Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Suzuka 96 "Secret"

凉风 #96 秘密 ひみつ

The moment I saw the title, my heart felt uneasy, something's happening. The chapter is about Yamato discovering that Suzuka has the option of futhering her studies in US.

The chapter started with Suzuka having a conversation with Saotome's friend. Yamato thought it was baout the shoe deal. Although he did notice Suzuka's burden look, he seems to ignore it, since she 's like that most of the time.

The next day, he had a chat with Saotome. He asked Saotome about the guy. The conversation led her to say that she would end in the same plight as Yamato. Then, he got surprised and asked her. Saotome didnt know that Suzuka hasn't told him yet. She accidentally mentioned that Suzuka will leave in September. Realizing that, she ran away.

Yamato then waited for Suzuka to come home. He then asked her about the matter. She said that she's still considering but Yamato started to feel uneasy. Partly because she didnt tell him at all, and also the feeling of separation.

Suzuka said that the company has agreed to sponsor her studies in US, and she may not be able to enter the National Championship as well if she decided to go. Yamato then got pretty agitated, asking why she encouraged him to aim for the nationals. She said she didnt know about the study sponsorship until after that. They then had some conversation, perhaps should call it tiff. Yamto ended with "Up to you", while Suzuka sadly called out "Yamato-kun".

The next few chapters will obviously test their bondings in relationship. Wonder how Kouji Seo would end this plot. I'll curse the mangaka if he decided to go for a break-off or a sad farewell, and then a comeback. Things look similar to ichigo as days go by.

Cyclone has chapter summary on the webpage but it's in Chinese and a few weeks of delay.

One place I recommend to read Suzuka chapters is Jojo. Although they just started translating the manga from chapter 89, One thing I like about their work is their quality, I think they did some touch-up work. There are other groups which are faster but they didnt have a domain, mostly posted in forums.
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