he had practised a lot for it. The event started and Tsuyoshi sped. Tsuyoshi was distracted by other competitors advancing beside him. Yamato shouted telling him to look ahead. Tsuyoshi gave his best and he got the first palce with a time of 11 minutes 59 seconds. Yamato was relieved, Miho was surprised, Suzuka was happy and Tsuyoshi was shocked. Tsuyoshi stood on the podium and received his medal in disbelief. Suzuka commented that Tsuyoshi must be shocked to get first place in his first meet. Yamato remarked that he felt like running when he saw Tsuyoshi's race. Suzuka asked if Yamato had also stood on the podium several times. Yamato replied just a few. She then told Yamato that she would love to witness Yamato standing on the podium receiving his prize. She told him that it's bit pity that she hasn't seen any of it. Yamato then told her that he would let her witness it. He added that she would be able to witness him getting the first at the university level. She remarked that Yamato said that without thinking again. Yamato told her that he's serious. Suzuka was happy and told him that she's anticipating it. Yamato was pleased but he was suddenly grabbed by Kinugasa sempai. Yamato asked why he was there. Kinugasa sempai replied that he wanted to help his former school. He led Yamato for pre-university training. Yamato called Suzuka for help. Suzuka replied that she's anticipating. Yamato then shouted it's better not to anticipate.

Note: The last line has casual meaning. Yamato said that so that she would help to escape from Kinugasa sempai.

P/S: A fine chapter in my opinion. It's time to develop other characters while maintaining Suzuka and Yamato relationship. Since, Yamato made the promise of being the champion at the university level, I'm convinced that the story would continue at least up to that stage. Whether he made it or lose to Arima is another turning point.



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i wish i could get an english version of this manga so i can see the pix too :D

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yea, me too....anyway, since their relationship get better, i never saw them hug each other peacefully (dont tell me about 'it') :D

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