Monday, November 28, 2005

Blog for anime and manga

I'm anime and manga fan. I love drawing and always use Fisherman Horizon as my pen name. Thus, I named my blog, Anime & Manga Horizon. I present review on anime and manga from neutral and rational perspective. I hate people who always want the anime or manga to follow the way they want. I rather enjoy how the production company or mangaka present them and then comment on them.

Updates (17th July 2007)
Some people have been asking me the policy of this blog since last year. I didn't compile any as I didn't think it was necessary until recently. These are the 4 policies which I observed, so breaking them would ensure your comments deleted. In times to come I might add, but for the time being, these 4 are adequate.

Anime & Manga Horizon Blog Policy

1. Do not ask where to download or read the manga and anime.

2. Do not provide links to other site that offers the manga or anime

3. Zero tolerance to rude, offensive, swearing post in comments.

4. Do not plagiarise from this site. Copy & Paste is Plagiarism. Copy & Paste from someone who Copy & Paste from this site is still Plagiarism. Pharaphrase without reference to the site is also Plagiarism.