Friday, February 09, 2007

Back for New Year

I'll be on holiday, back to my hometown, for the lunar new year. Will be away from 12th Feb. to 25th Feb. Blogging shouldn't be a problem, especially the weekly Suzuka blogging, as I'll have the internet setup as soon as I reach home. Though not sure if I can have broadband, but certainly internet access.

Hope I'll get my ARIA book tomorrow, otherwise I have to ask my friends to collect it for me. Also, I order three SD Gundams: BB#293, BB#290 and BB#268 for my brother's birthday through Angloz cause two of the SD Gundams are not available through HLJ. Items cost US$20 and US$16 for shipping. He has SD Impulse and SD Strike Freedom already, so I thought these would add to his collection.


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hope you'll enjoy your holidays and the new year. my 'red pocket' money will be paying my bills/statement for the next month ^^.


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