Sunday, January 29, 2006

Fujishima Kousuke


Fujishima Kousuke

Born on 7th July 1964 in Chiba prefecture, Fujishima Kousuke is famous for his work on Aa! Megamisama. He began his career as an assistant of Egawa Tatsuya, and his debut work was "Making Be Free!" serialized on Comic Morning in 1986.

His famous work, Aa! Megamisama was first introduced in the Afternoon Magazine 1988. He is well-known as a motorcycle and mechanics otaku. In addition, Fujishima is talented in costume design, where he has previously designed the character costumes for the Villgust and KO Seiki Beast Sanjuushi KO世紀ビースト三獣士 anime, and also illustrated for the Yumina Senki novel. He was a character designer for サクラ大戦 (Sakura Wars).


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