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Ichigo 100% Ending Mizuki Kawashita Comment

I absolutely like the cover for Ichigo 100% last volume, volume 19.

In volume 19, there is a page where Mizuki Kawashita sensei comments on the ending. Thanks to Cyclone for the chinese version information, so I can now translate it briefly here. To read the chinese version of Mizuki Kawashita comment, visit Cyclone.

There were also her sensei comments regarding her decision to end the manga with Nishino Tsukasa as the girl whom Manaka end up with.

In brief:
From fan letters of support, most mentioned the "pairing of Manaka with Aya' ending, It does seem that from the very first chapter, fans would expect Manaka to end up with Aya.

While drawing the series, I only think of plotting the middle high school story, and indeed, has decided to end with an Aya ending. But as time passed and the story moved on to high school, things started to shift slowly

In serialization, it is often required to adapt, therefore looking at the growth/development of each characters, I think the ending should be so.

I like both Nishino and Toujo characters, I continue the manga with the hope that both can find happinness. But sometimes two might be unable to be toegther, because of circumstances and time, even if its mutual. Isn't this what unexpected love relationship is about?
I think that what Aya has learnt about this is the growth of the manga, so all the fans please don't be sad.

Eventhough I cant draw until she find happiness in love, but I guarantee that she will be happy in future ("my comment: how can u be sure, since the manga end!"). Manaka and Nishino's future will be bit more vague/ambiguos. Whether it's to establish a love relationship or to maintain it under different circumstances, both are hard. ~ no no no, both will be happy in future.

My opinion:
Looking back at the manga, it was fun reading the manga despite the disappointing ending. I was Aya fan. :P Though i knew there can be only one girl in the end, either Nishino or Aya. I thought an Aya wnding would be more appropriate and more of a "happy ending".

Many fans liked Misuzu Satomura, but I hate her personality (no offence). Chinami may be cute (kawaii) but both Kozue and her were redundant characters. Satsuki? Well her fan service was abundant, but she dhould be further developed. Yui, another character wasted. I rather have more story on Manaka and his pal, Komiyama.

Thinking back, it's interesting to see how Mizuki could have produced a 19 volume manga series with the theme Ichigo pants. Ironically, one can easy build a story with just strawberry as a theme but a strawberry lingerie???

If you like to purchase Ichigo 100% HK version, try Yesasia Ichigo 100% HK manga. But volume 11 is out of stock. I tried 3 online market; Yesasia, HKComics and Joycomic, all said out of stock. I had to ask my friend in HK to get for me. Luckily he managed to get it but it's the Taiwan version. I dont mind but it's an odd one out of 18 HK version I would have. Wait for more manga available before I order the last 2 volume, 18 and 19.



At 1:17 PM, Blogger Tim Dunken said...

sorry... i was looking for a volume 19 of Ichigo 100% at google and your blog appeared! i've read the ending and i really wish it was Aya he ended up with! I'm a Toujo Aya fan too! I hope I'll be albe to meet someone like her someday... but that's close to impossible. Sorry for butting in like this. Thanks for transalating the message of the manga creator it was very interseting.

At 8:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I watched the Anime Version, and I'm happy as long as I didnt see Manaka with Satsuki. I cannot begin to express my disliking for that kind of girl, that is rejected but persists. Reminds me of another nightmarish love story, well really nightmarish, Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien.

Loved aya too, not I got curious enought to check out the manga, Thnx

At 12:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was also hoping that Manaka ends up with Toujou at the end of the manga, but when I read the chapter, I was saddened that he chose Nishino (no offense to Nishino fans, a part of me also like having him end with Nishino). But my heart always felt that Manaka and Toujou deserve each other much more. So I kept reading the last 5 volumes until I got a clearer picture of the story. After reading volume 14 to 19 over and over again, I think Mizuki hasn't really closed the door for Manaka and Toujou. If you followed their conversation closely, Manaka asked Toujou to "wait" for him with Tojou "agreeing". I'm a hopeless romantic so I understand what it meant. The relationship between Manaka and Toujou goes beyond being physically close. They are bound by their dreams. Recall Manaka's comment after he felt relieved that Toujou kept the notebook story solely for Manaka. He said that it's the tie that binds him to Tojou and that no one can come between them. He mentioned this, somewhat indirectly, at the end of the story. Toujou remained "with" him throughout his dream. So I guess that although the manga ended with Manaka running towards Nishino and sweeping her off her feet, his heart and mind is still bound with Toujou. This is the reality. Whether Manaka eventually gets together with Toujou physically, they will always be together in heart and mind. (That's just my view, but I do hope Mizuki finds the heart to make an alternative ending since having a printed version of Manaka ending up with Toujou, my feelings towards the original ending will always be full of discontentment).^^

At 5:06 PM, Blogger JIRAIYA said...

i like the ending very much since i was nishino fan:) but people who like aya maybe saying the ending was crap.
three-thumbs up!

At 12:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

is there any sequel for this manga? cause i think is just sad for the story to end like that. I was hopping that after the 4 years of time they separated, they would have been covered in maybe 1 volume not just only that few pages. Anyway i like the ending with nishino too.

At 12:44 AM, Blogger Fisherman Horizon said...

Dont think there'll be a sequel since the ending pretty much close the story.

At 1:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a Aya fan too, and when Aya bids farewell to Manaka, that's the part I broke down. I kept hoping until that chapter that Manaka will dump Tsukasa and go for Aya. But in the end, i agree with what deujohn said, and I also hope for a sequel for an alternative ending! :-)

At 12:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are some parts wrong with the "sensei comments" part.

At 12:30 PM, Blogger Fisherman Horizon said...

As in??? I got the manga here so I can cross-check it. So what's wrong????????

At 4:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


The fans kept sending letters requesting for "Manaka to be with X".

Those who read only the first chapter will think that Manaka Will chose tojo in the end.In drawing the middle high school plot, I have decided to let Manaka and Tojo have a blissful ending.

But as time passes and the three graduated, the situation changes.

Some say that this type of continued series can easily have a life of its own. And it has become so, as each go through their lifes, it slowly becomes this type of ending.

It dosen't matter whether it's Tojo or Tsukasa, I like them both, and I carried the hope that both of them will be able to find happines in their lifes.

But, just as two loves each other, there will be several circumstances or missed opportunities that they are prevented from getting together, love can be so unreasonable.

Tojo, who understands this, should be the one who has matured the most in this series.

So, Tojo's supporters, please don't be too upset. Although I didn't let her find happiness in love, I guarentee to everyone that her future will be extremely blessed!

But it is Manaka and Tsukasa that has a more dangerous future~
To be together is not easy, but to maintain the relationship would be extremely challenging, feels like there will be lots of changing numbers.
(no no no, both of them will be extremely blessed too!)


I don't think the ending was crap, although I was crushed by it (I'm a Aya fan). Ichigo 100 is the best in its genre, in my opinion, with its unexpected storyline and diverse mix of characters. To Mizuki Kawashita, 2-Thumbs Up!

At 1:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think that the ending was bullshit... pardon my language... but i also hoped for Aya to be with Manaka, this is just one way to crush everyones hopes on the ending.... im dissapointed... but hey what can i do... the author made it like this, so he must have a reason.... im still hopping for at least some sort of sequel...

At 11:22 PM, Blogger Fisherman Horizon said...

Koorihime Kitan is a bad piece of work in my view. It basically use the fame of Misuzu Sotomura and create a character resembling her.

At 10:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's some kind of right.I like the ending of ichigo too but I just felt too sad to have a scene of Toujo's farewell:( I tried to console myself by reading something similar but not that sad.
Maybe Koorihime Kitan will be serialize(it doesn't seem to be an end),if that's ture,I hope she can keep the merits of her previous mangas such as the storyline and some "cute and impressive" scenes and characters and change the style of high school(although it's some kind of necessary for that kind of manga:).
I also tried reading another manga of Mizuki Kawashita--Lilim Kiss.I actually saw Toujo and Manaka(is 真中淳平 called this in English?).I finished it without having a tea,after that I felt another ending of ichigo myself,that really made me feel better:)
The girls she draws are really cute and touching.
Hope she can bring better story and happiness to every reader in the future.

At 2:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really Liked the manga and at first i did think it was gonna be aya cause it was like common sense so i was kinda saddened to already think it was gonna be her but i was surpirsed by the ending cause i thougth it was gonna be aya even tho she wasnt my favorite but i also dont think that he ended up with nishino just for meeting up with her at the end theyre prob just freinds.

At 7:12 AM, Blogger Ericz said...

I thought Manaka will be with Toujo too since it started with them being together in the first place, so rightfully, Manaka and Toujo should fulfill their fate.

Mmmm... Nishino is a very nice and kind girl too but I guess Toujo's character seems to suit Manaka better.

My two cents,

At 8:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

From the looks of things, I'm the only one here wishing he had ended up with Satsuki...

At 1:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seriously speaking, don't you think that Satsuki and Amachi are a perfect match? I mean, their characters compliment each other so well!

At 10:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i dislike the ending i think even though they changed a little toujo was still the one he liked the most because it was his first love and that was a big part isnt it???
and anyways he wouldnt even want to be with nishino if he didnt think the girl on the roof was toujo so i wish he ended up with toujo tho...

At 6:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

isnt there another final chapter with Misuzu falling in love. Anyone know where i can find that?

At 6:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't there a last chapter where Misuzu falls in love. Anyone know where i could find that?

At 7:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope ther will be a sequel, im not sure what it would be though bu tim sure Mizuki would think of something.
As for the ending i quite liked it (nishino fan) nishino is my favourite character it seems as though she is satsuki and touji added together without eithe rbeing too shy or too straight forward. In any case i think he had made the right choice, but thats just me. Truthfully the only thing that had disappointed me was the fact thatit ended, i wish it had been extended quite a lot more because it seems many timeof his life were skipped, although necessary i still wish that they would have showed what happened during those missing times. P.S look around and you will find these 'missing times'

At 12:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

god yeah..been a year eh, sure miss the fun and happy feeling of readin ichigo 100%

im satisfied with the ending...i was a fan of nishino a bit more (no reason just am) but still liked toujo

ending was great imo... cuz your sad and then your happy

but yea i do wish some characters were deveoloped more and that the series continued longer =D

all to do now is await another manga by mizuki?

At 12:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the ending was quite dissapointing as aya deserve more to be with manaka.
Eventhought im not aya fan but aya personality has changed just for the sake manaka and i think she deserve to be with manaka
(Quite a dissapointment in the ending)

At 12:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Omg..can anyone recommend another manga that is similar to ichigo? (besides love hina) >< i wanna reaad moorrrreeeee..=\

At 11:14 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

wow just saw this blog.. well i've been to alot of forums and made comments about this greatest manga for me..this is the best so far for me..

well it saddened me reading the mangaka's comment on the ending, it just negates what i thought. well i too, thought of a junpei-toujo ending. and although he ended up with tsukasa, i really kept on hoping that it was a hanging ending.

well the last lines were something like this "...and because toujo is here with me...and so...and so...i return to my beloved nishino..and write a new script..the future we chose(end).

so for me, its like a new chapter of their lives is just beginning, the casts are the same, but with a different setting and time frame, and a different ending too? aya is still available and hoping for manaka as i see it. and holding on to a rocky relationship is pretty hard, and i think that for some reason manaka chose nishino out of pity?or he felt that she needs him the most? well aya also benefited from her heartache right? pain made a better writer out of her..

but manaka told aya to wait for him, so for me it was left hanging..hopeless romantic that i am, i still believe it!!

also i dream of an epilogue, after 10 years or so. aya a multi-awarded and celebrity author, nishino a world-famous chef, and satsuki, a multi-awarded idol/actress. all of them the toss of the media and everything, and they were all invited to a very famous talk-show like Oprah..and the host says "you girls are the epitome of how a successful woman should be, but i am sure when you were younger you fell in-love for the first time, what kind of person was he?Or should i say, who was it, or is still, is it?" and the three would look at each other and laugh, and satsuki would say "i think we only have one answer for that, right toujo, nishino?" and the host would exclaim "What? are you serious? who's the lucky guy?"


nobody seems to like satsuki, but i really felt for her, she was portrayed as outgoing, tough and showy but seeing her face sad and hurt really touched me. she's just the same as every girl out there, marshmallow inside, and when it comes to love, easily hurt.

At 3:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a Satsuki fan Don't get me wrong, I liked all the characters in this manga a lot. I liked Aya and watching her slowly become more confident. I liked Nishino even more for her firm belief in herself. But I loved Satsuki for her energetic passion. I believe that if Manaka had gone with Satsuki, his wacky adventure would deffinetly have continued through college.

Another manga I have high regards for is I's. It's not as hilarious as Ichigo 100%, in fact it get's down right emotional, but it's a great ride and well worth reading.

I recently found Kagome Kagome. It's only 25 chapters (or 'trips') spread through 3 volumes and is one I wish would continue.

But for those who like something a little more light-hearted, try Pastel. Even though it's not like Ichigo 100%, it'll keep you wanting more just the same.

At 11:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Mizuku Kawashita
Does ichigo 100% has season 2?i really hope that you do great with season?we all the fans really think so...:) keep up the good work!i really want to see more romantic and adventures...ONEGAI?

At 1:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am an Aya fan aswell. In my opinion
I thought that Ichigo 100% was one of the geatest manga I have ever read. however in volume 19 i found out that it was one of the most depressing story i have ever read as well. I was really pissed (Making Aya suffer so much since the beginning) but when all the adrenaline thinned out a feel Aya really deserve an ending together with Manaka.. I guess Sensei wants to impart that love cannot be developed when you don't make the best of the time given to
who are in love and destiny is something that we must work hard for.
I think thats was Aya's character not making enough effort. But
it also made her sad and it is very unfair to some readers of ichigo 100% (Like me) since the plots were really moving and absolutely interesting, before volume 19.I guess
the best chance for them to be together is when Sensei Mizuki Kawashita printed version Aya ending with all the fantastic art and enticing conversation. One can also make his own ending. The last element that can make the the story
perfect is when Aya and Makana find their way together. I was hoping Mizuki Kawashita would make a printed version of Aya and Manaka ending up together. ^^

At 3:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was also really crushed when manaka chose nishino over aya. but the one i really felt bad for was amachi because he is trying to make aya love him but she loves manaka. Manaka was acting all jealous but in the end he rejected her. Seems like she should have been with amachi.

I also feel bad for satsuki because she is the most affectionate towards manaka but he constantly rejects her and he doesnt even do much even on her birthday. I just think he should treat her a lot better.

At 5:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the ending was very well-done..
It was very very likely that Junpei ends up with Tsukasa .. I think it's kinda well-shown thoughout the manga how he always likes her; it's not like his love for her ends anywhere.. she's just faster then Aya - and I think, if Junpei would have chosen to see his "destiny" at the school festival, he would have chosen Aya -
But he did not do it. He loved Tsukasa enough to ignore the destiny-stuff and everything, he loved her enough to choose her sad face over Aya's crying and that's one hell of a reason why Aya didn't stand a chance against her.

@deu john: »his heart and mind is still bound with Toujou«
I don't think so at all. I think you misjudge this totally. His mind & heart may be CONNECTED to Aya and everything, but it's not *this kind* of love that we're talking about. He loves Aya for what she is .. but that's not the kind of love anymore he had towards her and still has for Tsukasa.

Yes, maybe I'm kinda contradicting myself -
"Aya didn't make the first step so Tsukasa won";
But I don't think it's only that I said, Junpei kinda always loved his 'first girlfriend' - and I think it's well enough reasoned he still does (I would fall in love with Tsukasa, too! *grins*)

I think the ending is good; the whole manga is really really well done and full of soo many feelings, I just loved to read it. The characters were so well done they just will stay in my head forever - I cried over some parts, the ending was so wonderful so I cried again, full of happiness, I don't know..
Somehow the manga made me realize I still have dreams myself and that, eventually, I will have luck in the future if I try really hard .. *smirks*

At 3:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just re-read the manga, and it still affected me a lot. I didn't cry this time though haha. I feel really sorry for aya, because like some people said, after she basically gave everything she had in her to Manaka, and ends up getting thrown to the side like a rag doll, even though they had their strong scenes she Still didn't get him in the end. However, I am a Nishino, and I really liked how she was a realistic girl. She seemed raw, something that you would actually see in today's world, moreso than Aya, whose personality you do see a lot, but thats not the point :P.

But for those people who don't see Nishino + Manaka, a fate like relationship. When I re-read the manga, there are many scenes where fate somewhat plays a role. One of them being the class trip to (Kanto?) where Manaka meets up with Nishinos school and they switch places so they can spend time together. They both buy a love charm, and this happened fairly near the beginning of the series. Also, Nishino always finds herself being attracted to Manaka, their is definitely something there. Haha I wonder how much more she'll like him now that hes all buff :P

At 3:08 AM, Blogger Alvarez said...

You know, I recently read the manga. It was a roller coaster 3 day ride. From the begining, I fell in love with the "Dinosaur girl" Toujou Aya. I believe that she was the herione of the whole manga and her writings within the manga relate to the manga itself.

From Aya's novel, she was the main character's childhood friend, while Nishino was the wealthy princess(I believe it was so). In her novel however, the man chose his childhood friend while Manaka choose Nishino.

I felt distraught after reading the manga. even by being a guy(guys do cry...), I couldnt help but be affected by this. I broke down and cried at times.

I have read many good manga and I can say that I wasn't into romance type stories until i read the first page of this manga. Of all the manga and books that i have read in my lifetime, none of them has reached me heart as much as Ichigo 100%. Sure, some of them were pretty neat but never loke this.

I've looked around blogs and forums, seeking to talk about what I have read. These emotions inside me can not be kept inside.

As I searched the net, I saw that many people believe that Aya had grown the least out of all of them. I said this before, but Aya is the herione of this story.

I also liked Satsuki. She was loud, agressive clingy, yet she tried her best to have Manaka. One of the times that i broke down was when she was with Manaka in front of the church and she promised to only be his friend. Another time, when he finally told her that he was going out with Nishino...and she began to cry asking why he never chose her.

There were some lines in the last chapter that really stood out to me. "I felt that if I was with Toujou, anything was possible...the only girl that made me feel this way...was probably only Toujou..."

I think that Manaka chose Nishino, that simple. He did have feelings for Aya but..."had we realized each others feelings then...if we exchanged our thoughts...then our *now* would have..."

Throughout the manga, we all saw Manaka's indecisiveness towards the 3 major girls. In the end, I feel that because Nishino was there for him he chose her. He did love her, but did he love her because she was so cute?

we all learn a lesson here which i read from one of the forums; from Aya we learn that we need to have courage to tell the person that we love...that we love them. From Satsuki, we learn that even if you do try your hardest, it doesnt mean success. From Nishino...some people are just chosen...

as i read the letter and went down to read the comments. one of them that really struck me was from "due john." I was always a hopeless romantic (even though i guess i didnt admit it). I saw the ending more as a begining than an end.

as due john says, the relationship between Aya and Manaka did transcend the physical world. yet the majority of us wished that they would have been able to become lovers.

since the ending was so open ended, i wish that there would be a sequel to it. sure, Nishino and Manaka are together but as Kawashita said, relationships are hard to manage. Satsuki and Aya still love Manaka.

Manaka promised that he would film Aya's novel and they all promised to help him. if anything that is were the sequel should begin. how far into the future? hopefully not far.

yet i wish this story didnt end here.

I read Lilim Kiss after reading Ichigo 100% and it helped sooth my troubled heart. im really fond of one of Misuki's last lines in Lilim kiss. "there are few things that are more beautiful than a woman in love"

i can really keep going...and yea im writing my thoughts so this doesnt follow logically from begining to end.

i wish i could talk more and more about this manga that has deeply moved me...

At 3:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a great Story! Some thoughts:

Alvarez said:

"From Aya we learn that we need to have courage to tell the person that we love...that we love them."


" From Satsuki, we learn that even if you do try your hardest, it doesnt mean success."

Especially in love...

" From Nishino...some people are just chosen..."

Hmm.... I paused on that idea when I read it....

I saw Nishino as the obvious 'winner' after finishing this story... it was building in my mind and I think solidified right after the 3 day trip Manaka and her took, and especially after she does the pullup... (Which, I thought, was a *wonderful* and moving scenario.)

I felt this way because, of the three primary women who were interested romantically in Manaka, she was the most "balanced" when it came to her relationship with Manaka.

This, I'm sure, will sound simplistic, but bear with me...

Nishino was forceful enough to exert her will and feelings, unlike Aya, but never was overbearing, like Satsuki.

She also was the ONLY woman of the three who had the most interaction with Manaka on the physical and emotional level where BOTH PEOPLE WERE AWARE OF EACH OTHER'S FEELINGS ... AND COULD DISCUSS THEM. Emotionally Aya could never get her feelings out, and Satsuki had a good habit of pushing so hard that Manaka wasn't comfortable to talk to her, and then she'd dash off when things didn't go well.

In terms of physicality Aya and Manaka were never comfortable when alone together... There was always "uncomfortable silences", "wondering what he/she is thinking", and "did I do something wrong?" ideas in their own heads. Their "sexy" situations were always matters of happenstance, and made both uncomfortable. Even their kisses were either one sided or "mistakes"!

With Satsuki it was the opposite: Manaka was to the point of flinching when he walked into class because of the excessive physicality of Satsuki. He was always on guard with that girl.

Nishino, again, was in the middle on this. I think a really good example of this is when Manaka stayed over at her house and she entered in her pajamas, that she *admitted* she wasn't comfortable enough to appear in just a towel, and felt that she would be less appealing physically than Aya and Satsuki because of her small build, BUT SHE STILL WENT INTO THE ROOM AND FACED MANAKA, and it led to a special physical experience between Manaka and her.

On top of that, she had, in my opinion, the strongest experiences with Manaka in a setting where they were alone together. I'm sure that the final days before Nishino left for France reinforced that even more.

I can totally understand how people wish Aya was the winner: she is the tragic heroine of this entire story. In the end tho, relationships work because of experiences and communication ... Aya and Satsuki were just not a good match for Manaka.

But could they be a good match later? Sure... The follow up story could definitely lead that way, and it would be great to see what happens (I fell in love with these characters too), but I think this story arc really does a good job of completing by itself, and passes good lessons onto the reader as well.

At 5:54 AM, Blogger heavyJ said...

Ichigo has the unique ability to emit a profound emotional effect on the reader. Truly the intensity of emotion displayed in some scenes really touches my heart. This is strange for me because I am a guy and am not used to such feelings.

I believe that manaka made the right choice. nishino is consistently the most well rounded person and has all the different personalities of all the different girls rolled up into one.

Besides the 'pull up' frame just seemed like romantic justice though there is still heavy injustice for aya. At the beginning manaka was desperate for nishino and towards the end nishino despaired over manka. They need each other and I hope they have a happy future

At 3:03 AM, Blogger Ciest`E said...

i agree to deu john that mizuki really asnt close the door for manaka and tojou, and should make an ending with manaka and tojou.. coz the ending is bugging me, coz i feel sorry for toujo who even followed manaka to study at the same high school just to keep in touch with him, who sacrificed a lot for manaka and help manaka to achieve his goals through her scripts.. so i think that toujo was really the one who deserve manaka in the end.. and the scene at the festival where theres paper in their lockers, manaka and toujo have the same number 1508 it was really disturbing.. argh!! roar!! toujo!!! toujo!! toujo!!

At 2:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

it was painful to see satsuki get abused like tht in ova 3....lucky she got rescued

At 2:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know how long this blog has been going on but I really disliked this ending at first. I hated that Toujo and Manaka had not ever kept in touch. A soon as read it and noticed how many pages were left I hoped for a alternate (and obviously better) Toujo-Manaka ending. After I read it again, I thought to myself about how Manaka wanted to start over with Tsukasa not pick up where they left off. I thought it over and I think they would have trouble trying to start over. Sure Tsukasa would be great and Satsuki would be fun, but while reading the manga, who ever Manaka was alone with at the time I felt that those two should be together. By the ending I was gunning for Manaka to have broken up with Tsukasa and secretly married Toujo(proposed would have been nice too). Oh well I guess I'll have to wait for Mizuki Kawashita to write and alternate ending or a Toujo fan to make an ending.

I also want to bring up a few details take might have helped Toujo get Manaka.

1st. The primise of Tsukasa and Manaka's first relationship was built on the fact that he thought she was someone else. If I thought someone loved me because they thought I was someone else I'd dump them faster than the 3rd year movie seen 122. Ha Ha Ha

2nd Near the end of the story with Toujo's confession, Manaka did nothing to ease Toujo's pain. In the story Manaka is known for his compassion and distaste of his friends (especially girls) being so depressed or sad. I feel that if Manaka had talked to Toujo their friendship might have had a different course of events.(Not to mention that a couple certain someones might have found out about their partner numbers for the love couples booth.

3. This might not be as big a deal as the other to but what about Toujo's bra that Manaka found that could have lead to a uncomfortable but needed talk between them.

End the end I saw hope for a possible break-up with Tsukasa, a love confession from Manaka (what the Hell he keeps saying his first love was Toujo over and over in his head but never comes out to tell her.), and maybe a mature date with Satsuki. (No ecchi but a date to show that she grew up)

****venting steam here, don't think this is what I really think, I'm just looking for someone to blame****
end the end I can blame one person for the horrible ending, Komiyama. If he had not suggested Tsukasa to Manaka this problem wouldn't exist.
P.S. I'm a Toujo fan.

At 3:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just found out about someone who made an alternate Toujo-Manaka ending. He uses a bit of the manga from the series and you will recognize most of the pictures. He does a great job rewording the scene and after the terrible ending of the manga series, this gives Toujo fans a great ending.

the best way to get there is to search for the english fansite of ichigo 100%. the link will say "The Strawberries" in the update colum on ***AUG 27*** he added an alternet ending.

At 10:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i've just finish to read the ichigo 100% manga, and come to this wonderfull blog that i know for Suzuka just to see some comments.
I really like the endings, is not a matter of be a Nishino or an Aya fan. but for the meaning of the story.
Among the panties and the funny thing than happened in the manga the characters slowly grows up.
Aya was shy and cute but she got a _reason_ to love manaka, she share dreams with manaka, she become strong with manaka, she become more cute and woman in exterior way with manaka, she find in manaka what she couldn't find herself, she truly love manaka i think, btw she got a reason.
Love don't accept reasons in my opinion, love is just feelings and needings without a reason, and the Nishino love for Manaka haven't really a reason is just pure need of each other, no reason at all, Just love.
She noticed manaka some years before while the manaka punishment running the field, but no more
and so is Manaka a really indecisive dumb, selfish about other ppl feelings, manaka never knows what he really wants, growing up he search just for the love, not really sex reason otherwise he could choice early satsuki, not the sharing of dreams with Aya, He just choice the one to love just 'couse he love her, and he wanna to start a really new relaction with the woman he love, after 4 year, a clean story with no ghost from the past.

This is my comment to the end, forgive my english

At 12:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just finished reading Ichigo 100%. Wow!

Fanservice isn't a strong reason to make me want to read a particular manga, so I wasn't sure about this series when I started looking at it but as I kept reading it, the depth of feeling that unfolded within the series was impossible to ignore.

A few comments about some of the characters. Manaka. Too nice, too indecisive. He tried to please everyone all the time (you can please all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but not all of the people all of the time), and the situation was always on the brink of collapsing around him in flames and badly hurting everyone involved because of it. His inability to clarify his own feelings was his greatest problem, but considering his age and general inexperience with life, I can understand his predicament.

Aya and Tsukasa. I can understand the thought that Manaka chose the "wrong girl", but the heart wants what the heart wants no matter what the head might say. I'm not a "fan" of either of these two girls, but I sympathise with Aya's predicament late in the series.

Satsuki. I felt that she was the saddest of the main girls, or more correctly I felt the most sadness for her. She didn't hide her feelings, she put everything inside her heart on the line, no holding back, again and again. She fought for her cause with absolutely everything she had. Her emotional strength and determination were enourmous.

Amachi. I so wanted to give him a boot to the head. That said I think his character wasn't as strongly developed as it could have been. Sure, he came across as arrogant and obnoxious, as he was supposed to, but his personality was a bit flat to me.

Fanservice aside, I'm deeply impressed by this series.

At 2:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aya was nice, but she wasn't really much of a character I wanted for Manaka to be with. I liked the ending, as well as the series(I'm moved by gay.) I'm happy that nishino was the girl, because looking back, she was the first, and she has the best personality. And cmon, she's so cute too(Dammit, it's just a manga). If it wasnt Tsukasa, it was Kozue or Misuzu for me. (It would have been so weird in the greatest way if it was Misuzu XD, and Kozue is cute). Satsuki was pretty cool too. Aya is my least favourite character in the whole series.

At 8:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

GOD listening to all u complainers and such it's annoying. Second of all i was hoping for nishino the whole time i couldn't stand the thought of manaka to be with aya srry guys but NISHINO FAN......then a sotamaru fan...then manaka

At 8:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

im glad manaka chose nishino shes cute shes not too shy like toujou,
shes not too uhh... "outgoing" like satsuki but the ending was kind of disappointing.
they should have delved further into nishino and manakas relationship.
well ive finally finished ichigo so i have only one unanswered question: what manga do i read now!?

At 9:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hehe i like how he ends up with nishino amongst all. although the manga, from the initial chapter, suggests that aya will be the natural and "happy" ending, i like how mizuki kawashita doesnt just stick to the norm. Instead, the little bit of unexpectancy makes the manga more interesting in my opinion.

At 6:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmm...The ending was unexpected cause I'm Toujo Aya's fan too....I was shocked at first but I'm over it now....but still...I wish theres an alternate ending.. :p

At 11:37 PM, Blogger -robin- said...

in my opinion...the author of ichigo 100% stressed aya toujo to the point where everyone would believe she would end up with another aya fan i was saddened at the surprising ending...i had always imagined that he would choose aya over tsukasa out of countless reasons...all the times where aya and manaka held each other proved that their relationship had already developed..what i don't get is why manaka still loved tsukasa enough to let aya go.... it was such a loss for the aya fans, myself included... when i finished the series i was utterly damaged for a few days due to the fact that i had developed a very strong attachment to the series in the hopes that aya would end up with manaka..but to my surprise, it didnt end up the way i wanted.. im not whining in way that i hate tsukasa because manaka chose her... but the best decision for me would have to be, the great idea where the author creates 2 more alternate endings for the saddened readers... it would make the hearts of the aya and satsuki fans feel better.. personally when i finished the manga i suddenly had trouble breathing.. i felt so sad because i didnt get the ending that i wanted...this bothered me for a few days and has somewhat changed me... i wish for everyones happiness in this series that is why i support the idea of 3 endings...


At 10:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

furious toujo-fan ...

its so sad that manaka chose tsukasa ... i was really hoping they would be together ... after nearing the end ... i was kinda hoping tsukasa would die ! rofl.. but its doesnt suit the manga ... i actually cried after a day ... i was saying "sorry aya for not be there"(when the anime ended in 2005)

when i was reading it half through ... i recommended it to my friend .. after finishing, i told him stop reading it ... coz it sucked(sorry)...then i spoiled it for him ... and explained the from the beginning until the last volume ... the manga as POINTING to Toujo Aya ... until the last few chapters Y_Y

and then i said something stupid ... manaka chose tsukasa at frist coz of the strawberry that he knew it was Aya ... why in the hell did he not go after Aya when he and tsukasa broke up ...
yeah im really disappointed Y_Y Y_Y

for those Aya Toujo-fans who were scared after reading the manga ... i guess reading Lilim Kiss will slowly heal the wounds ...(for 26 chapters) and then time will take its place Y_Y AYA!!!!

At 3:32 PM, Blogger elithugz said...

i really like the whole story because it is exciting and romantic..the ending is very good and to ell you the truth i was really move..and i also read some of her manga and i like all of them..i also love the characters because they are all cute..but i am not pervert.. hehe..well i hope u give me other titles of your works..and tnx for the good stories..

At 11:18 PM, Blogger Rikacomet said...

If anyone wanna see what could have happened later see my blog i have started fanfiction there and the first chapter is out

blog address-

I have tried my best to keep the story sweet and open!!

At 10:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

really liked the ending though, its not like I's (another manga) that seto-kun ended up with Iori-chan, but seeing how the story progressed (Ichigo 100%) i was almost sure that Manaka will end up with toujo but with a different school and different passion and from other lines in the manga (if two things are alike it would such a bore--~~~ somthing like that) i saw how the out-of-the-town trip with nishino was so much emphasized i somehow knew that Manaka would end up with Nishino -- but im an Aya Toujou fan peace!!

At 11:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really liked the ending since it actually put a good ending to this series since i thought Manaka was going to choose Aya.But it saddened me when the ending sequal that was based 4 years after graduation didn't bother talking about any of the lesser characters like Yui or Mukai and what they was doing with there life's now. I also wanted to know if Nishino followed the dream she wanted and became famous. the ending left me with some unanswered questions but overall it was one of the best manga series that I read so far

At 6:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

this blog has brought peace to my mind because i was in a state of shock and disbelief that she chose to end it with Nishino, however in my mind like 3 years from that "future" Manaka and Nishino will again realize that there relationship cannot flourish for the presence of Aya and so therefore Nishino will break it with Manaka and remove herself from his life. In his melancholy Manaka enters the made drunk phase only to be saved by Aya and in result they get together....

the end

(thats my ending and no one cant take it away from me!!!!)

At 10:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was googling looking for comments on the ending and found this blog. To be honest i won't go on and on but i will say this:

Worst. Ending. Ever.

At 2:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My true wish is that Satsuki finds happiness. At the end of the series Satsuki's plight really comes to the front. Exposed, vunerable and blameless exceptfor the one fault *having loved and not being loved back*.

At 3:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the author is really good. he touches peoples hearts. the ending was great too! the fact that it didnt end up with aya, the author must be a good person.

At 6:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The thing that makes me feel the ending is 'incomplete' is that both girls' (satsuki and aya) later relationship are not revealed at all.

So how can we be so sure that they're get over manaka yet?

I was hoping that in the final chapter it was at least revealed that both at least already have crushes on somebody else and therefore able to get over manaka.

Sadly such things were not in the ending..

But after reading the author's final comment esp. this part:
"Eventhough I cant draw until she (Aya) find happiness in love, but I guarantee that she will be happy in future"
It somehow made me relax abit, since at least the girls will be happy in the end (by saying Aya I'm sure she meant the same about satsuki too)

Just as most of posters in this entry, I was also at quite shock (for even a few days!) to learn about the ending, but now after reading the author's final comment I think I'll be able to get over it.

The most important thing is that all will be happy in the end with bright future isn't it?

The ending was good and meaningful, but it's still feel kind of sad.

Thank you Mizuki Kawashita for making a series this touching. I hope she'll make more interesting series, and I hope later series won't have ending this sad :)

At 11:18 PM, Blogger Hirohiko Kabane said...

you now about that ending i think it was really really really very very very very harsh for the fans because i was also aya's supporter. & since then up unitl now i always ask myself why did it have to end like that, and as i think about it, i see aya's crying face infront of me & i also went crying sooooo bad, i was like that for days, cursing this and that, and i really hated the author too because of the ending (no offence), you might think its pretty stupid to cry over it but i was really captivated by the story, every man's dream of a happy ending in a love story manga was shattered because of some silly misunderstanding between the protagonists. Because i always thought of using you're feelings in reading a piece of literature, and for now i really want to make a happy ending for aya, and when i come to japan and met the author i'm going to change it, or better yet create another story of their get together and make the happily ever after come true, i really want to see that

At 11:18 PM, Blogger Hirohiko Kabane said...

you now about that ending i think it was really really really very very very very harsh for the fans because i was also aya's supporter. & since then up unitl now i always ask myself why did it have to end like that, and as i think about it, i see aya's crying face infront of me & i also went crying sooooo bad, i was like that for days, cursing this and that, and i really hated the author too because of the ending (no offence), you might think its pretty stupid to cry over it but i was really captivated by the story, every man's dream of a happy ending in a love story manga was shattered because of some silly misunderstanding between the protagonists. Because i always thought of using you're feelings in reading a piece of literature, and for now i really want to make a happy ending for aya, and when i come to japan and met the author i'm going to change it, or better yet create another story of their get together and make the happily ever after come true, i really want to see that

At 11:21 PM, Blogger Hirohiko Kabane said...

you now about that ending i think it was really really really very very very very harsh for the fans because i was also aya's supporter. & since then up unitl now i always ask myself why did it have to end like that, and as i think about it, i see aya's crying face infront of me & i also went crying sooooo bad, i was like that for days, cursing this and that, and i really hated the author too because of the ending (no offence), you might think its pretty stupid to cry over it but i was really captivated by the story, every man's dream of a happy ending in a love story manga was shattered because of some silly misunderstanding between the protagonists. Because i always thought of using you're feelings in reading a piece of literature, and for now i really want to make a happy ending for aya, and when i come to japan and met the author i'm going to change it, or better yet create another story of their get together and make the happily ever after come true, i really want to see that

At 8:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Personally i like Nishino very much, i like her appearance and her attitude. No offence but i dislike Aya's attitude. The story wouldn't be good if Manaka and Aya was to have a crush on each other and do nothing about it.(due to their personality)
To me Nishino's appearance is a unique one while Aya's appearance is far too common.

Anyway the ending is good especially the part when Manaka carried Nishino and was captured on the video camera but i thirst for more. Its a very happy ending to me but i really hope theres another volume to tell us more detail about 4 years later.
Oh well, i doubt i would live to see that day.

At 12:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Personally, i think the manga had a really good ending. But i didnt like it all that much, i dont like it when the author leaves us hanging. I want to know what happens next after nishino comes back.
Also, i think manaka ending up with nishino was definately the right choice. They bascially complete each other, while doing that, they also share the same ambitous and persistent spirit. It wouldve been great to see what happened afterwards.
Mizuki should make like a short sequal about what happens after, she makes so many short ones, why not make one like this. Even if its just a one shot, i think it would make alot of people happier. Well unless if she made something happen and nishino and manaka broke up for the.....fourth? fifth? time. Then i wouldnt like that :P
Really wish there was a few chapters or so to show what happens after.
But whatever, it was a great ending, ichigo 100% was definatly the best manga i read in this genre. Hell, probably the best manga eva. The story, drawing and stuff are all awesome.
2 thumbs up, 2 toes up

At 9:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo !!
i'm so happy reading this manga..
Especially,this is the first manga that can make me cry.. *sob*
despite that..
i love mizuki-sensei idea about the ending..
because i'm nishino fans.. *waaii she's so cute*
ehem.. *embarassed*
is there any continue about the story? i mean i still want to see nishino a lot,knowing what happened to her..

At 10:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

without a doubt the best manga ive ever read (and trust me, i've read a hell lot of manga)

the ending is completely fine its not like it was sudden or anything after all nishino was slowly coming back into manaka's life after chapter 100

what could me better would be the name, the one who fell from the roof at the beginning was toujo and she was wearing strawberry panties, therefore (IMO) leading readers to believe the main story is to be about the relationship between manaka and toujo, however the ending differs from what the readers think.

i believe it was the name thats causing all the above rackus...


the author is truly a master of romance manga i would give all the manga in the world for a sequel

At 6:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, i'm probably the only one here not being able to stomach ichigo 100! i tried my best, honestly! and, i LOVE mizuki kawashita's work and have devoured her every other work, but here the main problem is the anoying main character. i would enjoy this manga even if good soldier Sweik, with his age and belly, would be the main character, but not with manaka. no sir!

i disagree with sensei's remark that toujo will be happy in the future. that callibre of love and understanding she obviously has for manaka can be rightly called soul mate class. and you're lucky if you ever find one. she had lost him, and i believe it'll leave subtle trace on her entire love life. seriously, even if she's preety, smart, etc. i already pitty the guy who is to end up with her, because he'll never know if she deep down still doesn't love manaka.

At 2:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah i don't think there would be another manga like it because this was really the best romance-comedy i have ever read
i was a tsukasa fan sorry
in the end tsukasa was the right choice in my mind because she gave up being married to the famous chef guy just to be with manaka and her feelings never changed even though she avioded him and it came to a point when she couldn't be without him
and i wish there more to the story after the last chapter

At 4:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey lol i luv the ending but i do agree with everyone about the story need to be more beter cus and iam big of nishino but still i like wot she done with dis but still needs work but its finish now and i ve also heard she made a new manga called hatsukai limited and its looks gd and i hope it goes well cus ill be defintely watchin the it and redin and is der volume 10to 19 that i can buy thats english and not french

At 6:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dont hate the ending but it kind of make me upset cause im aya fanbut im also Tsukasa fan. They are both nice, kind , and of course extremely cute. Personally, when Manaka and Tsukasa end up together again, this situation is exactly the same in the beginning and middle of the story isnt it! So it's not like they are married, there still a chance for Aya and Satsuki and well in my mind, Manaka will marry 3 of them kakakaka. (if it happened, wouldnt it be nice) muhhahkakhuha

At 2:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey does anyone now if ichigo book well come out in eglish cus ive go 1 to 7 at the moment and iam waitin for 8 and 9 but i iam wonderin if shes makin the rest of it lol or shes just made demfor the enternet and thetbp manga books i reallt like to read dem and collect dem cus i think the story is and passion is aswsome and i luv it ichigo rules and i nw shes made a new manga called hatsokai limited and its ment and i readll all the chapter at the moment and i want to read the new vol 4

At 7:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i disagree with sensei's remark that toujo will be happy in the future. that callibre of love and understanding she obviously has for manaka can be rightly called soul mate class. and you're lucky if you ever find one. she had lost him, and i believe it'll leave subtle trace on her entire love life. seriously, even if she's preety, smart, etc. i already pitty the guy who is to end up with her, because he'll never know if she deep down still doesn't love manaka.

...nicely phrased

At 7:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe there should be an alternate endings where manaka ends up with each of the girls that like him. It would be happy for all the different fans. Or they could be a vote and the highest vote would be produced into the anime. Basically an anime where a guy is liked by some of the main characters that r girls will dissapoint some fans when the guy doesn't choose the one they want.

At 5:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i was so amaze to this manga you made mis/mr? mizuki fan of toujo..i was little disapoint when the story end with.but it's also fine you madi this good manga.i wish if you could make toujo get mnaka.and make toujo fans fun.this story manga was great.hope you read this..

At 9:52 PM, Anonymous Insani7y said...

yeah....i thought that he would end up with Nishino.....although i dislike girls with short hair this one was really cute...sad that its only 12 eps and 6 ova 's from anime and the rest manga....i think the anime would be much more funnier...if somenone really knows about where i can find or if there exists the rest of it in anime pls add me

At 9:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that this ending is more ___ (I cannot find any word powerful enough to convey my feelings) than Romeo & Juliet or the Titanic. Its more than just merely sad or ironic, it tears your heart out.

I cannot believe that this is something that makes me wanted to pour my feelings out on the net for the 1st time in my life.

I am a guy, and I do think that girls are more emotional than guys, but this really teaches guys how emotional human beings can be. Both girls AND guys SHOULD CRY! (or at least fell like crying, because I would have cried if I was reading it in private), or otherwise they maybe should be labeled as autists. (Well, if I remember correctly, autists have heavily impaired social interaction.)

To those of you who know anyone (including girls, ESPECIALLY GUYS!) who thinks that girls are usually too emotional, please get them to read Ichigo 100%.

Anonymous, there are so many of you (actually there are so many of us!), but I agree with you that Komiyama is the first (main) reason why we have this emotion-wrecking ending, but that is EXACTLY the same reason why we can enjoy this emotional roller-coaster ride in the first place, is it not?

I believe that the second reason is the inability of both Manaka and Toujou to express their love properly. (I think someone alredy pointed that out. Sorry, but I forgot who. Fell free to point it out.)

The 2.5nd/rd reason is that this is their first love, and thus, their inexperience. (Also had been pointed out by someone. Sorry, I cannot bring myself to go through all of the comments again one by one.) However, even Kozue can express her feelings to Manaka, and she was EXTREMELY shy to guys before! Or maybe because Manaka is the first guy she is comfortable with, comfortable enough to confess her love to Manaka. However (again), Manaka is also the first guy Toujou is comfortable with, but then again, Toujou was not comfortable (very shy) with BOTH guys and girls before Manaka found the novel she wrote on her notebook.

I hate Amachi (no, not the character) for saying something like "First loves will never work out anyway" (yes, the statement). (I read Ichigo 100% on a 'marathon', I did not sleep for two whole days, and I read everything only ONCE when I am writing this afterwards straightaway, so pardon me for making excuses but I am so sorry if I was wrong and it was somebody else who said it. Peace! =_=)

I think Nishino's personality compliments Manakas' to a T. Manaka is too indecisive, so Nishino is suitably dominant in their relationship. My favourite example: She successfully leads Manaka to 'go all the way' twice (the almost successful one at their middle school and the real success after she hid him from her mother). It is important to emphasise that she leads rather than pushes.

Love is chemistry (already proven by scientists). Love is Only a Feeling (a title of a song from I-don't-remember-who). Love is without reason (even all religions teach this).

P.S. Thank you for reading this unclear, 'Engrish' ramblings of mine. Feel free to comment, but I don't think that I am going to Google 'Ichigo 100% Ending' anytime soon. Like Homer Simpson would say, "The best thing in your life so far...". This is the best tale I've heard (read) in my short uneventful life.


At 1:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haha same goes for me, i was searching for ichigo 100% mangas and your blog appeared. no offense but Im a Tsukasa Fan Im glad that he ended up with her. This is one of the best romance mangas i've read. It was obvious for me that Manaka would ended up with Tsukasa. The Mangaka thinks out of the box. Not many mangaka can create such a story like this.

At 10:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi guyz.. just finished reading ichigo 100% and it was one of the best manga's i have read so far [i usually don't read this types of manga's but when i started it's like i couldnt stop reading it..]..

seriously it had some sad and happy parts.. happy enough 4 me to laugh out loud and sad enough 4 me to cry [yes i cried while reading some parts.. especially when it was towards the end]..
IMO i'm a Tsukasa Nishino fan myseLf and i was happy w/ the ending.. i just think that Nishino compliments Junpei better, and she was his 'first girlfriend' and because of her junpei learned a Lot.. and also Nishino has always been the cheerful girl who gets him back on track..

i like Toujo Aya too but she came in a little late w/ her confession to Junpei, although she got hurt.. it turned out to be a good thing and made her a better person, writer.. etc..

towards the ending, The funny moments really turned serious and somewhat saddening 4me.. 4 junpei atLeast he finally chose a girl he really loves, [i know he loves all of them but IMO he really loved nishino.. i mean, i think their loved really developed, just by thinkin' about it.. he always gave her chocolats during white day, never forgot her birthday, walking her home from work, the fun times.. not to mention their 3 day trip together.. and the chapter where he kisses her, after that incdent they wer like so happy..]
She also confessed to junpei w/ the whole pull-up thing, uncool but somewat funny and touching..
and it all boiled down to him saying sorry to aya when she confessed to him & said he had to keep nishino safe and in a deeper part of him he said "nishino's sad face makes me sadder than aya's tears".. emotional yess, but that's what he felt..
4 satsuki i felt sad at her trying her best and trying to keep her sadness deep down.. but like junpei sad w/ her personality & looks she could easily find som1 better it may be hard but who knows she may end up w/ amachi..^^

overall what im just blabering about here is just my opinion, i just wanted to express it since i just read a beatiful manga.. i hope to find a second season of this or somthing like ichigo 101% where it takes from where it ended.. i just wanted to know..
i can dream cant i.. hehe..
i recommend to those who havent read it yet, it's nce and interesting..

At 10:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

and another i forgot.. junpei skipped graduation rehearsal just to see nishino go.. [this seen made me cry though when i read it 4 the 1zt tym, 'coz it was lyk "i won't call you, i wont send you letters, i won't think about you and i won't look back so you can just leave now! and the she actually looked back and manaka was like following her the whole tym.. *sigh* and just like that she left] just shows how well they are..^^]-

At 3:13 PM, Anonymous db84x said...

I must admit that Ichigo 100% is unfair, Nishino is perfect woman, closest with Junpei family(admired senpai(Yui("Junpei sister") and favourite daughter in law (Junpei Mom)), and totally devoted to Manaka. That advantage mode chance of other female character almost zero, and Junpei x Nishino relation very comon in real world (a good wife must have a good relation with her husband family, totally devoted to her husband and perfect (at least in her husband eyes)).

I understand why some reader can't accept the ending even it prepared since volume 9. That because Ichigo 100% show us reality not fantasy, and Toujo x Manaka ending more represent fantasy while Nishino x Junpei ending represent reality.

At 2:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know, Mizuki Kawashita want to nobody be sad but I was. I was finish read Ichigo 100% today, and I was realy crying, becouse I so like Aya. I hope they'll together, so I realy suprised. All in all I realy like that manga but I still want to Aya be with Manaka, sorry but I still think Aya should be with Manaka. Funny, I'm a almost 17 year guy and I crying past read manga...

ps. Sorry for my bad english

At 9:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

smokeesid is on a distinguished road

Why people think that he ended up with Nishino. Actually to whom he ended up with hasn't shown to us. It depends upon is to deduct through manga facts to find who he is going to end up with and that's why i think that the last chapter was incomplete. Mizuki should have shown a 7 year drift and then marriage of Manaka and Aya. Yes, I think that the person he chooses to end up with is Aya irrespective of the fact that the last page has Manaka sweeping Nishino from her feet for the following reasons

Even after the confession of Manaka for Nishino, he was giving more importance to Toujo as evident from the way he said in chapter 163 that if they had shared their feelings with each other before the confession then he would have chosen Toujo instead of Nishino. Then even when he knew that reading Toujo's novel will lead to problems in b/w him and Nishi but still he read that. all these things shows that Toujo was more important for her and he wanted to continue with Nishino after realizing that becasue he didn't want to break her heart and by the fear of getting confused again.

Nishino had actually entertained him all the time; she was never able to support him or give him a boost or to raise him up. The love of Manaka resembles to a typical school boy crush over a beautiful charming and sexy girl. Even after having Nishi has his girlfriend he wanted to go to and meet Toujo to discuss his problems and hence feel relieved

Even he realizes that in chapter 164 when he said that he and Nishino never went to any sensitive that kindness....then.....singing on purpose, being happy on purpose. Whereas he realized that instead of purposefully acting, Toujo understood him and hence supported him all the time as he noticed that in chapter 163.

He wasn’t able to understand the Math book story especially the ending in which hero ended up with his childhood friend and that ending had no relationship with why he rejected Aya. Moreover, that childhood friend in the story resembles to the old Toujo from long ago. That story concludes the ending; just like the hero of that story ended up with his friend just like that he is going to end with Toujo. It indicates that Toujo will act as a friend but while dating Nishino he will eventually found that this relationship has no meaning and so he will return to Aya. And Manaka knew that and that’s why he told Aya to wait until it seems like he can complete that movie because if he can complete that movie then that means he has understood why he should end up with Toujo not with Nishino and he said that since his friend and Aya are here so now he can complete that movie

So why he started dating with Nishino again it is just because of the conversation in b/w them 4 years ago when she was going to France and since he loved her at one time so he just wants to ensure her and himself that this relationship has no hope.

- Siddharth singh

At 9:12 AM, Blogger PseudoKat said...

well it would kind be
not all that interesting if toujo and manaka were together
it would be the easiest predictable story
guys likes girls they don't tell in the end they live happily ever after
no thats bull
he made more interesting in th end that toujo the most expected girl would not end up with him thats not a dissapointment its good in its own way
anyways i like both of them thought i kinda prefer nishinos personality more

At 3:44 AM, Anonymous FishPrawnCrab said...

It is sensible to say that Manaka shud have been with Toujo. But why the ending will be like this is reasonably so. As you read on from the very first page till the last, Tojo was always there for Manaka, be it movie creating, reading the novel part or even the trips. But what binds both Tojo and Manaka is only the achieving dreams part. Nishino's part on the developement of the story is rather interesting. It not only includes the weird confession part ( who in the right mind can do such things as pull ups for confession?), the ecchi part where manaka wants to eat her, the breaking up and coming together thing. These are what shone the lights for the author to come to such conclusion of the ending of the story. Nishino had always been outward truthful, open and a guidance to him. This is what brought Manaka to appreciate her more and more and finally to the conclusion of the whole manga. If the author would have brought Toujo's confession earlier, things wud have been more complicated. This is quite real in relationships all around the world. I don;t know bout most people, but i always lived on the C.A.T rule when it comes to romantic relationship and being a couple. C governs the Commitment part, A for Appreciation and T for Trust. These elements are very much important to bind two souls together. Put this concept of C.A.T in and people can see it easier why the author comes to such conclussion. And Nishino's character had always been a buffer to Manaka's character. What ever the indecisiveness of Manaka's feelings were, things that Nishino did shone lights to the seriousness of Manaka's feelings to all the other girl's character.
But what i was most dissappointed in was the developement of the relationship between Kozue and the Mishiyigami guy (hoped i got it correct). If only more lights were shone on them. Cause every girl and guys are quite similar to these two characters. Girls being so defensive and shy and innocently cute in the ways they think, and guys looks so menacing, dangerous even but kind hearted just dunno how to react to a girl's feelings cause they are not so sensitive about things. When i read Komiyama and Chinami's episode i was happy, entertained and touched. Guys and girls shud be like them. To guys, even if u looked like an octopus, with a kind heart and good intentions you will win a girl's heart. And to girls, there are more to life than the wrong attention guys gave to you and the materialism.

At 4:45 PM, Anonymous Hoping4theBest said...

I absolutely loved your manga. I am a young man who was always into action and horror (still am), but I recently got into romance, and this story was awesome. In the beginning I had hoped he could end up with Aya because anyone could see that he and Tsukasa just weren't working out. Somewhere in the middle I began to realize that Tsukasa showed the most genuine love for him. She loved him enough to go to a different school and better herself for him, and even broke up with him to find herself. Even after all of that, she found herself not being able to resist him. On top of all of that, she supported him in body and mind, and overcame her fear of confessing him. I suppose I really became her fan after the famous "chin up confession". She was also always there, waiting for him, talking to him, and comforing him in his most fragile moments. Now I loved Aya and respected her love for him, but a lot of times you can't just wait for an oppurtunity to present itself, rather, you have to chase it, and make it happen. I understand they had very similar dreams and goals, but maybe that is a better friendship than anything. I am sure Manaka loved Tsukasa more, because in one chapter it "stung" his heart to hear her speak because he was guilty of neglecting her. Also he thought near the end "My heart was weak at the time, but that isnt the only reason I embraced her." Furthermore, he said to Aya after her confession "Sorry, I want to keep Nishino safe," and Tsukasa's sad face hurt him more than Aya's tears. As far as him waiting for Aya on making her notebook into a movie, I just see that as fulfilling the promise they had from middle school. I loved the story; I loved the ending and every other amazing chapter. I really commend you Ms. Kawashita. I often read this story thinking "I wish I could live life like this!" Thank you for this wonderful romance manga; Its the best I've read since "Suzuka". For the record, I am an 18 year old african-american, and I only point that out because I want you to know that people of different cultures and walks of life read you stories. Once again, Thank you!

At 9:48 PM, Anonymous uzumaki said...

Ichigo 100% , I''s, Suzuka. These 3 mangas will definitely set you in one hell of an emotional roller coaster ride.

For Ichigo 100%, I agree that the ending was really incomplete. Really left me hanging. Though it showed Manaka with Tsukasa in the end, there is that scene where Manaka asked Tojo to wait for him. I guess the author wants us to make our own conclusion for the ending according to whom we support :-)

At 2:00 PM, Blogger kare4191 said...

Hey, I make my own sequel of Ichigo 100%,here:

please look at it, and leave a comment...Thx

At 6:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

if the author of this manga ichigo 100% read this i wanna thanks to her a lot i was just moved by reading this manga and it really touch me and as a teenager i really acknowledge her manga a lot
i really cried when i read the ending part its just like i wanna read again and again ;(( and i know you're already 44 years old and i wanna thank to your job and the comment you post in your last manga im very grateful to read this and i wonder have a talented person like you have to be here in this world and make you to be his treasure hehehe i 'm kind of drama but this what really i feel inside me fulfill your dreams miss Mizuki kawashita and do lot of mangas and can touch the hearts of the people and maybe this is your touch the people with your manga and farewell

Mizuki-chan hope u'll read it someday or another

and go on to your life and have a safe journey of your life

hope you can read this jeremiah 29:11 in the bible and john 3:16


you cheer me up to be more strong

of fulfilling my dreams so

maybe i'll meet you in person someday hehehe wanna have chat with you!! and to ask what is your inspiration ? see ya

At 1:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have recently read this manga an I really enjoyed it a lot.

It was really light-hearted and hilarious in the beginning but as it neared the end, I felt it get quite dramatic and I was close to tears a few times.

I am also left with an empty feeling in my heart, and I truly wish that Junpei and Aya were the final couple. It seemed like Junpei only told Tsukasa that he loved her when he thought that Aya had a boyfriend, and then continued on the relationship out of a sense of duty. And I have difficulty being on the side of Junpei in the scene where Aya confesses through the door and he just says sorry. I was crying on the inside for Aya at that moment...

Anyway, whilst I didnt like the way the ending was played out, I still think this was an excellent manga. 10/10 for emotion provoking and 10/10 for character development!!

At 8:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i recently read ichigo 100%

its really good!! :)
and have interesting storyline, and the ending is good..
manaka still protecting nishino smile just like his promise.. :)

and this manga is make me cry a lot..:p

this is really are the best manga !!!!!

At 12:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nishino is the best, ManakaxNishino forever :)

At 9:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

sensei,i realy touched when i read your manga,especialy when its's start to make me cry,honestly even if i was a sure make again any manga that awsome

At 6:29 AM, Anonymous Jeremy said...

It's 2009 and I regret to say that I just finished reading Ichigo 100% yesterday. Didn't know it existed till I got it from a friend. A hell of a roller coaster ride reading it and I am really glad to be able to read the manga. Thanks for translating the message from the manga creator. Have to said I am kind of disappointed with the ending.
But, all in all, a great manga and it really left me with strong feelings even if I am a guy and never did like romance stuff. Cheers.

At 9:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

in other case,,, i thing this manga still flow,,, because they not ending-line, i mean Manaka still want make movie about toujo-firstnovel,,, and more-that they all meet again in-flash scene with dream to make movie in oscar,,, so in that case they will such make movie in adult version {UNIVERSITY},,, also when Manaka-tsukasa meet they said not clearly will together.....

so why mizuki not continuous this line-manga until all clear without big question in deep last part?????

At 9:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

in other case,,, i thing this manga still flow,,, because they not ending-line, i mean Manaka still want make movie about toujo-firstnovel,,, and more-that they all meet again in-flash scene with dream to make movie in oscar,,, so in that case they will such make movie in adult version {UNIVERSITY},,, also when Manaka-tsukasa meet they said not clearly will together.....

so why mizuki not continuous this line-manga until all clear without big question in deep last part?????

At 10:17 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

NO OFFENCE to Toujo fans ;>
Im Nishino fan<333333333333 ;**

Even though im a guy :DD

I love romantic mangas, i really love Ichigo 100. It even made me cry so much(im a sensitive person, that cant show my "romantic feelin" kind of guy)Well at first i was sad cus i though that Manaka gonna choose Toujo. And when i read the whole manga i was happy for Manaka to chose Nishino<3, but still im sad for Toujo and Manaka. Im kinda dissapointed of the ending of the manga. Even though i was so happy that Nishino<3 and Manaka ended together. I WANT MOREEEE<3333 Nishino<33<33 I havent seen the anime yet. I've read the manga 2 times now and im still very sad. And i dont really know why. I think its because i was expecting a more happy ending with Manaka and Nishino<3. I wish Muzuki could keep going with the manga!!<33 BUT Nishino<3 and Manaka is the best <33 I want to buy Ichigo mange BOOKS! i need help for a safe website for that im from Norway(English type book) Answer me here if you can help <33

Nishino<33 and Manaka FAN 4 EVER<33

At 10:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know the ending the crap, but think about for a moment. If he had ended up with Aya it would have been a little to predictable, don't you think? Also if they had ended up with each other the story's ending wouldn't not have meant much. This is only my opinion thought.

At 12:00 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

I was more of Disappointed than surprised when I read the ending. Somehow, I knew that Manaka could end up with Nishino. When I was reading the last chapters of the manga, I noticed that a lot of parts were between Manaka and Nishino creating their own memories together. And there was a part (the last culture festival), where there was a misunderstanding between Manaka and Toujo. Manaka thought that Toujo already had a boyfriend. Due to that misunderstanding, he never bothered to see who got the same no. as Toujo (1508?), and that gave the readers a stronger impression that Manaka will end up with Toujo. I really think that even if Manaka had Nishino in his arms in the ending, there is really a good chance that eventually Manaka will go back with Toujo as his wife.  NOTE: It was somehow as OPEN ENDING.
Probably, the author/mangaka ended this really beautiful manga that way because she wants us to create an ending of our own (using our imagination). Their future is really not certain, and I think that another life starts after college. *NOTE: the mangaka said that due to certain circumstances, Manaka’s love situation changed from Middle School to High School. Then we can say that it can also change after college!!! 
I really appreciate the comments in this forum (Ichigo 100%’s ending):
- Although it is a manga, it somehow ended favoring REALITY than fantasy.
- It taught as some important real-life lessons:
SATSUKI= even if you do your very best, it does not mean you can achieve success
TOUJO= if you are not true to what you feel, at the end you will regret what you have not done or done late
NISHINO= love comes without reason; fate is fate? Hmmm….what about Toujo?
Overall, this is the best manga I’ve read (considering I have read a lot of nice ones before). Yet deep in my heart, I really liked more of Manaka and Toujo, although I also appreciate Manaka and Nishino. There are a lot of HINTS and HANGING QUESTIONS yet to be answered, and I really hope that this manga will have a SEQUEL.
- How about the 1508 thing? Is Nishino really that important for Manaka to disregard his FATE? Or is it only because he thought Toujo already had a boyfriend?
- How about the “wait for me Toujo” thing?
- NOTE: Toujo and Nishino both have strawberry panties 
- How about the “… AND WRITE A NEW SCRIPT” thing?! I think it does have multiple meanings…
- Does Toujo still love Manaka at the end? Are they just friends after all? IT’S NOT YET SETTLED!!!
- Sorry if it might cross some limits, but do you think that PERSONAL aspects of the author could have affected the ending? I mean personal experience? Or maybe her perspective as a woman? (Because I’m a guy)
Well, thank you for this manga Mizuki!I like it and it really touched my heart, but I’m still WAITING! :-p

At 12:58 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Hmmm... I wonder if the author simply had no idea of how will Manaka get rid of Nishino. Toujo will still be in Manaka's side even if she's been dumped. But how about Nishino? I think it's still more acceptable if she ended it the 'expected' way.Anyway, we should respect the ending, even if the majority felt Toujo and Manaka were 'soulmates'. :-)

At 3:44 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Dammmmm..... Just finished reading the manga for a second time and I'm still moved to tears
the ending was sooooo touching...... Manaka+ Nishino ftw!!!!

At 12:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

*sigh* i understand wat ur saying but i loved the way aya was gonna work out with manaka and also i ecame atached to kozue too ^ ^

At 5:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

it has already 2010 but i just finished reading this manga recently, because at first i thought, ichigo 100% just ecchi manga and isn't very interesting. but i got it all wrong. when i read that manga i could feel happy, sad,perhaps angry and many more.i just couldn't get my mind out of this manga lately. about the ending at the first i thought the ending was dissapointed because i never imagined that manaka would end up with nishino. i wish manaka ended up with Toujo Aya, since i am a fan of Toujo Aya, but as the time passed, i started to be able to accept the ending because maybe that's the best ending that can be made by. but still i love Toujo Aya. after all i hope this manga can be continued, i love this manga from the bottom of my heart. however, i still think that manaka could be ended up with Toujo Aya if the this manga continued.
that's all what i want to say.

At 1:14 AM, Blogger Revan said...

This is the best romance manga i've ever read! I was so emotional while reading this, and ended up broken-heart when it finally reach the ending

Up till now, I still can't agree with the ending. After all those suffering, Aya still got dumped by Junpei. Really, I don't blame Nishino since it's a fair rivalry but Junpei's indecisiveness is getting on my nerve.

Remember chapter 163? When A bucket full of water fall onto Aya. If she dodge it, maybe the ending will be different
(you guys can sort it out yourself)

Then, Junpei ask Nishino into a relationship just because he's way too depressed for his own misunderstanding about Aya's brother. That's so lame...

Damn, that's a bucket of sorrowful water for Aya's fans [including me]

At 5:33 PM, Blogger aki mikage said...

I'm a fan of Mizuki-sensei because of Ichigo 100%... the way she drew the characters is really great... i even decided to copy of how she draws characters...

there are just these things that i dont understand in the story...
yes!!! ... i'm really glad i'm not the only one who's disappointed that Toujou and Manaka didn't end up together... like everyone said... I, too, was shocked when Manaka let Toujou slip away... especially when Toujou finally confessed and Manaka said the word "sorry" ... i was really shocked that tears just started to stream... he always say that if only Toujou would confess to him, he wouldn't be so indecisive of who to choose anymore...

and when Toujou said to Manaka that she's finally able to move on... and the two of them parted crying...

still can't stop get teary eyes whenever i remember the scenes where Toujou wishes to be the girlfriend of Manaka ... T_T

I also didn't understand why she chose Nishino and not Toujou to be the one with Manaka, while in her statement, she said "I like Toujou and Nishino" (i'm talking bout why she just shifted the favor to Nishino while in the earlier chapters it was on Toujou's, maybe cause of Nishino's popularity?)

i'm with Deu John 100 million %
like Deu John and every other Toujou fans... my feelings for the ending will always be full of disappointment or discontment...
and i think... Mizuki Kawashita-sensei would not make an alternative ending for our Toujou... that's why i decided to make one myself ^^ (i'm just in the stage where i'm thinking of how the story will be)

At 11:50 PM, Blogger Revan said...

@ Aki Mikage :
Ooooh! Very Nice!
What you're doing will be very honorable, curing the numerous heart-broken fans of Toujou Aya

I'll be looking forward to that

Sigh... This Manga is 5 years old since the end, but everytime I read it again, I got broken-heart again, hahahaha...

At 3:41 PM, Blogger aki mikage said...

ahh... hey... anyone interested in joining up w/ me?? ... i've got the idea of how i'll start and end the story... and i think it's really good... unfortunately... i'm not the kind of person who's always pumped up... so i can't always think of good scenes... but i'm assuring you that i'll satisfy our discontentment in the ending...

i've seen a fanfic of Ichigo, (i'm not being cocky) but i think it's horrible... he killed Nishino in the 1st chapter so Manaka can get back w/ Toujou XD...

i've seen your profile... and in your industry profile, it says arts... are you good at drawing anime??... i can't materialize my fanfic coz i want the fanfic drawn like a manga and, as much as possible, drawn like the original...

i'm still learning how to draw as good as Mizuki Kawashita-sensei so i think it'll take me months... but with help i think i can finish it earlier...

if your interested in joining up w/ me... add me up on YM... aki_mikage0[at]yahoo[dot]com
or just comment here...

At 1:49 AM, Blogger Revan said...

I'm afraid i'm not qualified to draw manga style... And I don't have enough time to help either...

Also, IMO :
Maybe you should set up a page to post your finished fanfics. If everyone feels that the fanfics is good, you'll have a lot of people to discuss about making the manga

You should join some forum which is still talking about Ichigo 100% such as Onemanga or Mangafox... They may be much helpful

At 2:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's been a week since i finished read this wonderful manga and i am still in pain ever since. I thought the last time i cry was for Lone Wolf and Cub manga, but this one totaly broken my heart to dust. I lived in agony, my heart demand for resolution..ARGGGHH!! Toujo..hiks..

Thx Mizuki for making me appreciate more to life, i have read hundreds of manga for 20 years (yep, i'm that old) and none has ever touch me this deep..
The way the story flow, the laugh, excitement, pain, despair.. full of emotion mixed all together.

thank you mizuki.. i love your manga a lot. it make me feel being young again looking for true love.

Now I yearn for Toujo smile..

At 8:33 AM, Anonymous Superdude said...

Somebody said the same thing along the lines of what I was going to say, but after hearing about lilim kiss I decided to look up the manga; mind you, this is another work from the same mangaka. If one was to compare the main characters from Ichigo 100% to Lilim's Kiss, the characters are almost unmistakably the same. Aya in this case is the lady wearing the black tight clothes, while Manaka is the dude who is being bothered by her. I only saw a couple of pictures, but already from sight Manaka's personality has somewhat carried on, while the lady with the black clothes seem to have inherited the opposite of Aya's personality. Obviously the lady in Lilim kiss looks EXACTLY the same as Aya, while the dude who's being bothered ALMOST looks exactly the same as Manaka, though the differences are from the hair style and the guy's facial structure. Don't know the dates of when the manga were released, so maybe Ichigo is a rip-off from Lilim's kiss. I recently finished yesterday, so I'm still pretty shaken by it. It's shaken me to the point to try harder in my Mandarin class to try to travel to China, though I'm aware this is taking place in Japan. Point is, the art and even a couple of themes (blush, bleed, and become embarrassed by tits AT LEAST)are all the similar. Knowing that Aya lives on through the rest of the mangaka's work can help relieve the pain :'( Hey though, if she says that Aya is happy then you have to remember she's essentially God in her own universe; if she says it, it must then be true. It is then with this logic that Aya MUST be happy, even though it is evidently clear in the end she still possesses emotions towards Manaka. Whether this is true for Manaka is unsure. At least the lucky bastard still has luck in the end XD

At 7:20 PM, Anonymous jonathan said...

i love the ending of ichigo100% i also read ane doki and hatsukoi limited...but i really hope you'll have a continuation on ane doki cause its a really great one and everyone that have read it wants some continuation too..that's all keep up the good work!..

At 8:46 AM, Anonymous Anthony said...

I liked the way it ended although i was extremely sad to see it end . The story was great and beautifull . I was rooting for Manaka and Nishino the whole time. I also thought at first that Aya should have been with Junpei but as the story progressed I saw that Nishino would be better . I like Nishino and would be dead lucky to meet some1 like her someday ...
Anyways I want to give my thanks to the Author the ending was moving I cried . Thanks for the Story ....

At 12:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was watching the anime version and i'm happy.

i can't believe that manaka ends up with nishino. i think manaka will ends up with aya. i think, nishino or aya, they are same..(i'm not fans of aya or nishino :) )
mizuki kawashita was great. she can turn the fact on her manga..

three tumbs up.

At 5:55 PM, Blogger HanS said...

I’m think I need help T_T.
Before reading ichigo 100% I’m fine and okay, but after 1 readied it’s (I’m already finished) I feel empty in my heart, I’m feel I have a hole into my heart and I don’t know why? That make me nervous at day and hard to sleep in the night, also my heart could not stop pounding T_T

And After reading many opinion in many forum I’m think (but not sure about this) perhaps I’m not satisfied with the ending.

- About Ending
If this happen for the real life, I would absolutely agree with this ending, coz I think Tsukasa need Junpei more then Aya and Tsukasa also more understanding Junpei better than the other girl. Tsukasa afraid to in love again Junpei coz afraid to get hurt once more time. But Tsukasa is really - really always love Junpei and cannot help her self & Junpei don’t want to hurt her again. Think it!! If Junpei with Aya, then Tsukasa will destroy coz she will lost her lover for twice. But when Junpei with Tsukasa, Aya will only sad & hurt coz lost that someone she love, not her lover. And then after not becoming Junpei lover, Aya growth more mature coz her make novel not only for Junpei and Junpei will be came coz he will always ask Aya to Wrote story for his film.

But if thinking it’s a manga
So I hope it from my bottom heart Junpei will become lover of Aya, Coz ending is what the author give, not from the character self, so why not make Aya closer & more understanding Junpei, Why Aya can’t quickly Confession to Junpei? And in the other hand, why Mukai the girl shy better a lot than Aya can confession to Junpei in more short time? And who really care about the future, coz it’s just manga, I only care about the ending in the book. It’s not “The Truman Show”

Can I’m request to remake the ending or maybe to start over again this from beginning perhaps with use petition in facebook with theme (maybe) 1billion movement to remake the ichigo 100% ending ‘^^ swt

1. In The last chapter Tsukasa say she will waiting in cannes and I don’t know what hell is that, so I’m asking my grandpa Google, and the answer is a town in the south France, but also remember me about the cannes film festival. So Tsukasa asking to met her in cannes (perhaps she studying in cannes) or Tsukasa mean is wait for Junpei film in the cannes film festival?
2. Why Junpei know where & when to wait Tsukasa if they’re never each other since Tsukasa go to French?
3. Why Junpei not to chose Aya? Coz Ayo Novel from middle school, Protagonist is describing her self.
4. All main member character can reach they dream, but how about Tsukasa? No much information about her in the last scene.

At 3:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

both Toujou & Manaka both mutually agreed in their heart, that if no this life...but it will defenitely be on their next.


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